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PVC Interlocking Tiles & Floor Matting

Sometimes you need a versatile flooring solution and MatsDirect pride themselves on leading the way with a curated collection that can be tailored to diverse needs. One of our most versatile flooring solutions are the PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles that will give you a durable, innovative and aesthetic appeal.

With the strength of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) you will find that these tiles and floor mats will easily withstand the test of time and they are also designed to fit any space.

Whether you are looking to serve a commercial, exhibition or retail space or even an industrial environment with harsh chemicals and grease types this solution is fashioned to rise above the challenges you face.

Read on for more information on our PVC tiles, mats and flooring and find out why many businesses trust us with their unique flooring needs.

Why Use Suremats?

Our clients trust us to come up with creative solutions for their particular challenge, and our high quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) matting rolls and individual interlocking floor tiles are a great option for many; offering unique designs, colours and thicknesses.

Over the years, we've worked with commercial, industrial and retail clients who need a well-made, innovative mat solution that can cope with the demands of their particular environment.

PVC brings lots of benefits and is an ideal product to solve many flooring dilemmas where alternative rubber matting products just aren’t viable. PVC mats are easy to maintain and are extremely hard wearing and durable with many colours and patterns to choose from including anti slip finishes it is easy to see why they are so popular.

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PVC tiles interlock, which means they can be connected together to fit even the most challenging spaces. This makes them perfect either as a temporary or a permanent flooring replacement for your business. PVC interlocking floor tiles are the ideal choice if you are looking for a tough, durable and versatile solution.

Suremat PVC matting & interlocking tiles – Truly versatile options

We provide our PVC matting rolls and individual PVC interlocking floor tiles in differing shapes sizes thicknesses and optional colours, so we can always discuss the best option for your space. Whether you need a temporary floor area for a pop-up store, an event or an exhibition, you can create a great looking PVC floor mat area using these products.

Providing floor tiles to a whole host of businesses and offer a range of colours. Our creative team will always work with you to make sure your product fits with your branding or décor.

PVC interlocking floor tiles are simple to install too – just place them on the floor, cut to shape and size or simply click together the interlocking PVC tiles. Then when you’re finished, just roll them back up or disconnect them, take them away and re-use.

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Suremat Wave Pattern PVC Matting

Suremat Wave Pattern PVC Matting (MD533)

Suremat Wave pattern PVC matting is a dual wave-patterned soft PVC matting. It is a 9.5mm thick highly flexible interlocking floor tile with alternate 90-degree angle strips to achieve a hard wearing, anti-slip soft feel and aesthetically pleasing look mat - and is available in a variety of colours.

This decorative flooring product is suitable for all wet or hygienic areas, as it will not harbour bacteria or mould growth. This Suremat is a soft barefoot comfortable matting for inside or outside use. It is ideal around swimming pools, school facilities, play areas, kitchens, garages and workshop floors - in fact anywhere where water can gather.

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Suremat Flex PVC Strip Matting

Suremat Flex PVC Strip Matting (MD532)

Suremat Flex PVC strip matting is a dual strip patterned open grid floor matting for areas subject to liquids. It is a 12mm thick flexible floor mat with 90-degree angle strips to achieve a hard wearing, anti-slip, aesthetically pleasing look - and is great as a walkway mat.

This decorative flooring product is suitable for all wet or hygienic areas, as it will not harbour bacterial growth. Suremat can be loose laid onto a suitable floor or bench surface.

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Suremat Grip Pattern PVC Matting

Suremat Grip Pattern PVC Matting (MD667)

Grip pattern PVC matting is a dual pattern twin PVC flexible floor mat fluted on one side and diamond pattern on the reverse. It is hard wearing, anti-slip tile that is ideal in both wet and hygienic areas as it does not harbour bacterial growth.

It can be loose laid on floors or benchtops and is a good all-round choice for light to medium applications.

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Suremat Star PVC Chequer Plate Matting

Suremat Star PVC Chequer Plate Matting (MD544)

Star PVC chequer plate matting is a high quality PVC matting. These anti-slip tiles have a checker plate star pattern design surface that offers slip resistance characteristics from any direction of approach. It has excellent oil, grease and chemical resistance.

Checker plate PVC matting can be stuck directly over existing hard flooring in most cases and also ideally suited for loose lay applications. It is ideal for walkways, tread mats, runners and general-purpose industrial and commercial areas.

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Suremat Deck PVC Connectible Tiles

Suremat Deck PVC Connectible Tiles (MD535)

Suremat Deck PVC connectible tiles are high-quality flexible tiles incorporating a unique multi-directional pattern. The anti-slip tiles multi-directional pattern allows for exceptional drainage. They are a cost-effective solution in kitchens where flowing water or liquids makes for unsafe passage - and they are resistant to kitchen oils and grease.

Suredeck is available in 30cm x 30cm x 14mm thick and in various colours.

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Suremat Circle Stud PVC Interlocking Tiles

Suremat Circle Stud PVC Interlocking Tiles (MD530)

Suremat Circle stud PVC interlocking tiles are hard wearing round coin pattern coloured interlocking floor tiles with a popular circle stud pattern. These anti-slip tiles are ideal for traffic from any direction and is manufactured from a high-quality soft feel PVC.

The tight-fitting 'T' bar edge pattern limits any movement when connected so eliminating the need for adhesion. They have a very good cold to floor insulation and are hard wearing and durable with an easy cleaning and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The tiles are excellent for covering a worn floor area or painted garage floor area and are quick and easy to fit requiring no special skills, tools or adhesives.

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Suremat Bark Pattern PVC Interlocking Tiles

Suremat Bark Pattern PVC Interlocking Tiles (MD534)

Suremat Bark pattern PVC interlocking tiles are anti-slip solid PVC interlocking floor tiles manufactured from high-quality soft feel PVC. The popular bark pattern of the anti-slip interlocking floor tile is ideal for multi-directional traffic - and they are high impact resistance and hard wearing.

They have a strong 'T' bar connection making the tiles easy to fit and stay connected without the use of adhesive. They are available in 50cm x 50cm at 7mm thick and in numerous colourways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do PVC interlocking tiles offer over other types of flooring?

PVC interlocking tiles offer unparalleled durability, ease of installation, and flexibility. They can fit any space, are extremely hard-wearing, and come in a variety of colours and patterns, including anti-slip finishes. Their interlocking nature also makes them perfect for both temporary and permanent setups.

How easy is it to install and maintain these tiles?

PVC interlocking tiles are remarkably simple to install – just place on the floor starting at the centre of the area  cut to shape if required, and click together. Maintenance is straightforward as they are easily cleanable with machine mops and neutral detergents and temporarily disconnected for storage or reuse if not a permanent floor finish.

Can the roll matting handle environments where there are risks of slips or exposure to chemicals?

Absolutely! Our PVC mats and mattings come with anti-slip properties and various finishes to handle slip or liquid issues. They are also resistant to chemicals, oils, and grease, making them ideal for safety-critical areas like kitchens, pool areas, and production safety zones.

Do you offer customization options to match our branding or decor requirements?

Yes, we do. We provide PVC interlocking floor tiles in different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and colours along with some print options if required. Our creative team collaborates with businesses to ensure the product aligns with branding or décor preferences.

What about longevity and environmental impact of PVC tiles and matting?

PVC tiles and mats are designed for extended use due to their robust and durable nature. Additionally, they can be reused for different purposes, reducing waste. As always, we recommend proper disposal and recycling where possible to minimise environmental impact.

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