Retail Matting

Here at Matsdirect, we are passionate about matting systems and the wide range of benefits they offer. We want to share our passion and expertise with you so that your store and customers can experience the benefits of retail matting first-hand. On this page, you can read all about the various types of retail matting available and the benefits they offer. If after reading this guide you want to learn more and find out exactly how retail matting could work for you we would love to talk with you, just get in touch through our contact us page.

Entrance Matting Systems for Retail

The entrance to any retail store is vitally important. It is your customers first encounter with you and sets the tone for their entire shopping experience. One of the key components of any store entrance is the entrance matting system. Designed to wick away moisture and clean dirt from the soles of customers' shoes, keeping your store clean, retail entrance matting is important for all high street retailers. No matter how much footfall your store receives, Matsdirect can offer the perfect inlaid matting solution for your store entrance. We offer aluminium grid matting options meaning even stores with the heaviest footfall can find a retail matting option which effectively meets their needs.

From the smallest of bespoke shops to the largest name-brand retailers, entrance matting systems can be found throughout the high street and for good reason. The importance of inlaid entrance matting systems in retail is clear and throughout the rest of this page, you will see the various retail matting options and the unique benefits each offer, giving you a holistic overview of how they could work for you and your store.

It is not just the retailers themselves that are loving the benefits of retail matting, architects and designers are also love them. Architects and designers cover every minute detail of their creations and that includes entrance matting systems. If your next project requires an effective matting solution, you can get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for you – we work with everyone that can benefit from entrance matting systems, not just high street retailers.

Regardless of whether you are a retailer or an architect, there is plenty to learn about matting and how it could help you. Read more about the wide variety of retail matting options we offer here at Matsdirect below.

Retail Barrier Carpet

Retail barrier carpets present a great way to prevent moisture and dirt being tracked into your store, protecting your flooring and its appearance. Maintaining a clean store is crucial to creating an amazing customer experience – no customer wants to shop in a store with a dirty floor or slip hazards. If cutting down your cleaning costs, maintaining a cleaner store and reducing slip hazards sounds like something that would interest you then barrier carpets could be exactly what your retail store needs.

Retail Logo Matting

Retail matting is more than just a practical solution to drying your shoes, it is also the ideal way to liven up your store with branding. Retail logo matting makes projecting your brand easier than ever. Created with coir and coirsyn matting which enables us to use even the most complex logos, our retail logo matting perfectly combines bold branding with hardwearing entrance matting. Logo mats allow you to make a lasting impression on your customers from their first step inside your store all whilst providing all the other benefits of great retail entrance matting. Conforming to current DDA regulations, our retail logo mats are a safe and effective matting solution. They serve as a fantastic matting solution which itself makes them a worthwhile purchase for your store. However, the benefits continue with the branding options, making them an even better deal.

All retail stores want to keep their store clean and customers safe. Retail matting plays a role in both. Maintaining a dry and clean store by preventing customers traipsing moisture and dirt in from outside is necessary for all high street retailers – and entrance matting is the solution. If you want to update and upgrade your store matting but are unsure of the specifics of what would best serve you and your customers get in touch with us – we would love to help. Call us on 0161 797 6785 and we can talk through all your needs, helping you to determine the right retail matting solution from matting type, materials and measurements. We can help you optimise your matting solution, combining all our experience to make sure your floor mats meets your needs from being wheelchair accessible and an anti-slip system for customer accessibility, to an effective moisture and dirt wicking solution.