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The entrance to your building should be safe, clean and welcoming for staff and visitors. So, every entrance matting system in our range is tailored to fit your building’s needs, whether it’s aluminium closed panels and fall-through systems or our unique rubber mat modules.

All of our systems are manufactured to ISO 9000 standards and conform to BS8300 DDA regulations.


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Surewalk Matrix Rib Entrance Matting System

Surewalk Matrix Rib Entrance Matting System (MD1000)

Eight incredible benefits that make the Matrix rubber/carpet rib entrance matting modules with APT (Active Pile Technology) the obvious choice for high, medium and low-traffic areas:-


  • Safety - Its rubber base is a user-friendly material, guaranteed to lie perfectly flat without curling or lifting to ensure no trips or slips.
  • Quiet - Absorbs sound to cut out nasty squeaks and echo.
  • Smooth - Perfect for trolleys and wheeled vehicles. And best of all, it won't cause any lag whenever wheels run across it.
  • Tough - With 100% scrape/wipe surface of rubber and carpet contact across the whole mat, you'll never have people walking mud through your building.
  • Easy to install - Thanks to its modular nature, it's easy to fit and because it's interchangeable, you can swap or replace it without needing specialist equipment.
  • Ready to Lay - Ready to go and can be trimmed to your requirements without compromising its durability, whether you need it curved or angular.
  • Hygienic  - It's designed to capture and conceal dirt and moisture. This means it can be cleaned regularly without lifting the mat.
  • Easy to Maintain - Vacuum regularly and give it a good, deep shampoo regularly. This is all you need to do to keep it looking brand-new!


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Surewalk Stratos Rib Panel Aluminium Entrance Matting

Surewalk Stratos Rib Panel Aluminium Entrance Matting (MD7000)

Seven amazing benefits that make Stratos Entrance Matting System panels the obvious choice for designer-lead entrance areas:-


  • Seamless Appearance - Manufactured in single-width panels of up to 4 metres and can be supplied to suit any depth of recess frame.
  • Anodising - Create a stunning entrance area by anodising the matting with the frame.
  • Flexible - Whatever size or shape you need, we’ll cut it to your specifications.
  • Adaptable - It has more than eight infill types, including dense fibre, rubber, coir (coconut husks), polypropylene and nylon to suit most environments.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Made up of more than 80% recycled material in the manufacturing process, we’re helping you reach your sustainability goals.
  • Hard-Wearing - Wheeled trolleys, heavy work boots, nonstop footfall all day — no problem — this is the ideal choice for heavy-duty environments.
  • Highly effective - Aluminium scraper bars and infills remove moisture and dirt, keeping them within the matting's recess.
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Surewalk Concourse Heavy Duty All Weather Matting Module

Surewalk Concourse Heavy Duty All Weather Matting Module (MD5000)

Eight big benefits that make Concourse dual rubber entrance door matting modules the obvious choice for exterior mat wells, especially in revolving doors:-


  • User-Friendly - The rubber base makes it comfortable for users.
  • Safety - Guaranteed to lie flat to ensure a safe, slip-free entrance area. And its studded and pyramid surface helps the visually impaired in doorways.
  • Tough - It features 100% scrape/wipe surface contact across the whole mat.
  • Protection - The ideal choice for outdoor matwells where you need to protect the internal flooring.
  • Easy to Install - Installation is simple and easy, with no templates required. Every module is interchangeable, so you don’t need special tools, equipment, or skills.
  • Easily Adjusted - It can be easily trimmed to your requirements without compromising its durability and strength, whether you need it curved or angular.
  • Easy to Maintain - Very easy to keep clean and maintain for guaranteed effectiveness.
  • Quiet - This concourse rubber entrance matting system is exceptionally quiet, so say goodbye to echoes!
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Surewalk Thruguard Heavy Duty Open Grid Aluminium Matting

Surewalk Thruguard Heavy Duty Open Grid Aluminium Matting (MD7800)

Six outstanding benefits that make Thruguard entrance door matting the obvious choice for high footfall heavy duty areas:-


  • Made to Fit - Bespoke sizes manufactured to fit any shape of matwell, including revolving doors, half-moons, etc.
  • Durability - Ideal as a rugged performing product for long-term durability.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium, great for your sustainability goals.
  • Size Options - Available in 12mm, 18mm and 22mm versions to suit all matwell variations.
  • Adaptable - A variety of infills that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Roll up - Easy to roll up for cleaning out the matwell and simple to lay back down.
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Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module

Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module (MD3000)

Eight important benefits that make Diamond entrance door matting modules a great choice for multi-directional high to medium traffic areas:-

  • Safe - User-friendly rubber base that lies perfectly flat to ensure a safe & slip-free entrance area. Its studded surface is a blessing for the visually impaired.
  • Quiet - Absorbs sound, so you don’t have to put up with irritating echoes.
  • Tough - This commercial door matting is tough on dirt and features a 100% scrape/wipe surface, making contact across the whole mat no matter the direction of approach.
  • Easily Interchangeable - With its simple installation, each module is completely interchangeable without needing adhesives, special tools, equipment or skills.
  • Hard-Wearing - Smooth carpet and rubber surface perfect for trolleys and wheeled vehicles without damaging its effectiveness.
  • Ready To Lay - Ready to go and can be trimmed on-site to your needs. This includes curved and angular and doesn't affect its strength and durability.
  • Easy To Maintain - Only requires standard vacuuming daily and a deep shampoo periodically.
  • Hygienic - It's designed to capture and conceal dirt and moisture. This means it can be cleaned regularly without lifting the mat.
  • Meets Regulations - The matting modules are a triumph in computer generated, state of the art design and flexibility. Manufactured to ISO9002 and conforming to current BS8300 DDA regulations.
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Learn More About Surewalk Entrance Matting Systems From The Mat Man

“Why Do We Use Entrance Matting Systems?”

  • To Provide A Safe Surface To Prevent Slips & Falls.
  • To Help Reduce Dirt & Moisture Entering The Building.
  • To Protect Existing Floors From Premature Wear.

Whether you are looking for Aluminum, PVC or Rubber entrance mats. Catering for front to back footfall or multidirectional traffic.

See an example of our Entrance matting systems and how they work in the video:


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure a rectangular entrance matwell?

Start at the door end of the matwell and measure from left to right then move to around the centre of the matwell and do the same measure then move to the top of the matwell and take the third measure. These are the left to right measurements so do not get them confused.

Next start at the door end again and measure from front to back then move to around  the centre of the matwell and do the same measure then move to the opposite side of the matwell and take your third measure. These are the front to back measurements so do not get them confused.

How to measure the depth of an entrance matwell?

You can either measure the thickness of the existing matting if it fits level with the existing floor level which is always the simplist way or you may be able to use a depth gauge or a steel rule if you have one make sure to let the gauge or rule reach the solid base of the matwell and not just accumulated debris as this can give you a false reading.

How do I make sure I get the rib orientation of the matwell matting correct?

If you have taken the measurements of the of the required matting in accordance with the FAQ "How do I measure a matwell" you will have left to right and front to back dimensions so the traffic will flow front to back and therfore the ribs will run left to right so use this information when ordering from your supplier to guarantee success.

When ordering a metal panel entrance mat will it come in one piece?

No unless it is a very small matwell our Surewalk Stratos product is made up of simple interlocking sections that work like a click wooden flooring product which makes the matting look completely seamless and appear to be in one piece.

How long does a matwell entrance matting system last?

 A number of factors will determine the answer to this question.

These would include Infil type, base carrier (Metal, Rubber, Plasic) traffic quantity, debris type, cleaning regime operated, etc. However most matwell entrance matting systems are designed to remain effective for around 5-7 years.

How long does it take to fit an entrance matting system? In a hurry?

This depends on the system being installed.

This could involve the following:- templates being required, the shape, the size, the condition of the base of the matwell (which could include repair work if not level or flat), removal of existing matting etc, However we also have systems on the shelf ready to be shipped that can be fitted on site requiring no templates, special tools, or engineering craftsmen just a craft knife and a straight edge even to the most complex shapes of matwells including revolving doors along with theft tagging entrances and when fitted correctly in a matter of hours depending on size, that will remain flat to the base of the matwell without creating any future trip hazards during it's lifetime.

Can I have a site visit?

With our expertise in recessed matwells we only need the measurements and a couple of photos of the current installation to be able to quote effectively even with a revolving door install so really no need! Small product samples can also be sent when requested to ensure requirement compatability.

Another cost saving advantage of using MatsDirect UK.

Do all matting systems work the same way?

No, there are many factors to take into account so we will ask the questions required and once we have the answers we will recommend a suitable system.

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Accredited

MatsDirect UK Ltd is fully ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) accredited, which means we have demonstrated our ability to consistently provide products to the industry’s highest quality and standards.

Now, how’s that for peace of mind?

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