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Sureprint Option Logo Floor Mats (MD9001)

Sureprint Option Logo Floor Mats

Sureprint Option corporate logo floor mats

or product promotion image logo doormats are the cost-conscious solutions where the requirement is for numerous mats. They logo floor mats that are manufactured from velour fabric carpet and have a vinyl backing, making them a great addition to any brand marketing product mix for any product image promotion.

They are the ultimate mat in advertising POP/POS custom made bespoke logo mat technology. Option logo mats offer a two-fold benefit, as a high definition high impact marketing image aid and as an effective barrier against the ingress of dirt, grit and moisture.

Available in a colour palette of 32 standard colours with the option of matching Pantone references. Standard sizes and custom bespoke made sizes are available.

To learn more about available sizes and colour options click on the download pdf button or use the contact form below.

Product downloads:

  • Sureprint Option Logo Floor Mats Specification (MD9001) Download PDF
  • Sureprint Option Logo Floor Mats Colours (MD9001) Download PDF
  • Sureprint Prime Logo Floor Mats Standard Colours (MD9001) Download PDF

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