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When you need a quality Rubber and PVC floor matting solutions with guaranteed quality built in Sure mats won't let you down!

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Entrance Matting Systems

Entrance matting system 1
  • Reduce dirt & moisture from entering your building
  • Reduce wear and tear on internal floor areas
  • Create a clean, safe welcoming entrance
  • Reduce housekeeping time & cost
  • Create the best first impression
  • Increase your floors longevity
  • Reduce possible trips or falls
  • No Tagging post interference systems
  • Multi-directional entrance flooring systems
Entrance Matting system 2

Because every client's needs are different, MatsDirect helps commercial, retail and industrial customers select the appropriate recessed matting system for their specific types and volume of traffic to fit existing or newly formed matwells. Along with infil types, colour options and budget constriants our experienced team will also take into consideration the amounts of moisture and types of dirt being tracked in to determine where and how your floors will get the best protection.

We have entrance door matting products to fit any space whether it is oblong, square, specially shaped, semi-circular, or has revolving doors.

Learn more about Entrance Matting Systems and how our weatherproof mats are specifically designed to deal with every weather condition, helping to keep your visitors and employees safe while reducing wear and tear on your internal flooring.

Logo & Branded Floor Mats

logo & Branded mats 1
  • Great way to promote your brand, enhance corporate identity, and make a great first impression
  • Available in printed nylon and polyester fabric with nitrile rubber backing
  • Available in hard wearing synthetic coir (coirsyn) and natural coir bristle (coconut)
  • Able to create exceptionally intricate custom made logos
  • Won’t cause a trip hazard. Fully compliant with BS8300 DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations
  • Provide us with high definition artwork with required sizing, we’ll do the rest
logo and branded mats2

Create a great first impression with a stylish entrance door logo mat for your premises. Available for recessed matwells in Coir and Coirsyn material with hand crafted logos or loose laid full colour printed in both standard and bespoke custom made sizes. Whether you need one or a hundred logo floor mats, MatsDirect always take a bespoke approach to manufacturing the very highest quality, durable, made-to-measure door mats using the finest available high twist Nylon carpet for the print process and a Nitrile Rubber backing to gaurantee the maximum longevity of our Sure mats products.

Learn more about Logo & Branded Floor Mats and how they enforce your brand recognition.


Electrical Switchboard Safety Matting

Electrical Safety Matting1
  • Use only the highest quality Rubber compounds
  • Safely insulate teams working on live switchboards
  • Provide LOC and test certificates
  • Chamber attested paperwork offered
  • Stamped specifications along the whole length or rolls
  • Tested to comply with IEC61111 where required
  • tested to comply with ASTM D178 where required
  • Tested to comply with BS921 where required
  • Tested to comply with VDEO 303 where required
electrical safety matting 2

When your teams are working with live electrical equipment, choosing the correctly specified rubber safety mat is essential. All of our high and low voltage Electrosafe rubber electrical switchboard matting products are produced using only the highest quality rubber compounds.

MatsDirect is trusted by many blue chip companies in the oil, gas and shipping industries to supply them with high quality electrical insulating matting in full rolls or custom cut sizes. We’ve successfully exported electrical rubber safety carpet matting to over 20 countries worldwide for over 20 years.

Learn more about Electrical Switchboard Safety Matting and how to specify the correct matting to comply with current safety regulations.

Entrance Barrier Matting & Floor Mats

Entrance Barrier matting 1
  • Effective barrier against debris, dirt and moisture
  • Nylon, Velour and Polypropylene options
  • Nitrile Rubber smooth, gripper, universal & PVC backing options
  • Standard stock and bespoke custom-made sizes
  • Mono and dual colour options
  • Highest quality materials for longevity
  • Loose lay and recessed matwell options
Entrance barrier matting 2

MatsDirect offers hard wearing entrance door mats solutions that not only looks great, but also hold up under the pressure of lots of foot traffic. We have floor mats in both standard and bespoke custom made sizes that can be used both inside and outside.

