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  • Your brand deserves and needs to stand out.
  • In today’s competitive marketplace it's vital!
  • Getting the right product to do that is essential.
  • Mats Direct will make sure it does exactly that!

We specialise in printed carpet and promotional brand mats and help businesses make a lasting impression at every touch point.
Imagine having VIP runners gracing the floors for your high profile events or customised mats that will greet every visitor at your retail location, to make sure that you make a brilliant first impression.

With the other added bonus of strengthening your brand’s identity.

Whether you are looking for POS/POP engagement, a red carpet event or you have a unique marketing campaign coming up, we offer tailored solutions that are designed to elevate your brand and catch the eyes of everyone who passes by.

Customization, Innovation, Quality, and Service – That's MatsDirect:

Our range of printed carpet & brand mats are not just functional accessories; they are integral elements of your marketing strategy. We craft our mats with the utmost care and quality.

Working with you we can make sure your finished product is as bold or subtle as your campaign demands.

Whether you are looking for one-off VIP runners that will add glamour to your events or durable indoor/outdoor image mats that can weather any storm and make sure that your brand stays in clear sight – Mats Direct is committed to delivering excellence.

Are you looking to create brand awareness?

A new product launch, marketing campaign, special event, something for a POP or POS area? Matsdirect have many mat solutions for a myriad of commercial, retail and industrial applications when it comes to promotional image and logo mats.

Advertising space on your floor or counter or event or exhibition can really start to work hard for you with our range of brand image advertising mat products. It’s your space so why not make the most of it.

Sureprint Image Carpet

Printed carpet for a one-off VIP runner, red carpet walkway, decorative floor for a multi-use visitor exhibition area or even your boardroom, the longevity of the printed carpet will reflect the need and the cost.

Want to cover a larger area? We can produce Sureprint printed carpet in 2M widths and up to 20Mtrs in length which can be joined to create an image floor area of 10M X 20Mtrs.

With rubber backing and gel back finishes for durability and an effective anti-slip mat, as well as nylon, polyester and velour fabric in varying qualities for the top surfaces, the sparkling colour image of your artwork is re-created on all of these products.

Call us now on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or email to get your promotion moving forward!!

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Sureprint Carpet Media

Sureprint Carpet Media (MD8400)

Sureprint Carpet media is the perfect product for exhibitions, VIP red carpet events and locations where a printed carpet should be used for advertising and enhancing corporate identity. The special digital technology that is used is able to print any design or logo from 10sqm onwards in crisp and brilliant shades.

Available in differing qualities for durability, traffic density, image quality and luxury, we will find the best solution for your particular requirement and budget.

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Sureprint Extra VIP Runner Mats

Sureprint Extra VIP Runner Mats (MD8500)

Sureprint Extra VIP Runner Mats is a range of carpet VIP runners that are made with nylon fabric with a nitrile rubber backing. There are many uses for these products including VIP red carpet events, products announcements, exhibition halls, adding a real sense of luxury to any situation.

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Sureprint Media Advertising Mat

Sureprint Media Advertising Mat (MD8600)

Sureprint Media advertising mats are brand product promotional logo mats that are the perfect replacement of floor graphics. This high definition printed mat is most effective where high visibility promotional product is sought and can be used in commercial and retail outlets, exhibition stands, and POS and POP floor areas.

There is no need for bonding, they are fully re-usable and can be placed anywhere on a floor or bar area without causing a trip or slip hazard due to its minimal thickness of only 1.4mm.

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Sureprint Duramat Rubber Advertising Mat

Sureprint Duramat Rubber Advertising Mat (MD8700)

Sureprint Duramat all Rubber advertising mats are full-colour image printed mat that are manufactured from nitrile rubber and are perfect for use outside as they are not affected by weather. They are highly durable, weather-resistant and have excellent lay-flat capabilities. They are ideal for product promotion and brand re-enforcement using high-resolution graphics to create a highly versatile insid/outside/ logo mat solution.

They are available in bespoke sizes to a maximum of 90cm x 150cm including circular profiles. The mats comply with the BS8300 DDA regulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Customization Options Are Available?

Our range of Sureprint products cover the whole range of marketing and brand awareness mat requirements in many customised options

Can I have my company logo or specific artwork printed on the mats? What are the colour options and how detailed can the design be?

We have carpet and mat products that can replicate virtual photographic images in true life colour.

What Are the Size Options and Can They Be Tailored?

Most products can be cut without spoiling the integrity of the product itself.

Are there standard sizes for these mats, or can they be customised to fit a specific space?

Lengths and widths are determined by machine parameters and are standard throughout the carpet and matting  industry so if we cannot make it no one else can either.

For example, is it possible to order a printed carpet wider than 2M or longer than 20M?

No 2Mtrs is the standard maximum width of printed mats and carpets and 20MTrs is the accepted length that can be manipulated without the need of machinery to move it.

How Durable Are These Mats and What Is Their Expected Lifespan?

This depends purely on product type for further information call our sales team.

What Are the Care and Maintenance Requirements?

All of our products are cleanable by using a vacuum cleaner and in most cases wet cleaned by carpet cleaning equipment and is some cases even machine washing it is dependant on product type.

How should these mats be cleaned and maintained to ensure they remain in top condition?

See technical download sheets on individual products for cleaning recommendation methods.

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Accredited

MatsDirect UK Ltd is fully ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) accredited, which means we have demonstrated our ability to consistently provide products to the industry’s highest quality and standards.

Now, how’s that for peace of mind?

Need expert advice on your matting projects?

Then chat to MatsDirect, the UK’s premium floor matting supplier and manufacturer.
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