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Why Bespoke & Logo Mats Are Beneficial To Your Business

3rd October 2019
Why Bespoke & Logo Mats Are Beneficial To Your Business

Regardless of the industry or company you work in, first impressions count. But how can a bespoke mat like a company logo mat be of such benefit to your business? Businesses spend hours trying to get the basics right, making sure their reception area is tidy, their staff friendly and their decor welcoming. However, most seem to overlook what is going on under their feet, quite literally.

With a bespoke mat, you can do several things that will benefit you, your staff and your potential customers. You could go for a company logo mat, which creates a clear brand image the second someone steps onto your premises. You could create something fun and whimsical or include a quote to share a little bit of your company's personality with your visitors. Or, you could simply have a welcome mat message, to make anyone who enters your building feel comfortable. But here's how they can help your business and why they are not just an 'added extra'.

Enticing Customers

Have you ever walked past a building and something has caught your eye? Maybe it's an incredible window display or a particular smell coming from the building. Both good ways of enticing passers-by through the door and turning them into a prospect. But, what about the floor? Have you ever thought that the floor both inside and outside your company can be used as a marketing tool to increase footfall? By having an enticing bespoke mat for your matwells or entrances, you can catch the eye and interest of others, so ensure what you choose is eye-popping and interesting.

Strengthen Brand Image

Nothing says a strong brand like having a consistent brand image does. From the digital world of social media to the uniforms staff wear - everything helps to create a clear brand for customers to recognise. Your flooring can say that too and help reinforce your brand across your premises even more. Custom bespoke mats can be used everywhere and it doesn't necessarily have to be in your business. Do you regularly attend exhibitions, perform at roadshows or other external marketing events? Branded custom mats can be the perfect way to make your stand pop out, make others feel welcome and maintain that strong brand image at all times.

Floor Care

An aspect of matting that is often overlooked is the simple aspect of floor care. Caring for the floor on which you, your employees and your customers walk is important and having matting in your entrance has several benefits. Along with the ones we've mentioned above, they also can help to trap dirt, contaminants and moisture. This ensures that the rest of your premises is kept clean and dry to avoid any slips, trips or falls. Having a clean floor also says a lot about you as a company, demonstrating that you care about your image and your premises being clean and tidy.

Right For You

The final benefit of a bespoke mat is that they are made just right for you. Whether it's for your building's entrance system, your upcoming exhibition or a walkway. Here at Matsdirect we can help you tune in on what it is you need and advise you with a solution. We can make your bespoke mat whatever size you need, with whatever image/colours and in a range of materials which we can also assist with.

Looking for custom or logo bespoke matting, please get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help. You can reach us via our Contact Page or call us on 0044 (0)161 797 6785.



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