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How To Make The Most Of A Standing Desk

29th March 2020
How To Make The Most Of A Standing Desk

You just bought a standing desk. You have heard all kinds of hype about its countless benefits but now you are unsure whether you’re making the most of it. Or perhaps you’re just in the research phase and are debating whether the benefits are worth it or even real at all. No matter where you are at when it comes to standing desks the tips in this post will help you get the most out of them and perhaps reassure sceptics that you can extract real tangible benefits if you use them properly. From using anti-fatigue rubber mats to alleviate joint pain in your legs to how to optimally position your computer this guide will help you retrieve maximum benefit from a standing desk.

Sit Down (Occasionally)

One of the professed benefits of a standing desk is that it encourages good posture. This avoids the aches and pains you suffer from bad posture while sat hunched over a desk typing away. But life is about moderation. Anything done to extremes can be detrimental and this applies to using a standing desk too. Occasionally alternating to working sat down will give your legs a rest and help prevent replacing back issues from sitting down all day with leg pain from standing all day.

Use Anti Fatigue Matting

To further mitigate straining your legs use Anti-Fatigue Flooring. Anti fatigue mats reduce leg pain and stimulating blood flow by encouraging smaller movements. They are commonly found in work environments which require long periods of standing such as commercial kitchens, packing and production lines. If you are finding you have leg and back pain from standing for too long you may benefit from reducing standing fatigue with an anti fatigue mat.

Take A Break

We have already stated that both sitting and standing for a long time while working can cause aches and pains. This is why it is important to take a break. This doesn’t mean taking a break from working standing up by working sat down. Step away from the computer and take a little walk. Stretch your legs. Maybe get some fresh air. A small break during in your workday can go far in shaking off aches and pains and clearing brain fog (it won’t hurt to reduce the strain on your eyes too).

Set Your Desk Height

Your desk height is key to maintaining good posture. A good reference point is to place your arms by your side and bend your elbows 90 degrees so that your hands point out in front of you. Your desk height should be just below the elbow so you could comfortably rest your arms on the table with your elbows at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

… And Your Computer Height

As you are trying to maintain good posture the goal is to have the top of your computer monitor at eye level (with a slight upward tilt). You want to avoid tilting your head down making a desktop computer more preferable than a laptop when using a standing desk.

Add Some Arm Support

Whilst the main concern may be your legs and back that doesn’t mean we should ignore other parts of the body which may show signs of fatigue after a long days work. Your arms for example, particularly the one you use to move your computer mouse may start to ache. If this is the case add some additional arm support, soft padding, which can reduce pressure on your wrist.

If sitting at your desk is starting to cause your problems and you are looking for an alternative solution then a standing desk could be perfect for you. Keep the tips in this guide in mind to reap the most benefit from your desk and avoid aches and pains.

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