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Coir Matting vs. Coil Matting - Choosing the Ultimate Barrier Mat for Your Business Entrance

15th January 2024
Coir Matting vs. Coil Matting - Choosing the Ultimate Barrier Mat for Your Business Entrance

When it comes to creating a welcoming and clean entrance for your commercial space, selecting the right entrance mat is an important decision.

There are many different options that you can choose for an entrance mat. In this blog post we wanted to focus on two different types of barrier mat and explain the difference between Coir matting and Coil matting.

Each of these mats offer unique characteristics and it is important to know which one to go for, so you have an effective barrier against the elements at your business entrance.

In this blog post, we'll explore the features of both to help you make an informed decision on which makes the best barrier mat for your business.

The Pros Of Coir Matting:

The first type of barrier mat that we will have a look at is Coir matting.

This is popular as a barrier mat and it will help to guard against dirt and moisture.

This matting type is renowned for its hard wearing characteristics it also makes an exceptional scraper mat. The big reason to go for Coir is that it will give you a natural appearance and it can also work seamlessly with your business décor. This makes a very attractive option for businesses looking to maintain aesthetic appeal while also having a very effective barrier mat.

The Pros Of Coil Matting

This type of mat is very popular for high traffic areas and as mentioned above the versatility means that this can be used in public entrances, changing rooms and wet areas. The unbacked version is also fantastic for matwells.

This type of mat is also weatherproof and rot proof so provides a very solid barrier against the elements for your business entrance.

Comparing Coir Matting and Coil Matting

Let's compare the two contenders’ side by side. Coir Matting boasts natural aesthetics and hardwearing qualities, ideal for businesses with a focus on a classic and organic look. Coil Matting, with its versatility, drainage options, and weather-resistant features, proves to be a strong contender for areas with heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements. Businesses must weigh factors such as durability, cleaning requirements, and aesthetic preferences when making their decision.

Selecting the Ultimate Barrier Mat

Choosing the ultimate barrier mat for your business entrance involves considering your specific needs. If you prioritize natural aesthetics and a classic look, Coir Matting might be the ideal choice. For businesses dealing with heavy foot traffic and challenging weather conditions, the versatility and resilience of Coil Matting could make it the superior option. Remember to factor in accessibility standards, ensuring your choice aligns with regulations like the BS8300:2009 part 2 Disability Design Act.
If in doubt we would say to go for the Coil matting, this is far more versatile and hard wearing. If you are a business with far less entranceway traffic and you are going for branding and something unique then you should be fine with the Coir matting.


In conclusion, whether you opt for the classic appeal of Coir Matting or the versatile resilience of Coil Matting, the key is to choose a high-quality entrance mat that meets your business's unique requirements. A well-selected barrier mat not only welcomes customers but also ensures a clean and safe environment, reflecting positively on your business. Invest wisely for an entrance that leaves a lasting impression.

Bear in mind the best way to get feedback on what will work for you as a barrier mat for your business is to give us a call on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or contact us here. We will be able to answer your specific questions and make sure that you get the right choice.
One thing is for sure, if you are a business with an entranceway that has heavy footfall you need to make sure that you have a quality barrier mat to protect your business environment as well as your staff and customers.



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