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Here at MatsDirect UK , we’re passionate believers in the many benefits that our retail floor matting solutions can bring to your store.

We’d love to share our expertise with you, so give us a call today +44 (0)161 797 6785 to find out exactly how our retail matting solutions can work for you.

Entrance Matting Systems for Retail

Whether your an small independent shop owner or the largest name-brand retailer, the entrance to your retail store is vitally important. It’s the first impression that customers have of you, and it sets the tone for their entire shopping experience.

So, choosing the right Entrance Matting System is crucial. Your entrance door mats are a first line of defence to keep your store clean, acting as barrier matting to wick away moisture and clean dirt from customer’s shoes, trollies and wheelchairs as they enter. And our matwell recessed entrance door mat systems can easily deal with the heaviest footfall creating a clean and attractive entrance area.

Architects and designers also love our retail entrance door mats due to the variety of base materials and complementary infills to the easy specification of our products.

Retail Barrier Carpet

Customers want to shop in a clean store with no trip or slip hazards. It’s why retail Floor Mats & Barrier Matting is such a great option – they prevent moisture and dirt being tracked into your store, whilst protecting your existing floor. Barrier matting and loose lay floor mats are the perfect solutions for any retailer looking to reduce cleaning costs and keep their customers safe and happy while they shop.

Retail Logo Mats

Retail matting isn’t just about keeping your store clean. Company Logo Floor Mats are also a great way to really give customers a powerful and lasting positive first impression of your brand. We create our hardwearing retail logo mats in Coir and Synthetic Coirsyn for matwells and printed logo mats to sit on top of your existing floor at the entrance, which allows us to use the most complex logos. Practical and impactful, our retail logo mats combine all the benefits of great retail entrance matting.

All of our retail floor mat solutions conform to current DDA regulations which is a pre-requisite for all public entrances. This means that our retail door matting systems create a store experience that is accessible for wheelchair users, reduces the risk of slips and creates a clean, dry shopping experience for all.

Retail Printed Carpet

Hosting an exhibition? Celebrating the launch of a product? Want to reinforce your company brand or its products?

If you’re looking for removable branded flooring, our Printed Carpet Brand Mats are the perfect solution. We've found that everyone from commercial facility management teams to PR and advertising companies love these creative promotional, event and product brand flooring solution.

Our printed carpets are made from the highst quality flooring materials including :- Nylon, Polyester, Nitrile Rubber and Velour. That means they are long-lasting and can handle large footfall – perfect both for one-off VIP red carpet events and longer-term promotions and product branding campaigns.

Promotional Product Mats

POS/POP printed rubber and carpet style mats are also an incredibly versatile solution for promotions being the perfect alternative to floor graphics. Crisp, clear images on premium quality materials our brand promotional mats create a splash anywhere from shopping aisles to the point of sale. It’s why many PR and advertising companies choose our retail mats for their promotions.

Retail matting options gives you a fresh way to enhance a brand or to show your customers a fantastic promotion – all while keeping your premises clean

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ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Accredited

MatsDirect UK Ltd is fully ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) accredited, which means we have demonstrated our ability to consistently provide products to the industry’s highest quality and standards.

Now, how’s that for peace of mind?

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