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Beyond the Entrance - Unexpected Places to Use Logo Mats in Your Business Space

18th February 2024
Beyond the Entrance - Unexpected Places to Use Logo Mats in Your Business Space

If you have a business with a corporate premises you will already know the importance of logo mats for your customers.

They act as a tool to trap dirt and debris while also being the first thing that your customers see when they enter your business premises.

However, the brand building benefits do not stop at the entrance.

In this blog post we want to introduce you to some of the areas that you can strategically place your logo mats to help with building your brand and your community in the workplace.

How Do You Choose Where To Place Logo Mats In Your Business?

The easiest way to define where you need logo mats is to look at the direct foot traffic that you receive and where people are walking. This is very simple when you are looking at a single entrance, however you will also want to look at how you can use logo mats to be able to guide people to specific areas.

For instance, well placed logo mats can help to subtly guide people towards a reception, a sales display or a certain range of products.

While this is happening, it is also helping to build your brand and professionalism as you are maintaining a constant brand throughout the customer journey.

The other benefit of this is that you will be able to keep the dirt and debris out of your commercial building and it will also help to prevent spill zones and prevent accidents. An example of this would be in a cinema where people are walking around with drinks and food, the more mats you have down the less likely you are to have accidents and accidental spills.

The other thing that people commonly mess with logo mats is that you are able to add personality and style. You can keep your main brand, but you can also add in seasonal branding or special offers to reflect your brand personality and add visual interest to any space in the building.

Here are some examples of where you can use logo mats aside from the main entrance:

1. Break Rooms and Kitchens: Keep spills and drips in check while promoting brand awareness in employee common areas.
2. Restrooms: Add a touch of professionalism and prevent moisture build-up in high-traffic areas.
3. Production and Warehouse Floors: Enhance safety and absorb spills in industrial environments.
4. Trade Show Booths: Make a lasting impression and attract attendees with a branded floor covering.
5. Outdoor Patios and Entrances: Welcome guests with a stylish and weather-resistant logo mat, even in outdoor spaces.

Pro tip: Choose the right mat material for each location! Consider factors like foot traffic, potential spills, and cleaning requirements.

You can see the logo mats can be used more than just at the point of entry to your business. You can even use them to build community amongst your staff and enhance the brand of any business.

I hope this blog post helps you explore the unexpected possibilities of logo mats in your business space!

To make sure that you get quality logo mats and to enhance your brand you need quality. Here at Mats Direct we have over 25 years’ experience and can help you make sure that you set the right impression first time. You can view our range of logo mats here, give us a call on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or contact us to make sure that you get the right logo mats for your business.



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