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Different Types Of Barrier Mats And The Benefits For Your Business

15th December 2023
Different Types Of Barrier Mats And The Benefits For Your Business

Barrier mats play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and safety in various settings. These mats are designed to trap dirt, moisture, and other particles at entry points, effectively reducing the spread of contaminants into interior spaces. There are several types of barrier mats, each suited to different environments and needs.

We are going to run through some of the most common that you will find here on Mats Direct LTD. The main benefit of these mats is that it will provide a barrier between the outside world and adverse weather conditions.

Here are some of the most common options when you are looking at barrier mats and how they work.

Coir Mats: Made from coconut husks, coir mats are excellent for dry, indoor areas. Their rugged fibres efficiently scrape off dirt from shoes.

These are especially good for dry mud as they will help to make sure that you working premises remain clean.

Rubber Mats: Ideal for wet, outdoor conditions or high-traffic areas, rubber mats are robust and water-resistant, preventing slip accidents caused by wet floors.

These are the most common options for a barrier entrance mat and the benefit of these type of mats is that you can fully customise with logos and have plenty of different options.

This type of barrier mats and material will work out to be a fantastic all-rounder to make sure that any high traffic area is protected.

The secondary benefit of rubber mats is that it will prevent any slipping and will help if you find that you always get a lot of wet floors in adverse weather conditions.

Customizable Options: Many barrier mats can be customized in size, colour, and design to fit specific spaces and aesthetic preferences.

This means that despite being a fantastic tool to protect against the elements also give you a way that you can customise to meet your business and branding.

These mats are not only functional in keeping spaces clean and safe but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of entryways. They are easy to install and maintain, making them a practical addition to homes, commercial buildings, and industrial sites.

Why Go For The Suremats Range:

The main thing to remember when you are going for a barrier mat is to make sure that you order from a reputable company. We have the Suremats brand that means when you use these in an entrance area you can be guaranteed to have an effective barrier to any debris, dirt or moisture that may be dragged in from outside.

You will also have the benefit of an anti-slip mat an anti-trip quality to make sure that you have a safe option that will give you exactly what you need.

In fact, our most effective floor mats can remove up to 6.5kg per M2 of dirt and contaminants. We also provide heavy duty format options made from moisture absorbing materials that can hold up to 3 L of water per square metre.

We highly recommend that if you are a commercial building and you are looking for a way to prevent the dirt and debris from outside getting into the building, a barrier mat is a fantastic way of doing this.

We have many options available such as the:

Surelay Iron Duo Floor Mats:

These are heavy duty commercial office floor mats and are commonly used as reception mats for every kind of entrance.
They are hard wearing giving you nylon and nitrile rubber backed mats that are loose lay, this means that they can be moved wherever you need them.

Surewalk Pastaloop Coil Matting:

This is a great choice for an indoor or an outdoor entrance matting system. This is commonly used as a scraper entrance floor mat and will give a fall-through affect for matwell applications or backed loose laid applications.

Surelay Mono Floor Mat:

The mono mats are fantastic for a luxury solution that has single colour nylon and nitrile rubber backing. These are hard wearing mats that are ideal as a permanent or temporary solution.

Suremat Runner Mats:

These are commonly used on a hard floor surface, and you will find that these are great for corridors or walkways and are available up to 6.5Mtrs long in one continual mat.

Whatever your needs for a barrier mat we are confident that we can help you.
Give us a call on +44 (0)161 797 6785  or contact us through this page.

If you want more information about the different types of barrier entrance matting that we have you can click here and read about it on this page.

Thanks for reading and if you have a high traffic commercial building, get in contact for the best choice for barrier matting today.




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