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Why Use Rubber Matting For Slip Resistance.

14th May 2020
Why Use Rubber Matting For Slip Resistance.

Rubber flooring or rubber matting and floor mats are excellent in preventing any critical falls. Sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances, a person can be in a hurry and fall. To avoid such accidents, non-slip Rubber Matting is a good option for floors. Accidents can happen anywhere, so it's better to get anti-slip floor mats installed before they do.

Why rubber matting

Certainly, installing rubber matting in your any type of commercial facilities will give you a ton of benefits that you could never imagine. Don't wait and watch. Install this amazing flooring and get a feeling of security!

  • Rubber matting needs less maintenance and can be easily cleaned with water or cleaning solutions. They help maintain a clean and stain-free environment in your residential or commercial space.
  • This sort of floor mat is non-slip and prevents slips or falls. It can be easily placed in areas such as swimming pools, play areas, workshops, and more.
  • Since installing it is simple, it is unnecessary to call in or hire a professional for the installation. If you take proper care of the mats, they will last much longer.
  • Moving heavy machinery in factories, for example, can damage the floor. Rubber matting is exceptionally durable; installing these mats can prevent such floors from damage caused by vibration and heavy loads.

Rubber matting advantages

Due to its qualities and benefits, rubber matting has become a popular flooring choice in the UK. From play areas to churches and nursing homes, you find rubber matting everywhere these days. These are some of its unique characteristics:

  • Easy Installation: Rubber matting is easy to place, and you won't have to hire any professional for the installation process.
  • Choice of affordable flooring: Rubber matting lasts much longer than other options. So, installing this type of flooring can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.
  • Anti-slip: Slips and falls due to slippery floors can happen with alarming regularity. Take the example of spaces such as pool corridors and garages where oil and grease are frequently present, and spilled. By installing rubber matting on such premises, such accidents can be reduced or eliminated. Rubber mats can also be used in farms and greenhouses.
  • Relieve fatigue: In many factories, workers may have to stand for several hours at a time. A hard surface like concrete floors can bring on joint pain, and tire workers out. Anti-fatigue Rubber matting helps increase the comfort level of people walking or standing on it. It also helps reduce fatigue and thus increase worker productivity.
  • Respect the environment: Most rubber floor mats are produced from recycled rubber, which makes them environmentally-friendly products. Using these mats can help towards keeping the Earth greener for a longer period of time.

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