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Entrance Mats vs. Barrier Mattings - Choosing the Right Solution for Your Business

24th January 2024
Entrance Mats vs. Barrier Mattings - Choosing the Right Solution for Your Business

To maintain a clean and safe environment for your business the choice of mats that you use for your entrance can play a crucial role. The two main choices are entrance mats and barrier mattings these both have a similar purpose but differ slightly in what they are used for.

In this blog post we will give you an overview of entrance mats vs barrier mattings so you can see which one will work the best for your business.

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What is the difference?

Entrance Mats:

Purpose: Entrance mats primarily focus on trapping dirt, moisture, and debris from shoes as people enter a building and are generally sat on top of an existing floor area,  commonly referred to as loose laid floor mats.

Design: These mats are designed with absorbent materials like nylon, polypropylene, or rubber to effectively capture dirt and moisture.

Location: Ideal for indoor use at the main entrance to prevent pollutants from spreading throughout the facility.

Benefits: Helps in maintaining cleanliness, reduces slip hazards, and protects indoor flooring.

Entrance mats will be effective for any business, and you also have a lot of variety on the way you can use entrance mats. Whether you’re going for logo mats or different materials.

Barrier Mattings:

Purpose: Barrier mats are designed to be more robust, acting as the first line of defensedefence against heavy dirt and moisture. Covering larger areas than entrance mats they can be bonded down or have ramped edges attached to prevent trip hazards due to the extra thickness of the matting.

Design: Constructed with durable materials such as rubber or vinyl, barrier mats have a scraper surface to remove tough dirt from shoes.

Location: Positioned outside the entrance, these mats are perfect for high-traffic areas and harsh weather conditions.

Benefits: Offers superior protection against larger debris and excessive moisture, prolonging the life of interior flooring.

As you can see above, the main difference with barrier mats is they are designed to be more robust and act as a defence against heavy dirt and moisture. You will find that these are commonly used in high footfall areas and sometimes placed in matwells as a less expensive alternative to a full blown entrance matting system where there needs to be more protection from the elements.

Choosing Based on Your Business Needs:

Below you will find some advice that will help you decide whether you need an entrance mat or a barrier mat.
Again, if you need help any point you can give us a call and we will be happy to assist,

Foot Traffic:
Low to Moderate Traffic: If your business experiences relatively low foot traffic and the main concern is preventing dust and moisture, an entrance mat may suffice.

High Traffic: For businesses with heavy foot traffic, especially in areas prone to harsh weather conditions, investing in a durable barrier mat is recommended.

Weather Conditions:

Indoor Spaces: Entrance mats are suitable for protecting indoor spaces from everyday dirt and moisture.
Outdoor Spaces: If your business is exposed to rain, snow, or mud, a barrier mat at the entrance provides the necessary defence against extreme weather elements.

Maintenance Requirements:
Ease of Cleaning: Entrance mats are typically easier to clean and maintain, making them suitable for businesses with lower maintenance capacities.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning: Barrier matting will may require more intensive cleaning due to their role in capturing larger debris, making them suitable for businesses with robust cleaning protocols.


In conclusion, the choice between entrance mats and barrier mattings depends on the unique needs of your business. Consider factors such as foot traffic, weather conditions, and maintenance requirements to make an informed decision.

Whether you opt for an entrance mat, a barrier mat, or a combination of both, prioritising the cleanliness and safety of your business space is essential for creating a positive and inviting atmosphere for both employees and customers.

For more help with entrance matting systems or barrier mats give us a call on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or contact us on this page for assistance.



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