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Preventing Building Trip Hazards With Cable Floor Safety Mats

4th July 2023
Preventing Building Trip Hazards With Cable Floor Safety Mats

Ensuring the safety of every individual in a commercial or industrial building is paramount. And one of the most significant aspects is preventing tripping hazards which pose a risk to the personal safety of all employees, customers, and visitors.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of how to prevent tripping hazards while presenting an effective way to prevent slips, trips, and falls in cable floor safety mats. These mats offer a practical and reliable method to eliminate trip hazards caused by trailing cables and wires, promoting a safe and secure environment.

We'll look into the purpose and structure of these mats, providing information on choosing the right type, their installation, benefits, and maintenance.

Understanding tripping hazards

Tripping hazards in a workplace are classified as anything that can cause anyone to stumble, lose their balance, and fall. These hazards range from essential materials like loose or trailing cables and wires to uneven flooring, cluttered walkways, or slippery surfaces. They can also happen in almost any environment, including offices, public spaces, industrial areas, and building sites.

The common causes of tripping accidents aren’t exclusively down to cables and wires running across walkways themselves however – it happens through a lack of proper management or containment. Obstructions like boxes or equipment left in walkways, loose mats, carpeting, or rugs, uneven floor surfaces, poorly maintained stairs or steps, and even poor lighting or visibility can all contribute to the risk of slips, trips, and falls. 

But the impact of tripping hazards goes beyond the immediate physical harm caused to the individual. Tripping accidents can lead to employee injuries ranging from minor injuries to fractures or broken bones, with potential long-term effects.

These accidents can also result in decreased productivity due to employee absences. It’s crucial to take preventative measures to eliminate trip or fall hazards, ensuring employee and building safety.

Identifying potential tripping hazards in buildings

To address any tripping hazards in your workplace, carry out thorough risk assessments of different areas that could be prone to such problems. Regular inspections like this are crucial in identifying and eliminating potential hazards before accidents occur.

When carrying out these assessments, you should give special attention to high-traffic areas, such as walkways, entrance areas, stairs, and areas where risks may increase. Inspecting these is crucial because potential tripping hazards can emerge over time due to wear and tear, building layout changes, or equipment placement modifications.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, slips, trips, and falls are the most common cause of injury in the workplace. They say, “On average, they cause 40 per cent of all reported major injuries and can also lead to other types of serious accidents, for example, falls from height.”.

The importance of prevention

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so preventing falls from tripping hazards at work gives you plenty of opportunities to increase overall health and safety. By purposely addressing and eliminating any hazards, accidents and injuries can be significantly reduced, and you safeguard everyone from potential harm in the future. So what preventative steps can you take?

Risk assessments

As mentioned above, carrying out risk assessments to identify potential hazards in each work area is essential for preventing workplace trips and falls.

Proper footwear

Depending on the workplace environment, it’s often the case that employers will provide suitable footwear and safety gear for the job. However, even if the workforce is mainly office-based, trips can still happen, so ensuring appropriate footwear is always worn will help.

Warn people

For any essential work, repairs, or uneven surfaces, placing warning signs to alert employees, customers, and visitors is vital.

Use cable floor safety mats

Trailing wires and cables across a walking surface is a genuine threat in any workplace. Using specific floor mats, like our Tripsafe Cable Floor Mat, will ensure work activities can continue as normal.

Safety For Your Staff And Customers

This is ultimately the aim of cable floor safety mats, although they are easy to install, they can be very easy to overlook. When it comes to safety, the implementation of cable floor safety mats plays a massive part in a safe environment both for your customers and staff and your own legal protection.

Here are some key points to consider:

Enhanced Protection in High Traffic Areas

In areas with heavy foot traffic these are an absolute must if you have cables. Areas such as reception, hallways and open office spaces where tripping hazards increase. Cable floor safety mats will effectively mitigate these risks ensuring that both staff and customers can navigate the premises without any issues.

