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Surestat Anti-static ESD mats

Static electricity is a concern in the landscape of workplace safety. This invisible culprit can endanger both workers and equipment which compose not just a threat of injury but also a threat to your operational efficiency.

MatsDirect UK takes pride in supplying a top-of-the-line Surestat range of anti-static mats. These mats will not just protect against electrical shocks, but they will also contribute to a comprehensive health and safety approach in your industry.

Have a look on this page and find the right antistatic mats for your business which will play a pivotal role in enhancing your workplace safety and ensuring the well-being of your employees.

We take the risk of any kind of electrical shock in the workplace very seriously. It's why we supply so many of our industrial clients with our specialised insulating electrical rubber mat solutions along with ESD mats.

In addition, we also have extensive experience using rubber mats to help to protect against shocks caused by static build up. If your employees work with electronic components or materials that create static, then you should be aware of the potential risks and consider using anti static matting.

Static build up poses a threat to your employees' health and safety, and can even cause sparks that could ultimately cause more serious fires. Anti-static mats are the perfect solution.

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Protecting employees against static build up

We help our clients with everything from anti-static matting to electrostatic discharge mat products and even anti-static workbench mat solutions. What is an anti-static mat .

How do anti-static mats work:-

Our Surestat anti-static safety matting for tables is grounded using cables attached to the rubber mat by a stud, and then connected to an electrical outlet. Known as static dissipative matting, it has a coloured top surface (grey, blue or green) and a black base. We offer a free stud connection if you need it so that you can just plug in your cable and use the rubber matting right away.

Our Surestat floor mats meanwhile are used for people to stand on while they’re working with static-creating materials, protecting them from the shocks that happen when static finds a way back to earth. These rubber safety floor mats are either permanently anti-static or can be connected again to an electrical outlet with a suitable studded earthing cable connection.

Some of our anti-static mats also have anti-fatigue properties. Anti-fatigue mats help reduce tiredness in team members who spend a long time on their feet, as well as protecting them against static shocks.

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Surestat Benchtop Anti-Static Matting

Surestat Benchtop Anti-Static Matting (MD211)

Surestat bench top anti-static mats are double/triple layer static ESD rubber rolls & custom cut mats with FREE studs. ESD Mats like this one prevent minor shocks whilst working with electronic components and materials that create static build-up, and supplied with or without FREE studs.

The 2mm thick static dissipative matting has high aesthetic qualities combined with excellent heat/chemical resistance. The characteristics include - dissipative surface resistivity, static decay rate complying with accepted standards, durable and flexible with excellent lay-flat properties.

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Surestat Cushion Anti-Static Matting

Surestat Cushion Anti-Static Matting (MD825)

Surestat Cushion anti-static matting is ESD static-safe floor grounding PVC foam matting available in rolls & mats. It is tested to comply with EOS/ESD-EOS/OSD-S4 regulations to protect workers and components from static electrical transfer shock - with excellent anti-fatigue properties and bevel edges to 2 sides to reduce trips.

This is an ideal anti-static mat product for use in dry production areas where a static electrical transfer could be an issue.

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Surestat Protek Anti-Static Mats

Surestat Protek Anti-Static Mats (MD513)

Surestat Protek anti-static Rubber floor mats are ergonomic all rubber mats which have the anti-static property but are also exemplary anti-fatigue mats, so are the perfect solution when working with electronic equipment at benches or workstations.

Available in single mats 135cm x 100cm x 16mm but also can be supplied in puzzle cut format to cover larger areas.

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Surestat Anti-Static Interlocking PVC Tiles

Surestat Anti-Static Interlocking PVC Tiles (MD215)

Surestat Anti-static interlocking PVC tiles are ESD tested floor tiles with a high-quality PVC soft feel. The compounds used in these ESD mats comply with IEC 61340-5-1 for the life of the product.

These ESD tiles are made to be used in areas where electronic components are being made or assembled, or sensitive areas where static would be a hazard to safe working practices. A full range of tapes and earthing kits are also available.

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Anti-Static Mats

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your Anti-Static mats comply with industry-specific safety regulations such as EOS/ESD-S4 and IEC 61349-5-1?

The anti-static mats and rubber flooring in our Surestat range all comply with EOS/ESD-S4 regulations and our Surestat static discharge mats for benches comply with IEC 61349-5-1. Tp.

How do these mats work?

By sending created harmful static to earth via a cable. (see diagram above for more detail)

Are they made using the highest quality compounds and manufacturing techniques as per ISO 9001 certification quality standards?

All of our Surestat mats are manufactured under ISO 9000 approved plants.

Is the installation process straightforward?

Most surestat products are supplied in rolls or singular mats which can just be placed either on the floor or bench in the required position and connected via cable to an appropriate socket.

Can the mats be customised based on our specific workplace dimensions and needs?

Surestat products can be customised to specific sizes within the parameters of the manufactured finished item.


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