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Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 3 Electrical Rubber Safety Matting (MD573)

Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 3 Electrical Rubber Safety Matting

Electrosafe electrical switchboard safety carpet

is tested and stamped all along one side of the matting which can be laid either way up with IEC 61111 Class 3 markings. It is 40Kv tested and has a 26.5Kv working voltage. It is an extremely ultra-high specification quality natural rubber compound safety matting product able to withstand the following: dielectric test 40,000v, surface proof test 30,000v, working voltage 26,500v.

The electrical safety matting is a high-quality rubber carpet matting for electrical switchboard rooms and is vital in maintaining safety during any operation being carried out on the switchboard equipment.

Available in 10m rolls 3mm thick grey colour can be custom cut to suit your requirements.

To learn more about available size options & technical product details click on the download pdf button or use the contact form below.

Product downloads:

  • Electrosafe IEC61111 Class 3 Electrical Earthing Safety Matting (MD573) Download PDF

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