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About MatsDirect UK Limited

Started in 1993 by the current owners Matsdirect UK Limited was born out of more than 15 years previous experience in the flooring industry, working with cleaning methods and equipment to carpets, rubber, vinyl, resins, surface treatments, floor preparation and laying methods.  It was a natural progression to move on into the matting industry to create a company that had the full spectrum of flooring experience. With all this knowledge we are in a unique position of advising customers with the benefit of that experience to find solutions to many flooring dilemmas. We are more than happy to impart this knowledge to you even if it means our company does not have the correct product for your needs we will try and point you in the right direction..
The time spent in the flooring industry has helped us to forge relationships with many of the best manufacturers, whilst we are based in Bury Lancashire we operate from more than 10 manufacturing plants in the UK, Europe and the USA which means we can offer you a wide choice of high-quality Suremats product solutions and flexibility within the product range.

We value these supplier and manufacturing relationships with our long-standing loyalty and solid purchasing agreements for stability, as we value our customers relationships with us by offering you the best quality products at the best possible prices and the best service, with sincerity of advice, honesty in pricing and a commitment to quality and durability.

Our ISO 9001 certification helps us to enforce these values within our company. So, if things go wrong as nothing is perfect, you can be assured we will rectify the problem using every tool at our disposal.

Manufacturing fault we will replace your product. Products with guarantees not lasting the distance? we will replace your product. See our terms and conditions for further details.

Our reputation is envied by many and has been a proven record of why we have so many long-term customers who have been growing year on year for the last 25 years and is a testament to our service, products and longevity.

Designing and manufacturing some of own Suremats products from scratch has always been part of our innovative approach to the mat industry, which has always been driven by listening to your needs and wants. As environments and requirements change we will always be looking to offer you new innovative Suremats products that comply with our standards whilst still keeping an eye on value for our customers.

So, if you have a requirement of matting products simply call us now on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or email and start your relationship with Matsdirect UK Limited. ...the choice matters...


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to commit to the creation of long term collaborative trading partnerships with our customers via:-

  • Providing safety matting solutions,floor matting and printed mat and carpet products that exceed their expectations in terms of quality, supply, innovation and value for money.
  • Listening to our customer's requirements and wishes, we strive to provide solutions that are beneficial to both customer and Matsdirect as the supplier of those solutions.
  • Offering a range of Sure Mats matting products by matching quality to required cost points.
  • Supporting our customers with free small product samples,technical consultations and downloads and free quotations.

Although MatsDirect produces and supplies many unique floormat products to our customers, we also have an eye on their future requirements. In conjunction with our manufacturing partners and mission statement, we are keen to be at the forefront of design, development and innovation of these products . . . the choice matters.

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ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Accredited

MatsDirect UK Ltd are fully accredited for the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) standard which demonstrates our ability to consistently provide our products and services that meet our customer's applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 also aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system including processes for improvement.

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