What are Coir Mats and Should You Consider Them for Offices?

What is Coir?

Coir is a solid hard fibre that works as an excellent scraper for shoes and has a light golden brown shade that fits all traditional or contemporary decorations and aesthetics. Coir is a by-product of coconut shells and is used to make mats and products with environmental properties. Coir mats made from coconut husk are suitable for use as outdoor welcoming mats, for example, at office entrances. Coir mats not only provides you essential prevention against dirt and dust that attach themselves to shoes, but it also looks professional and elegant on your office premises.

Why Should Businesses Consider Coir Mats?

When it comes to business or brand image, impression is everything. You'll have constant meetings with clients and visitors, and for that, you need to present a professional image to your customers. Keeping your office surroundings clean and tidy is a way to project that as a first impression to visitors. Coir matting acts as a first step in this process, since placing a mat will prompt whoever enters to wipe their shoes first. This will prevent any muddy shoe prints inside your office and make it easy for the janitorial staff to clean the floor.

Reasons to Consider Coir Matting

  • Coir matting provides a warm welcome to your visitors as welcome mats (these help bring in more people). They deliver a friendly vibe and that can make all the difference to a visitor, potential business partner, etc.
  • Welcome mats are available in 17 mm size for public area with nine preset colours; however this material is difficult to work with if you want custom logos. Select colours that reflect your company's brand colours or visuals combined with coloured coir matting to make a lasting impression on others.
  • Entrance coir mats are an easy way of preventing scuffing or dirty shoe marks that anyone walking in from the outside brings with them. It also gives off a good vibe that you care for the cleanliness of your business and keep it dirt-free at all times.
  • Coir matting is made from the by-product of coconut and husk making them suitable to use and discard.
  • All our mats conform to BS8300 DDA regulations, so they are safe for all to use.
  • Coir mats last longer, reducing the need for too many replacements compared to synthetic doormats; they also lend a natural look to your office d├ęcor.

Final Word

Choosing the right coir mats can change the overall look of your office and do much more for your business then you can imagine. Welcome clients and customers by keeping your office space clean, gently requesting them to wipe their shoes on the mat(s). In this way, your clients will know they are working with someone who cares about their office environment and keeps to certain standards.