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Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module (MD3000)

Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module

The Diamond Multi-directional Entrance Matting Module

is a high absorbency smooth transition entrance matting system - a new approach to multi-directional entranceway protection. SATRA tested to TM144 for slip resistance, this matting achieved a HIGH resistance to slip in both wet & dry conditions.

This commercial door matting has been designed for non-conforming door entrances where traffic does not always flow in a straight line. Due to this unique design, whichever way the traffic flows through the doorway entrance, they will always achieve 100% contact with the carpet fibres. This makes Diamond floor matting the only true multi-directional mat system. Interchangeable modules maximize its wear and are easily replaceable at minimal cost, extending the life cycle of the door mat.

Because there are no ribs in the design, wheels simply glide over the mat in any direction eliminating the judder of traditional ribbed mats. This is particularly important when transporting anything delicate over the entrance area.

The unique characteristic of the Diamond Entrance Matting System is in the deployment of a matrix of diamond studs, carpet pads and round rubber studs. This is as opposed to the alternating ribs found in most commercial door matting. It ensures the removal of moisture and grit through its unique interactive cleaning action utilising Active Pile Technology APT®.

The integration of our MD9600 Corpromat full colour printed logo floor mat system gives the option to place your logo anywhere within the matwell.

What is active pile technology and how does it work?

Active pile technology in entrance matting combines the design of Rubber profile studs and carpet fibres to restrict the compression of the fibres, thereby ensuring their maximum effectiveness.

As Thousands of feet and traffic pass over an entrance mat, the pile of the material within the mat compresses, over a relatively short period this compression effect significantly reduces the ability of the fibre to operate effectively.  By keeping the traffic from compressing the fibres fully using the Rubber profile studs, this allows the fibres to remain upright and open therefore maintaining there effectiveness for the full life span of the matting system.  Diamond entrance mat modules are designed to utilize this technology to maximize the life and effectiveness of the product.

Diamond primary entrance matting is a triumph in computer generated, state of the art design and manufacture. Appreciated by purchasers, designers, specifiers and installers of entrance door matting systems for its simplicity, effectiveness and yet offering value for money the Diamond entrance mat system is a real winner all round.  The unique characteristic of diamond entrance matting system is in the deployment of a matrix of diamond Rubber studs, carpet pads and round Rubber studs as opposed to alternating ribs commonly found in most commercial entrance matting systems.

This grid form has several distinct advantages over rib systems as it creates a truly multidirectional travel pattern incorporating Active Pile Technology - APT  The protective scraper carpet pads and studs guard against pile flattening ensuring that contact is made directly with the Nylon fibre tips of the mat for maximum performance and exceptional durability. APT guarantees 100% surface contact for total interaction with footwear and wheeled trolley traffic giving up to 60% more drying action than typical strip mat designs featuring ribs and voids.

The modular formation promotes even distribution of captured moisture and soil age allowing it to dissipate across the base of the pile.  Over 256 protective Rubber diamonds in the carpet pads and 3500 round Rubber studs in every square metre of diamond entrance matting combine with the Zonal barrier carpet to considerably elevate moisture and dirt from the pile base and thereby reducing the possibility of re-soiling caused when wet feet collect and carry previously captured soil on into the building.

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Product downloads:

  • Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module Specification (MD3000) Download PDF
  • Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module Fitting Instructions (MD3000) Download PDF
  • Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module NBS Clause Details (MD3000) Download PDF
  • Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module SATRA Report (MD3000) Download PDF

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