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Create an instant buzz by showcasing your company logo on matting and flooring throughout your business. Sureprint and Sureimage mats are available in standard sizes or made to measure in many shapes — square, oblong, semi-circular, or round — we cover them all.

We also offer a fast-track service, so you get them super-fast.

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Sureprint Prime Logo Floor Mats

Sureprint Prime Logo Floor Mats (MD9000)

Sureprint Prime logo floor mats are the finest quality printed personalised rubber-backed logo door mats. They’re custom-made with standard sizes in widths of up to 2m and lengths of up to 6m in 1 piece, including semi and circular shapes - and are available in an infinite spectrum of colours - with a Pantone colour match service option also available.

If you have a logo, image, message, or instruction and want it on a floor mat, we can print it!

Sureprint company logo mats are ideal for all traffic areas at the entrance or reception where visual impact and maximum floor protection are demanded. Manufactured from nitrile rubber backing for lay-flat properties and 6.6 nylon fabric carpet for durability, they have the hardest-wearing non-trip combination.

With a 5-year guarantee, these are the ultimate in branded company logo floor mats.

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Sureprint Option Logo Floor Mats

Sureprint Option Logo Floor Mats (MD9001)

Sureprint Option company logo mats are a cost-conscious option when you need lots of mats. They’re manufactured from velour fabric carpet and have a vinyl backing, making them a great addition to any brand marketing project.

They're the ultimate mat in advertising POP/POS custom-made bespoke logo mat technology. Option logo mats offer two benefits: a high-definition, high-impact marketing image aid and an effective barrier against dirt, grit and moisture.

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Sureimage Coir Fibre Logo Matting

Sureimage Coir Fibre Logo Matting (MD8001)

Sureimage Coir door mats (also known as coconut logo mats) use a handcrafted inlay to create custom-made logos; however, the complexity of the logos is exceptional due to the skill of our team.

These entrance logo mats have a natural product appearance and are visually pleasing to those who pass over them.

They’re designed to fit into matwells and can be produced from electronic images, drawn images, business cards or letterheads. These coir mats can be used in retail, commercial, industrial or public entrance areas.

Please note: these mats are only DDA compliant in the 17mm thickness and they cannot be recycled due to their PVC backing.

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Sureimage Coirsyn Logo Matting

Sureimage Coirsyn Logo Matting (MD8300)

Sureimage Coirsyn logo door matting is a synthetic version of the natural coir/coconut product and fully complies with current BS8300 DDA regulations.

These custom-made floor mats are suitable for intricate company logo mats and can be cut into any shape. The edges require no binder because they don’t fray.

Coirsyn is a hard-wearing floor mat made of polypropylene fabric bonded to recycled rubber and latex. It’s suitable for surface mounting as it is only 10mm thick or for a matwell and is completely weather, insect, and microorganism resistant.

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Sureprint Corpromat Matwell Logo Mat

Sureprint Corpromat Matwell Logo Mat (MD9600)

Sureprint Corpromat matwell logo mats are printed modular matwell logo floor mats - another innovation in matwell entrance floor matting logo design. The full-colour printed company logo mat modules have been specially developed for use within Diamond, Matrix & Concourse Primary entrance modular matting systems and are therefore fully BS8300 DDA compliant.

Corpromat allows you to have a fully printed colour logo anywhere in the matwell. This enforces your company brand without compromising the image, as with many metal, plastic or other rib or tile configurations.

These modules can simply be replaced on an as-and-when basis without affecting the existing mat system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When I order my logo mat will the size include the Rubber border?

The sizes quoted will always include the Rubber border which is around 25mm wide around all 4 sides of the mat, however there is around a 5% tolerance so please make sure that the size you order will fit into the space you have. Should you need an exact size for example if it is being fitted into a matwell please mention this at the enquiry stage.

Can I have my logo printed on a coir mat?

The simple answer is yes there is an option to have this done but not by us.

Printed Coir mats have a very limited durability as only the the very end of the Coir strands are printed on and these wear off fairly quickly.We used highly skilled  personnel to hand inlay the logo and using only the very best Coir matting means the logo will last the lifetime of the mat.

How many colours can I have on my printed logo mat?

We have a standard colour pallet of around 50 colours and you can use any or all of them in your logo and for the background colour. If your artwork does not have a background colour just choose the colour you would like and we will create a FREE visual with your logo and chosen background colour for your amendment or approval prior to production.

How Many colours can I have in my Coir logo mat?

We have 9 standard Coir colours and you may specify any or all of them for use in your logo. Don't  forget to tell us the background colour you want your logo on, you can choose any of the 9 it's up to you whichever suits your logo. We will create a FREE visual for your approval or amendment prior to production.

What are the specific requirements for the high-definition artwork that needs to be submitted?

Artwork should be supplied in a high resolution file format such as PDF or JPG. We can accept other files but specific programme files like CDR etc we cannot work with. There is no need for bleed off or image size or anything like that as we size the artwork to the mat dimensions size required so that it looks visually correct when printed.

Beyond logos, can we customise the mat's shape, size, or colour to fit our branding and entrance dimensions?

We supply oblong, square, circular, semi-circular as standard and semi-curves only in specific sizes.

Colours can be matched and our Prime logo floor mats can be cut without compromising the integrity of the mat itself but of course you would loose the Rubber edge when doing so.

How do the nylon and polyester mats compare with the Coir & Coirsyn mats in terms of longevity and wear?

Sureprint Prime and Option logo mats are mainly used as a sit on top of an existing floor and as such are there as a highly visual barrier to dirt and moisture which is easily fully cleaned by washing on a regular basis  determined by how dirty they get and are guaranteed for 3 years from manufacturing defects and will remain effective for years after that with regular cleaning.

Sureimage Coir & Coirsyn logo mats are designed for matwell use as the first defence barrier mat with scraper fibres for the removal of dirt and moisture entering a building as well as an attractive brand mat with good housekeeping these mats should remain effective around 3 years in medium traffic areas.

Can you provide more details about the BS8300:2009 DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations compliance?

The DDA act was passed to ensure that people with a disability which inhibits easy movement including wheelchairs or any type of walking aid will not be barred from entering a public building by that disability, rendering them unable to traverse a matted area in that building expressly including its entrance area easily.

How do these mats ensure safety in high traffic areas?

Making matted areas in recessed matwells flush and flat with the existing floor level means that these areas are easy to walk over whilst still effectively having a cleaning action.

Loose lay logo mats should be thin enough (Below 12mm high with a ramp edge) so as not to cause a trip hazard and have a backing that allows it to lay perfectly flat to the floor.

How long does it take from design approval to delivery for logo entrance mats?

Surewalk Prime and option logo mats are usually made in around 2 -3 weeks however we can offer a fast track service of 3-5 days if required. (Please ask during your initial enquiry).

Sureimage Coir & Coisyn Logo matwell mats take around 2-3 weeks from artwork approval. (Again if required urgently please ask at your initial enquiry stage).

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Accredited

MatsDirect UK Ltd is fully ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) accredited, which means we have demonstrated our ability to consistently provide products to the industry’s highest quality and standards.

Now, how’s that for peace of mind?

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