Fully launderable and colour fast Nylon fibres with a Nitrile Rubber stay flat, gripper backing for carpets or smooth backed for hard floors makes there versatility endless.

The mixed colour combinations are designed to hide the dirt contaminants whilst still looking clean and stylish and with our 3 guarantee you can be assured of the durability, effectiveness and guarantees built in.

Learn more about Entrance Barrier Matting & Floor Mats and the other sure mats range of products to keep your premises clean and dry and safe.

PVC Coil Matting & Natural Coir Fibre Floor Mats

Coir Fibre Matting1
Coir Matting Entrance Door Mats
  • 100% natural coir fibre with a semi flexible solid PVC backing
  • 7 pre-dyed solid colours
  • Easy to clean
PVC Coil Matting Pastaloop
  • Excellent scraper entrance door mat
  • Perfect primary barrier matting for both indoors or outdoors
  • Completely weather and rot proof
PVC Coil matting1

MatsDirect offers both Coir (made from coconut fibre) and PVC Coil Matting (completely weather and rot proof) for entrance door mats.

Coir matting fitted into a recessed matwell is only compliant to current DDA regulations in the 17mm thickness in any public entrances. The PVC Spaghetti Coil matting backed version is ideal for surface mounted applications whilst the unbacked version is excellent in a recessed matwell

Learn more about PVC Coil Matting & Natural Coir Fibre Floor Mats sure mats product range with sizes and available colour options .

Custom Printed Carpet & Brand Mats

Printed Carpet & Brand Mats1
  • Provides a solution for almost every application where a removable advertising/promo mat product is required
  • Unique advertising space on your floor or counter top for brand awareness
  • Perfect for one-off VIP runner, red carpet walkway, exhibition area, product announcements, POS and POP floor areas, boardroom, etc.
  • Available in differing qualities for durability, traffic density, image quality, luxury and cost points
Printed Carpet & Brand Mats2

When it comes to promotional image and logo/brand mats, MatsDirect offers many sure mats solutions for a multitude of commercial, retail and industrial applications. Once our experienced team understands what you want your mat/carpet message needs to achieve, we will suggest the best options to satisfy your requirements while remaining within your budget.

Learn more about Custom Printed Carpet & Brand Mats and how they re-enforce brand, product and company awareness.

Rubber Matting Rolls & Floor Mats

Rubber matting rolls1
  • A highly versatile product
  • An excellent temporary or semi-permanent solution
  • Hard wearing, durable, reliable, blended only with the best additives to enhance the base product
  • Available in natural rubber, SBR and smooth or profiled nitrile
  • Most common color is black, but we can offer certain rubber products in colour
rubber matting floor mats

Rubber roll matting and floor mat solutions are some of the most versatile, cost effective sure mats products available to solve a variety of flooring challenges in virtually every environment from large scale office complexes to retail stores, the food industry, recreational facilities, educational establishments, and more.

MatsDirect provide Rubber matting rolls or even individual custom cut floor mat shapes in varying thicknesses, finishes and Rubber material types.

Learn more about Rubber Matting Rolls & Floor Mats and how they solve a myriad of flooring and safety dilemmas.

Rubber & PVC Drainage Mats

Rubber PVC Drainage Mats
  • Coil matting helps reduce the risks of slips and creates a comfortable surface around pools, changing areas and walkways
  • Strip matting traps the debris and moisture so it doesn’t transfer to the floor area
  • PVC drainage mats are a cost-effective solution in kitchens- resistant to kitchen oils and grease
  • Worksafe mats are perfect for places where constant water or any liquid is present
  • Interlocking Rubber Tiles offer good slip resistance and anti-fa tigue properties
PVC Drainage mats

Rubber matting and PVC drainage mats customers rely on MatsDirect because they trust we will help them to create a safer working environment, even in the most challenging industrial and commercial premises. Depending on the type of liquids and floor types you’re dealing with, our experienced team will suggest mat products ranging from coil matting, PVC matting, worksafe mats to various types of interlocking rubber tiles.

