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Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting (MD8000)

Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting

Surewalk Natural coir (coconut) fibre matting

is only supplied from us in the 17mm thickness for public entranceways. This is to conform to current BS8300 DDA regulations (with approval).

Our coir entrance door mats are a hard working 100% natural coir fibre with a PVC backing. Because of the PVC backing this matting is not classed as being enviromentaly friendly and Rubber is not strong enough to hold the fibres upright so cannot be used.

Coir matting is available in 8 various colours at the 17mm thickness. This type of matting is used in retail, industrial, commercial or public entrances in matwells. It is an excellent scraper mat due to the hard wearing coconut fibres. Easy to clean, by simply taking the mats outside and shaking vigorously to release the dirt.

Sometimes referred to as coconut matting, this product has been servicing doors and entrance ways for many years and is hard wearing. It offers an economical alternative to a full entrance matting system, as coir (coconut) mats are a cost effective alternative in low to medium traffic areas as a barrier against dirt.

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Product downloads:

  • Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting Specification (MD8000) Download PDF
  • Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting Colours (MD8000) Download PDF

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