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The correct industrial Rubber matting and PVC floor mats play an important role in keeping workers safe and productive.


We provide industrial mats to clients across many different industries. This includes everything from oil and chemical resistant anti-slip matting and rubber drainage to electrical switchboard matting that protects industrial workers from electric shocks.

Here, we explain the many kinds of industrial rubber matting that exist, their uses and how they could help you.

Industrial Electrical Safety Matting

Electrical safety matting is one of the most common forms of industrial rubber matting and is designed to prevent electric shocks. Electrical safety matting carpet is used when working on switchboard apparatus and is essential to worker safety. We provide rubber di-electric safety matting to a range of industries, including oil and gas, and shipping.

Tested to a range of voltages and classifications our extensive Electrical Safety Matting  Rubber mats offering in all BS, IEC61111 and ASTM D178 specifications are the perfect solution, meeting the most rigorous health and safety standards.

Industrial Anti-Static Mats

Almost all industries have employees who routinely work around electronic materials and components. For these workers, minor shocks from static build up are a real risk. Anti-static Mats are an essential part of keeping them safe.

It’s not just about preventing shocks either. Sparks from static can cause large fires, so anti-static mats help to reduce this risk to your business.

In addition, our anti-static mats also often double as anti-fatigue mats. It means that they also have an important role to play in the wellness of your employees – which is one of the keys to increasing productivity.

Industrial Anti-Slip Mat solutions

Slips are one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace. Anti-slip rubber matting is essential in any industrial work environment where liquids such as oil can cause slips.

At MatsDirect we offer a wide selection of Rubber Matting anti-slip mat solutions, including multi-directional grip solutions that make it easier to work safely.

Many of our anti-slip rubber matting customers are in the oil and gas industry, a sector where health and safety is paramount. In these oily and wet environments, anti-slip matting (combined with other options such as rubber drainage mat solutions) is essential.

It is a popular solution across other industries too, such as shipping. The decks of boats become very slippery, and non slip mats are an essential part of keeping this area safe.

Industrial Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Another versatile anti-slip solution is PVC Matting & Interlocking Tiles. We supply these either as a permanent or temporary flooring option for many of our clients across a range of industries, who value their oil, chemical and grease resistant properties.

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

At MatsDirect we also offer a selection of innovative anti-fatigue mats solutions. These help you to improve employee health and productivity through an effective and easy to maintain flooring solution in Rubber floor matting & tiles.

Hard flooring can be tiring on the legs. To alleviate this, Anti-fatigue Mats & Flooring work by encouraging small movements that increase blood flow. That means fewer aches and pains, fewer sick days – and a happier, healthier workforce.

You’ll find our popular anti-fatigue flooring everywhere, from commercial kitchens to packing facilities.

Industrial Drainage Tiles and Drainage Mats

Using industrial Rubber PVC Drainage Mats in areas where there is a slip hazard is an excellent way to create a safer environment for your workers. Depending on your needs, there are various mats, designs and materials to choose from, with a wide variety of drainage flow options.

Industrial Oil Resistant & Flame Retardant Matting

Industrial oil-resistant and flame retardant versions of mats play a huge part in creating a safe environment in many industries. Oil is a slip hazard which can make working unsafe. It is crucial that companies take effective measures to reduce the risk of their employees slipping.

These special floor mat products are specially created using additives which bind with the base rubber to give it these special properties and can also provide a drainage and anti-slip mat solution for industries where oil and grease spills occur. Whilst industries that have naked flame or metal or ceramic cutting could be creating sparks flame retardant mats are the perfect solution in preventing the possibilities of a fire starting.

All companies work to combat hazards during whatever manufacturing process is being carried out and take great care to minimise accidents so make sure you use the correct rubber matting or PVC mats solution to achieve that aim.

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