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Logo Entrance Floor Mats Elevating Your Brand And Keeping Your Premises Clean - A Useful Guide.

20th April 2024
Logo Entrance Floor Mats Elevating Your Brand And Keeping Your Premises Clean - A Useful Guide.

With an increasingly crowded marketplace branding has become more critical than ever in setting your business apart from the competition.

One powerful tool for brand promotion are logo entrance mats.

This is a subtle but highly effective way to making sure that your brand is remembered and stands out.
It allows you to have the first point of contact with your customers and build your brand at the same time.
In this blog, we will look at why these mats are essential for your business and how you can make the best choice for your logo entrance floor mat.

Why Logo Entrance Floor Mats Matter:

Ultimately, logo entrance floor mats serve a dual purpose - not only will they showcase your brand’s logo, but they also contribute to creating a safe and clean environment and entranceway for your business premises.

Here is why they are essential in 2024:

Brand Visibility and Recognition:

As the marketplace becomes more competitive, brand visibility is key to attracting and retaining customers.
Logo entrance floor mats allow you to take advantage of prime real estate to display your brand logo, this ensures that every person entering your business is greeted with your brand’s image as a first point of contact.

This constant exposure reinforces your brand and will create a lasting, professional impression.

Creating a Welcoming Environment:

A well-designed logo entrance floor mat will instantly communicate professionalism and attention to detail. This will make your visitors feel welcome and valued, you also signal to customers that they are entering a professional, reputable business.

Enhancing Safety and Cleanliness:

Beyond branding, a logo entrance floor mat will play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.

They will act as an effective barrier that helps to trap dirt, moisture and debris thereby reducing the risk of slips and falls. In high traffic areas, where cleanliness is important, they will also serve as a first line of defence against tracked in dirt keeping your premises clean and presentable.

Choosing the Right Logo Entrance Floor Mat:

When selecting logo entrance floor mats for your business, several factors come into play to ensure you make the best choice:

Material and Durability:

It is important to go for high-quality materials as this will directly impact the durability and longevity of your logo. Some of the most popular options are materials like nylon or polyester with a rubber backing.

This will allow vibrant clarity for your logo while also withstanding heavy foot traffic.   
You can also have the logo mat fit snugly inside your matwell.

We also provide the option of either a Rubber gripper backing to stop them moving on carpets, or a Rubber smooth backing to prevent them slipping on hard floors.

Compliance and Safety:

Ensuring that the logo entrance floor mats comply with relevant safety regulations, such as BS8300 DDA, to guarantee accessibility for all visitors, including those with mobility aids. Additionally, opt for mats with non-slip backing to prevent accidents on various floor surfaces.

This is important, cutting this corner can lead you to getting an underpar quality mat or worse case will put your customers at risk.


Over time, logo entrance floor mats have evolved from mere functional accessories to powerful brand assets.
By investing in high-quality mats that prominently feature your brand logo, you not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your entrance area but also reinforce your brand identity and commitment to customer safety and satisfaction.

Choosing the right logo entrance mat for your business can be a powerful brand asset. By making sure that you have a high quality mat and a reputable supplier such as Mats Direct UK with over twenty-five years in the trade, you can be sure that you will be building your brand and keeping your business clean.

For expert advice and solutions for your logo entrance floor mat needs, contact MatsDirect UK at +44 (0)161 797 6785 or email Let us help you transform your entrance area into a branded masterpiece that captivates and inspires.



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