What are Coir Mats and Should You Consider Them for Offices?

Coir is a solid hard fibre that works as an excellent scraper for shoes and has a light golden brown shade that fits all traditional or contemporary decorations and aesthetics. Coir is a by-product of coconut shells and is used to make mats and products with environmental properties.

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Things to Know About Types of Electrical Insulators

Electrical insulation aims to prevent the formation of electrical flow between different parts of electrical equipment. Whether you are considering using solar panels, heat pumps, or any other electrical machinery, using an electrical insulator is best to improve safety and security in a residential or industrial environment.

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The Importance of Electrical Insulation

As technology advances, we're introduced to various materials, goods, and products that make our lives better and far more comfortable. Electrical use has also evolved and is the most relied upon of utilities.

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Types and Considerations of Slip Resistant Matting Options

The reliability and safety features of mats in residential or commercial settings have been proved quite often. In recent times, these simple mats have evolved into anti-slip matting and slip-resistant tapes or grip treads, all of which are considered economical options depending on their use.

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Benefits of Anti Slip Mat Protection for Hard Floors

A hard floor can be dangerous if it is wet.If you are not careful, you can easily slip and hurt yourself. Slips and falls are common accidents that can lead to severe injuries or even death if no precautions are taken.

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The advantages that coir matting offers amidst the social distancing measures

Coir matting also goes by the name of coconut matting, and has been a subject of debate for the matting industry for a decent amount of time, so why not set the record straight? Here we discuss the advantages of coir matting amidst the social distancing measures to let you know why it is right for you and your premises.

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PVC backed coir matting: What is it, and how can you use it to increase social distance awareness?

Every coir matting isn’t the same. While all of them may be made from coconuts, the quality differences in coir matting can still be vast.

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Rubber Matting And Floor Mats Synonymous To High-Resistance

Rubber flooring or rubber matting and floor mats are excellent in preventing any critical falls. Sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances, a person can be in a hurry and fall. To avoid such accidents, non-slip rubber matting is a good option for floors. Accidents can happen inside your home or office, so it's better to get anti-slip floor mats installed.

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Logo Mats Create A Great Impression

The saying from the Harvard Study of Communications is that, “You don’t get a second chance to make the first impression on another human being.” When we talk about things that can create a positive first impression of a business, floor mats don't immediately cross our minds. The visitors carry about 80% of dirt, dust, grime and germs coming into your office on their shoes which then transfer to your space. Floor mats clean the soles of these shoes. They take the dust and the grime and retain them, thus saving your indoor carpeting. There are different types of commercial floor mats, of which custom logo mats take the lead. They work as a free advertising board for your business. Learn how:

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Benefits Of Custom-Made Entrance Mats

We're sure you must have seen custom made entrance mats at the door of a company, hotel, or restaurant flaunting its logo. The purpose is not merely to decorate; it is also for advertising, and to make sure that clean soles make it inside. These are some of the advantages that custom made entrance mats offer.

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Advantages Of Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are considered an ideal flooring choice for commercial properties. The speedy advances in science and technology have significantly contributed too many different fields. Floor matting options are no exception, having expanded enormously. Nowadays, there are numerous types of floor mats in various colours, sizes, and custom made entrance mats with attractive designs.

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How To Make The Most Of A Standing Desk

You just bought a standing desk. You have heard all kinds of hype about its countless benefits but now you are unsure whether you’re making the most of it. Or perhaps you’re just in the research phase and are debating whether the benefits are worth it or even real at all. No matter where you are at when it comes to standing desks the tips in this post will help you get the most out of them and perhaps reassure sceptics that you can extract real tangible benefits if you use them properly. From using rubber mats to alleviate joint pain in your legs to how to optimally position your computer this guide will help you retrieve maximum benefit from a standing desk.

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The Overlooked Essentials Of Commercial Kitchen Success

In this guide to kitchen essentials, we are going to show you the must-haves of a successful commercial kitchen. We are not talking about pots and pans or an oven. We all know about the kitchen appliances. We will be focussing on the things which often go overlooked but are essential for having the best possible eatery. Things like rubber mats which can be used to reduce joint pain and prevent slips, for example, are fundamental to optimising your efficiency and productivity in the kitchen but often go unacknowledged. We understand that if you’re running a kitchen there’s a good chance your expertise is food. You know every detail of making the perfect pizza, but we are going to help you with the kitchen necessities beyond the food.

