Making The Right Impression With Office Visitors

Offices are the central hub of our businesses. They are where the work gets done, where all the important meetings take place, and where deals are made. As such, they need to be in top shape. Our offices need to make the right impression on visitors - the all-important people that stand to play critical roles in our business. Be it directly as customers or simply as advocates spreading positive word of mouth, these visitors can make or break your business.

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Overlooked Opportunities For Enhancing Your Brand

A company's brand is everything. It is what we see and hear when we think of the company. Your visual branding is how people easily recognise you. The tone of voice is what makes a company resonate with customers. The words they use form the brand's message, dictating whether customers align with the company or not. Brand is everything.

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Most Common Workplace Accidents (And How To Prevent Them)

Employers have a duty of care for their employees. Workers also have a vested interest in taking care of themselves in the workplace. Despite this many workplace injuries still occur. Of course, no one sets off to work with the plan of being injured that day so clearly, something is going wrong. We can't stop all workplace injuries (as much as we would like to).

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Rubber Flooring and Mat Cleaning - How to Do it Properly

Rubber matting and flooring are common throughout many industries. From oil-resistant matting for the oil and gas sector to entrance matting systems for retail stores, there is a myriad of rubber matting types and they all have one thing in common – they all need cleaning. It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with rubber flooring or matting – there are pro tips to cleaning . . .

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Rubber Matting
Rubber and Noise – How Rubber Can Offer a Helping Hand

Noise pollution is a very real and very serious problem. This surprisingly common problem can lead to a myriad of negative consequences from mild irritation to hearing loss. This unfortunate suffering is preventable and, in this post, we are going to show you some top soundproofing tips so that you can reduce the effects of noise pollution on you and of noise pollution by you.

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Entrance Matting
The Types of Matting Materials & Knowing What Is Best

When it comes to shopping for a matting solution for an entrance way, it can be overwhelming to see the many materials that mats can be made from. From rubber matting to coir matting, it's hard to know what's best for what you need. There are many situations where we may need matting and one of the most common situations is the entrance to your building. But what material is best . . .

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Anti-Slip Flooring
Why Anti-Slip Flooring Is Important In the Workplace

When it comes to taking care of your employees, you must consider all potential risks in the workplace that may cause an accident. Within these accidents are the simple things like slips, trips and falls that can happen often when not taking the right precautions. If the environment in which you work is particularly prone to these, you may want to look at safety matting . . .

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Bespoke Logo Mats
Why Bespoke Mats Are Beneficial To Your Business

Regardless of the industry or company you work in, first impressions count. But how can a bespoke mat like a company logo mat be of such benefit to your business? Businesses spend hours trying to get the basics right, making sure their reception area is tidy, their staff friendly and their decor welcoming. However, most seem to overlook what is going on under their feet . . .

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