Why Anti-Slip Flooring Is Important In the Workplace

When it comes to taking care of your employees, you must consider all potential risks in the workplace that may cause an accident. Within these accidents are the simple things like slips, trips and falls that can happen often when not taking the right precautions. If the environment in which you work is particularly prone to these, you may want to look at safety matting like anti-slip flooring options.

Anti-slip flooring options come in the form of anti-slip tiles which can be water, chemical, oil and grease resistant. These properties make them suitable for workplaces that work with these particular kinds of liquids, production safety areas and even kitchen floors. However, they are flexible enough to work in other situations too. Whether it’s a shower room, loading area, reception areas or even a marquee floor, they are designed to create a sturdy, safe flooring solution.

So why should you consider installing these? The benefits may seem obvious, but there are hidden advantages also.

Safety First

The most obvious benefit of installing anti-slip tiles are the safety benefits that they bring. Their prime function is to ensure that they create a safe environment, whatever that may be. They do this through their intelligent drainage systems that allow the aforementioned materials to drain safely without the tile or mat becoming slippy and coming loose from the floor. Ignoring the possible risks that a slippery floor has may mean that many accidents could be likely to occur, posing a great risk to yourself, your employees and possibly your customers. Accidents like these could leave you with staff on long-term sick and even compensation claims so installing anti-slip tiles can be a great addition when concerning the wellbeing of your staff members.

Floor Protection

As well as your employees and customers, you’d also be protecting your floor when installing an anti-slip tiling system. As particular types of these mats are installed in areas where you may receive a lot of traffic, they help protect the floor from not only general wear and tear, but dirt also. Consider this scenario, you have a busy building that receives lots of traffic daily and it’s a cold, wet day where people just want to be inside. Your matting solution could be the difference to whether your flooring is quickly turned damp and dirty or whether it remains clean for longer regardless of all of the wet feet trudging through!

Cost Effective for Your Business

Installing anti-slip flooring in your company can be a real cost-effective flooring option for your company and can help you save money in the long run. But how? As we discussed previously, this type of flooring helps to protect the actual flooring underneath which means a reduced cost of maintenance for when it comes to repairs and/or replacements. This type of matting only requires a small amount of upkeep depending on the style that you choose, often they require occasional vacuuming and deep cleans periodically throughout the year.

Prolonged Results

The beauty of anti-slip tiles is that they are tough, durable and reliable meaning that they will be of great benefit to your business for years to come. They’ll provide you with high anti-slip properties long term with minimum hassle and are a fantastic asset for your company.

Interested in what type of anti-slip flooring may be a good solution for yourself but not quite sure where to start? We have a team of specialist advisors who can assist you on your way, simply give us a call on 0161 797 6785 or email us at sales@matsdirect.co.uk to see what is right for you.