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Overlooked Opportunities For Enhancing Your Brand

24th March 2020
Overlooked Opportunities For Enhancing Your Brand

A company's brand is everything. It is what we see and hear when we think of the company. Your visual branding is how people easily recognise you. The tone of voice is what makes a company resonate with customers. The words they use form the brand's message, dictating whether customers align with the company or not. Brand is everything.

Unfortunately for most businesses are overlooking opportunities to enhance their branding. They miss ways to share their branding and improving the branding itself can go ignored. Creating a better logo, rethinking brand voice and updating their tagline all fall to the wayside. From installing logo mats to a full rebrand, we have compiled a list of ways you can improve your branding and share it far and wide. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to making your logo synonymous with the amazing products and services you offer.


Before you go sharing your branding with the world in every way possible (including those listed below) you may want to consider a rebrand. If your branding isn't communicating the message you want it to then your branding may need an update. This could be as simple as revising your logo or as complex as developing a whole new brand including name, logo and tag line. Your rebranding efforts could fall on either end of this spectrum or land somewhere in between. It doesn't matter how much rebranding you need to do, if any, as long as by the end of it you have a logo you are proud to attach to your business. Also, look to develop a strong message supported by guidelines for your company's tone of voice. It is worth getting this right now so that when you do start sharing your brand with people it has the desired effect - creating a memorable and lasting impression.

Sharing Your Branding

You have incredible visual branding. Your logo is fantastic. You have a fun, memorable tag line and understand your brand voice. But how many people are seeing it? Where are you displaying all your fantastic branding work? There are countless ways to put your branding in front of people and we have put together a few great and unique ideas for sharing your brand which you may have overlooked.


When we think of some of the biggest brands in the world often the first thing that comes to mind is the image of their giant signs displaying their logo for all to see. Incredible and bold signage doesn't need to be limited to McDonald's golden arches, however. Updating your signs is a great way to better show off your company's branding. From the sign on the outside of your building to promotional banners and endcaps in stores, signs offer many opportunities to share your branding with customers.

Logo Matting

Logo mats are a fantastic way to share your branding. As they are able to be laid on top of existing flooring or inlaid in matwells, company logo matting is a versatile opportunity to enhance your branding efforts. From sharing your company logo through entrance matting to promoting new products with advertising matting - the possibilities are plentiful.

Email Footers

How many emails do you send a day? Probably a lot. Each one of them is an opportunity to drop a subtle reminder of who your company is and what you're about. By adding your logo into a well-designed email footer, you can slowly reinforce your branding among those you email regularly from suppliers to potential customers.

There are many ways to share your branding with the world. They all play their part in reinforcing your brand and its message so that you stay in the minds of your customers. By taking the time to develop robust branding that works and finding and utilising innovative ways to share it you can significantly enhance your company's branding efforts.



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