Learn more about PVC & Rubber Drainage Mats with standard, bespoke sizes and colour options and areas of ideal use.

Anti-Fatigue Mats & Flooring

Anti-fatigue mats1
Anti-fatigue mats2
Anti-fatigue mats3
  • Encourage small movements to create blood flow
  • Help reduce employee stress during work hours
  • Keep absenteeism to a minimum
  • Increase concentration levels
  • Increase productivity levels
  • Reduce the possibilities of accidents

MatsDirect provides anti fatigue kitchen mats and anti-fatigue matting for manufacturing sites, packing lines, food preparation areas, hotel receptions, shop counters and more. Research shows that fatigue leads to concentration lapses and a drop in efficiency which can result in accidents occurring.

Learn more about Anti-Fatigue Mats & Flooring and how to look after staff whilst maintaining efficiency with our tried and tested sure mats product range.

Anti-Static Floor Mats

Anti-static floor mats1
  • Surestat ESD mats use the highest quality compounds and manufacturing technique
  • All anti-static mats and rubber flooring comply with EOS/ESD-S4 regulations
  • Static discharge mats for benches comply with IEC 61349-5-1. Tp.
  • Some anti-static mats also have anti-fatigue properties
Anti-static floor mats2

MatsDirect offers our clients our sure mats range of surestat anti-static matting, electrostatic discharge mat products, and antistatic workbench mat solutions to protect employees health and safety whilst working with possible static inducing products whether in test environments or production areas it is vital to keep staff safe from unpleasent static incindences.

Learn more about Anti-Static Floor Mats that prevent these incidences occurring with details on product options, colours, sizes etc.

PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles & Matting

pvc interlocking floor tiles
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Extremely hard wearing and durable
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Easily cleanable and cost effective
  • Helps to reduce slips, falls and other accidents
  • Grease and oil resistant
  • Common chemicals resistant
ovc interlocking mats

MatsDirect provides PVC matting rolls and individual PVC interlocking floor tiles in differing shapes sizes thicknesses and optional colours. Whether a client needs a temporary floor area for an event or an exhibition, our sure mats products will create a great looking space.

Creating a new floor area or enhansing an existing area MatsDirect help customers with effective solutions not only for kitchen floor areas and workstations where there are liquids, but also are ideal as flooring for production safety areas

Learn more about PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles & Matting and how you can use them to create a safe working environment in both dry and wet areas.

Desk Chair Mats & Hygienic Tacky Mats

desk chair mats
Desk Chair Mats
  • Protects existing flooring finishes
  • Available in semi-flexible versions of PVC and Polycarbonate
  • Available in both smooth and dimpled finishes
  • Anti-slip properties
Hygienic Tacky Mats
  • Protects ultra-hygienic area
  • Made with over 30 sticky layers which be easily peeled off and disposed of safely
tacky mats

Whatever your needs regarding desk chair mats or hygienic tacky mats, the knowledgeable team at MatsDirect will discuss all sure mats options in order to reach a high quality, value-for-money solution.

The destruction of any floor is costly and swivel chair wheels constantly move around a small floor area are probably the worst culprits, so get a desk chair mat protector and save money on floor refurbishments.

Hygiene as never been so much more prevalent than today, but these tacky mats are used in all kinds of environments ensuring the highest safety standards.

Learn more about Desk Chair Mats & Hygienic Tacky Mats and view options for floor protection and hygienic dirt trapping functions of this range of products

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Sure mats?

Because they are high quality products manufactured to ISO 9000 standards

What will a Sure mat do?

Exactly what you expect them to and more!

Where are Sure mats made?

Only in nationwide UK, European & USA Matsdirect approved facilities.

What are Sure mats made from?

The Finest quality materials which are gauranteed to perform.

How to choose the right Sure mat?

By using our considerable industry knowledge and expertise.

What are Sure mats?

Our ideal range of specialist floormats that solve many everyday flooring dilemmas

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Accredited

MatsDirect UK Ltd is fully ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) accredited, which means we have demonstrated our ability to consistently provide products to the industry’s highest quality and standards.

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