A Reflection of Your Commitment to Safety

Although you would not think of cable floor safety mats as enhancing your brand it will come across as a visible sign of your commitment to maintaining a safe environment. This not only helps you in building trust amongst employees but also will increase the perception of your brand amongst your customers.

Adaptable Solutions for Every Space

Different areas of your workplace may have varying safety needs. Cable floor safety mats come in various designs and materials, making them adaptable to different settings. Whether it’s a rugged industrial area or a sleek corporate office, there’s a solution that fits both the aesthetic and safety requirements of your space.

As cable floor safety mats are very easy to install you will find that they are also very versatile. You will find different designs and materials and they are completely adjustable to different settings. Whether you are looking for safety mats for an industrial area or a corporate office we have you covered in terms of aesthetic, so it does not look out of place and also safety requirements.

Liability Reduction

This is also a huge reason to get cable floor safety mats. Accidents can lead to costly lawsuits or compensation claims and by implementing safety measures like cable for safety mats you will reduce the likelihood of these nasty incidents.

Electrical Safety Mats

It is also worth considering whether you need electrical safety mats. Instead of just preventing trips - these will prevent shocks in dangerous working conditions.

Cable floor safety mats: an effective choice

Cable floor safety mats offer a practical and effective way to prevent tripping hazards caused by loose cables and wires on workplace floors. These mats are designed to secure and protect cables while providing a safe and organised pathway for foot traffic to clear obstacles. By securely covering the cables underneath, cable floor safety mats eliminate the trip hazard risk and ensure smooth, safe, and unobstructed walking surfaces.

Choosing the right cable floor safety mats

When selecting cable floor safety mats for your workplace, it's essential to consider the different types available to meet specific needs. Various options of different materials include modular cable mats, ramped cable covers, and rubber-backed cable mats.

But you should also consider the number and size of cables being covered, the potential level of foot traffic, and the type of floors. Considering all these factors, you can choose the most suitable cable floor safety mats to protect against this common trip hazard.

Installing cable floor safety mats

Installing cable floor safety mats is a straightforward process. First, ensure the area is clean and free of debris or obstacles. Next, position the mats over the cables, aligning them properly to create smooth and continuous walking surfaces.

Ensuring the mats are placed securely is crucial, especially in high-foot traffic areas, with no gaps or loose sections that could create an additional tripping hazard. You could also consider using hi-vis adhesive tape designed for this purpose.

Promoting safety awareness and training

Educating your staff about slip and trip hazards is crucial. By raising awareness, everyone becomes more mindful of potential dangers and can take proactive measures to prevent accidents. Effective safety training promotes good housekeeping practices and identifies common hazards, encouraging a workplace safety culture. 

To reinforce safety practices, regular communication is essential. Use company newsletters, email updates, bulletin boards, or signage to share safety reminders, tips, and success stories. Encourage employees to report any potential slip and trip dangers they see and offer them a straightforward process for reporting them and raising concerns.

Regular inspection and maintenance

Regularly inspect your mats to ensure they stay in their correct position and replace any damaged sections. Proper placement and secure installation of cable floor safety mats are vital to prevent falls and maintain a safe working environment for everyone.

And always check the surrounding area as well. Look out for loose floor coverings, reduce clutter, and ensure good lighting is always available, replacing light bulbs when necessary. There’s no point in taking shortcuts when it comes to health and safety, so regular inspection and ongoing maintenance will prevent falls and reduce workplace injuries.

Prevent workplace trips hazards with MatsDirect UK

Cable floor safety mats offer a practical and effective way to prevent workplace slips, trips, and falls. And by actioning the tips and advice we’ve set out in this article, you’ll create a much safer environment for your staff, customers, and visitors.

MatsDirect UK offers a range of cable floor safety mat options that can keep your business safe. For more information, contact MatsDirect UK today. You can send us a message, call us on 0161 797 6785, or email us at, and we’ll give you any help and advice you need.



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