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Understanding the Different Classes of Electrosafe Electrical Rubber Safety Matting

1st December 2023
Understanding the Different Classes of Electrosafe Electrical Rubber Safety Matting

Electrical rubber safety matting is a must have to help protect workers from electrical shocks. Getting rubber safety matting installed is a critical role in making sure that there are no nasty accidents.

However, you will also need to know a little bit about the type of mat that you need as each one has been tailored to specific voltage levels and environments.

In this post we will delve into the different classes of Electrosafe matting and give you an overview of their features and their applications.

You will then be able to easily go through to the mat of interest or contact us if you need help.

1. Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 0 - MD570
This is ideal for low voltage environments. Class 0 matting is an ideal choice. Tested to 7.5Kv with a 1Kv working voltage, it's a high-quality natural rubber mat suitable for replacing older BS921 specification products. It’s dielectric and surface proof tested to ensure maximum safety. Available in 10m rolls and 3mm thick, it can be custom cut to fit various settings.

2. Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 1 - MD571
Moving to higher voltage requirements, Class 1 matting is designed for more demanding environments. Tested to 15Kv and with a working voltage of 7.5Kv, it offers increased protection. This black matting can withstand significant electrical stresses, making it ideal for live switchboard operations. Available in 10m rolls at 4.5mm thickness, customization is available.

3. Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 2 - MD572
For even higher voltage settings, Class 2 matting is tested to 30Kv with a 17Kv working voltage. It’s suitable for live electrical panel maintenance, ensuring safety through robust dielectric and surface proof tests. Customizable in size, it's available in 10m rolls and 3mm thick.

4. Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 3 - MD573
Class 3 matting is designed for extreme voltage environments, tested to 40Kv and with a 26.5Kv working voltage. This grey, high-quality rubber carpet matting is essential in switchboard rooms, providing the highest level of safety. Available in 10m rolls at 3mm thickness, it's customizable to your needs.

5. Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 4 - MD574
Class 4 matting, tested to 50Kv with a 36Kv working voltage, is for the most demanding electrical environments. It’s ideal for live switchboard work, preventing electricity grounding and ensuring worker safety. Customizable in size, it's available in 10m rolls at 4.5mm thickness.

6. Electrosafe 450v 3 Phase - MD551
For general-purpose electrical safety, this matting is tested to 11Kv with a 450v working voltage. It's the most common choice for applications under 11Kv, like 3 phase 415 volt switchboard panels.

7. Electrosafe 650v BS921 - MD550
Adhering to the BS921/1976 British Standard, this 15kv tested, 650v working voltage matting is a robust choice for switch rooms, available in 10m rolls.

8. Electrosafe ASTM D178 Classes
Lastly, the ASTM D178 series offers mats in Class 1 to 5, each with varying degrees of voltage testing and working capacities, suitable for a range of high or low voltage electrical work. They come in different thicknesses and lengths, with all necessary test certificates for compliance.


Choosing the right class of Electrosafe electrical rubber safety matting is critical for ensuring the safety of those working around electrical hazards. Whether it’s for low voltage environments or high voltage switchboard operations, each class provides the necessary protection to meet specific requirements. Always ensure that you select the matting class that aligns with your operational needs.

We also appreciate that most businesses will need extra help with this, so feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

One thing is for sure, with a wide range of electrical safety matting you will be able to pick the right product for you to give you peace of mind and to keep your staff and customers safe.

You can contact us directly on this contact form or you can give us a call on +44 (0)161 797 6785 where we will be pleased to help and assist you with picking your electrical rubber safety matting solution.




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