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Whether you are a retail, industrial or commercial business your entrance needs to be welcoming but also efficient in maintaining cleanliness and safety.

With ever-increasing foot traffic, making sure that the entrance stays free from debris, moisture and dirt becomes crucial and more difficult.

Here at Mats Direct we have types of matting solutions that will stand out in the arena of barrier matting.

We only supply Barrier floor matting that conforms to BS8300:2009 part 2 Disability Design Act so you can be assured of your responsibility being met.

The PVC Surewalk Pastaloop gives you a unique design that will capture grit, sand and moisture. This type of matting is also effective in areas with fine dust. You will find that this is resilient against weathering, rot and common chemicals.

The Surewalk Natural Coir Fibre Matting is made from 100% natural coir fibre that will give you an economical and efficient barrier against dirt and moisture.

The hardwearing coconut fibres make this a fantastic scraper mat, with its natural appearance that will complement most décor schemes.

PVC Surewalk Pastaloop Coil Matting

If you’re looking for an excellent scraper entrance door mat, then Pastaloop coil matting is a great option. It has either a fall-through effect for use in matwells or for drainage. Or it can be backed for loose laying so that it retains dirt and moisture, making it a great choice for effective barrier matting.

The backed version is ideal for laying on existing surfaces, as it traps debris and moisture but doesn’t transfer it to the floor underneath. The backed spaghetti coil floor mats need to be lifted and cleaned on a regular basis to keep them effective. Many of our clients find them perfect for use in public entrances, changing rooms and wet areas.

The Pastaloop unbacked version of these entrance door mats meanwhile is used in matwells. Any dirt and debris gets trapped in the base of the matwell – just lift the mat and vacuum it to clean it out. It’s perfect primary barrier matting for both indoors or outdoors as it’s completely weather and rot proof. It’s also incredibly tough, and is manufactured to ISO9002.

Pastaloop is also great for effective anti fatigue mats in areas where people are standing for long periods. It is also resistant to most common chemicals and really is an extremely versatile product.

With its open construction and pasta shaped coils of PVC it holds a high volume of grit and moisture. It keeps surfaces clean and so minimises re-tracking. It’s a popular choice for entrance door mats in areas where there is a lot of sand or fine dust, as this naturally falls into the coils and can’t escape.

We offer Pastaloop in seven striking colours, and in both backed and unbacked versions.

Just call us today on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or email with your requirements or to discuss the best solution for your business.

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Surewalk Pastaloop Coil Matting

Surewalk Pastaloop Coil Matting (MD2000)

Pastaloop coil matting

Used as an indoor or outdoor entrance barrier mat. These coil matting rolls are an ideal scraper entrance floor mat with a fall-through effect for matwell applications or backed for loose laid applications.

The Pastaloop backed version is ideal for surface mounted entrance mat applications as it traps the debris and moisture so that it does not transfer to the floor area underneath. In this situation, the spaghetti coil mats need to be lifted and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness, perfect for use in public entrances, changing rooms, wet areas etc. The Pastaloop unbacked version is used in matwells where the dirt and debris is trapped in the base of the matwell and requires just lifting up to be able to vacuum the debris and dirt from the matwell base.

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Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting

Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting (MD8000)

Surewalk Natural Coir (coconut) fibre matting

It can only be used in the 17mm version in public entranceways. This is to conform to current BS8300 DDA regulations (with approval).

Our coir entrance door mats are a hard working 100% natural coir fibre with a PVC backing. Coir floor mats are available in various colours at the 17mm thickness. This type of matting can be used in retail, industrial, commercial or public entrances in matwells. It is an excellent scraper mat due to the hard wearing coconut fibres. It is easy to clean, by simply taking the mats outside and shaking vigorously to release the dirt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For which environments and scenarios is each type of matting best suited?

Coir matting is best suited to low to medium traffic areas in covered  matwells as it requires the ability to dry to remain effective. Areas of more than 2M X 5M in 1 piece is not recommended due to not being able to effectively clean the matting as it requires lifting and vigorously shaking to remove embedded dirt from the fibres as vacuuming alone is not sufficient.

PVC Coil matting is excellent where fine dust is a major factor in coastal areas in particular as it captures the debris very well it also has a good scraper action for removing water from foot traffic which runs into the coils but of course it has no absorbency abilities.

Can the PVC Pastaloop be used outdoors, and what are the size limitations for the Natural Coir matting in matwells?

Pastaloop Coil matting works very very well outdoors as it is not affected the the weather and works in both wet and dry climates.

As Coir expands and contracts when wet and dry the larger the matwell area the larger these movements make and to avoid bubbling and enable proper cleaning it is best used in areas of less than 10sqM in 1 piece.

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