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5 Ways to Create a Healthier Workplace

Are you curious about how you could help foster a healthier workplace? We all know that a healthy workforce is not only happier but more productive. It is something we should all be striving for and many businesses are. In this guide, we will help you further your efforts or get started if workplace health has so far eluded you. From using anti fatigue flooring and ergonomic office furniture to reduce aches and pains to swapping the snacks in the vending machine, there are plenty of ways to create a healthier workplace.

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The Reasons behind the Popularity of Rubber Matting and Why You Should Get One

In both home and commercial settings, the popularity of rubber matting has been growing of late. In fact, rubber matting not just offers a unique range of advantages, but is especially valuable in places that are prone to wear and tear spills, and are heavily utilized. The option of rubber matting is versatile, though usually overlooked. In many instances, people believe that rubber matting is difficult to maintain and is expensive – which isn’t true. Although it isn’t cheap, it offers a long-term value if you follow the maintenance schedule of the manufacturer and ensure that cleaning instructions are correctly followed.

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Why rubber matting is an eco-friendly option?

While it may be a little controversial, ‘going green’ has been in the news lately, bolstering Twitter updates and setting consumer trends all across the web. In fact, some celebrities on television leverage their massive amounts of influence by promoting a green lifestyle. It’s about time!

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The five-step process of making high-quality doormats out of coir

Coir is a fibrous and tough material and is composed of the outer husk of the coconut. This material may be used to create high-quality doormats. But, let’s see how coir doormats are extracted and made into high-quality doormats.

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Making The Right Impression With Office Visitors

Offices are the central hub of our businesses. They are where the work gets done, where all the important meetings take place, and where deals are made. As such, they need to be in top shape. Our offices need to make the right impression on visitors - the all-important people that stand to play critical roles in our business. Be it directly as customers or simply as advocates spreading positive word of mouth, these visitors can make or break your business.

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Overlooked Opportunities For Enhancing Your Brand

A company's brand is everything. It is what we see and hear when we think of the company. Your visual branding is how people easily recognise you. The tone of voice is what makes a company resonate with customers. The words they use form the brand's message, dictating whether customers align with the company or not. Brand is everything.

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Most Common Workplace Accidents (And How To Prevent Them)

Employers have a duty of care for their employees. Workers also have a vested interest in taking care of themselves in the workplace. Despite this many workplace injuries still occur. Of course, no one sets off to work with the plan of being injured that day so clearly, something is going wrong. We can't stop all workplace injuries (as much as we would like to).

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Rubber Flooring and Mat Cleaning - How to Do it Properly

Rubber matting and flooring are common throughout many industries. From oil-resistant matting for the oil and gas sector to entrance matting systems for retail stores, there is a myriad of rubber matting types and they all have one thing in common – they all need cleaning. It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with rubber flooring or matting – there are pro tips to cleaning . . .

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Rubber Matting
Rubber and Noise – How Rubber Can Offer a Helping Hand

Noise pollution is a very real and very serious problem. This surprisingly common problem can lead to a myriad of negative consequences from mild irritation to hearing loss. This unfortunate suffering is preventable and, in this post, we are going to show you some top soundproofing tips so that you can reduce the effects of noise pollution on you and of noise pollution by you.

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Entrance Matting
The Types of Matting Materials & Knowing What Is Best

When it comes to shopping for a matting solution for an entrance way, it can be overwhelming to see the many materials that mats can be made from. From rubber matting to coir matting, it's hard to know what's best for what you need. There are many situations where we may need matting and one of the most common situations is the entrance to your building. But what material is best . . .

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Anti-Slip Flooring
Why Anti-Slip Flooring Is Important In the Workplace

When it comes to taking care of your employees, you must consider all potential risks in the workplace that may cause an accident. Within these accidents are the simple things like slips, trips and falls that can happen often when not taking the right precautions. If the environment in which you work is particularly prone to these, you may want to look at safety matting . . .

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Bespoke Logo Mats
Why Bespoke Mats Are Beneficial To Your Business

Regardless of the industry or company you work in, first impressions count. But how can a bespoke mat like a company logo mat be of such benefit to your business? Businesses spend hours trying to get the basics right, making sure their reception area is tidy, their staff friendly and their decor welcoming. However, most seem to overlook what is going on under their feet . . .

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