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Why Entrance Matting Systems Are An Essential For Any Business And How To Make The Best Choice

8th April 2024
Why Entrance Matting Systems Are An Essential For Any Business And How To Make The Best Choice

If you have premises with a matwell, you will need to replace it at some time.

In this blog post we are going to explain exactly what the purpose of  entrance matting systems is and how they work.

This will help you work out the best choice for your business, and it will also make sure that no matter which entrance matting system you pick, you get a quality system and something that will be fit for purpose.

Why Do You Need To Use An Entrance Matting System?

There are three main reasons for having an entrance matting system.

• The first reason is that they create a safe entrance area.

This always has to be your Number 1 priority. Making sure that people can enter your building in a safe way whether using a walking, stick, frame, wheelchair or without any aid at all this is covered in the BS8300 DDA regulation so make sure your entrance matting system conforms to this regulation.

• The second reason is that they prevent dirt, debris and moisture from entering the building.

To help conform to the above reason preventing these things from entering your building is not only a must for safety it is also vital in helping to create a cleaner environment within the building whilst reducing any risks of falls or injuries due to slippery floor conditions.

• The third reason is that they will help to reduce and slow down the wear and tear factor on your surrounding floor areas.

This is made possible because dirt and debris and moisture are all contributing factors in the deterioration of all flooring as they all combine to act as grinding actions which slowly start to breakdown the materials used in flooring ie: carpets, marble, stone, ceramic, vinyl, rubber, wood, etc which are all used in entrance areas.

For instance, if you had a business premises and you did not have an entrance matting system installed when needed, you would quickly experience wear and tear of your floors and costly repairs may be needed.

When you are looking at different types of entrance matting systems there are generally four different versions:

Aluminium, Rubber, PVC and Coir.

You then have two distinct types of matting system for the type of traffic they are dealing with which are:

Front to back System:

This type of entrance matting system is predominantly some form of base scraper action running left to right across the direction of travel whilst incorporating various insert options including Rubber, various carpets through to Coir which is generally for traffic that is entering or exiting the business in one direction.

Multidirectional system:

This type of entrance matting system will clean the feet in any direction. Predominantly available in Rubber and PVC which use a matrix type of design as the scraper action whilst also having a moisture absorbing material insert like carpet. This means that regardless of where the traffic flows when it enters the building, this type of system will be able to keep your floors clean.

How Do They Work?

Entrance matting systems are installed into a matwell frame which is generally sunk into the floor.

Screed is placed in the base of the matwell frame and the entrance matting system is placed inside the matwell to create a seamless level surface with the surrounding area.

It is especially important that any entrance matting system is installed properly so that it sits completely level with the surrounding floor surface.

If the entrance matting system is not installed correctly this could lead to unnecessary wear and tear and worst-case scenario it could also lead to your customers and staff tripping or suffering injury.

It is important to make sure that you get a matting system that will meet your needs.

This will vary from business to business and relies heavily on the amount of traffic that you receive and how you want the matting system to work.


Another important factor when you are selecting an entrance matting system is to make sure that it meets the BS8300 DDA regulation.

There is no point on shopping purely on price, and finding that your entrance matting system has been installed poorly and the matting system is subpar.

Getting your entrance matting system wrong can be as bad as not having one at all. Be sure to get in contact and benefit from our years of experience if you need help.

Entrance matting systems are an asset not only for your business, your staff, and your customers but also your pocket and ultimately your correctly chosen entrance matting system will save you money.

When you need any advice or support, you can always call Matsdirect UK on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or you can contact us through this page for help.

We hope this blog has helped explain exactly what  entrance matting systems are, how they work and some of the different options that are available.




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