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5 Ways to Create a Healthier Workplace

29th March 2020
5 Ways to Create a Healthier Workplace

Are you curious about how you could help foster a healthier workplace? We all know that a healthy workforce is not only happier but more productive. It is something we should all be striving for and many businesses are. In this guide, we will help you further your efforts or get started if workplace health has so far eluded you. From using anti fatigue flooring and ergonomic office furniture to reduce aches and pains to swapping the snacks in the vending machine, there are plenty of ways to create a healthier workplace.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mats, a specially designed type of Anti-Fatigue Mats, are one of the most universally applicable items on this list. Working to reduce aches and pains created by the repeated strain of walking on hard flooring, anti fatigue matting, can help improve employee wellness everywhere from offices and commercial kitchens to manufacturing and packing lines. Aching legs will not only leave your employees unhappy, but it will affect their productivity. Working to mitigate this serves everyone – your employees and the company as a whole.

Ergonomic Chairs

Another thing causing unnecessary discomfort to your employees is office chairs. Most office chairs do not offer adequate support and encourage poor posture. This leads to joint and muscle pain which compounds over time. Often sitting for hours at a time, employees will suffer needlessly due to prolonged stints of bad posture. Ergonomic chairs resolve this issue as their design minimizes pressure on joints and promotes better posture.

Healthy Snacks

We all know that diet is key to someone’s health. Unfortunately, when employees want a snack at work, they go to the vending machine only to find the options are crisps and chocolate bars and the drink selection is just as unhealthy. Whilst removing all the chocolate from the vending machines may not be popular with your employees, adding healthier alternatives for those that want them is a great start. Not only does this accommodate those that want to make the healthy choice, but it starts the process of creating a healthy eating ethos within your workplace.

Health Outside Of Work

An employee’s health is, understandably, largely determined outside of work. How your employees take care of themselves outside the workplace will affect how they perform inside the workplace. Luckily you may have more input than you think when it comes to encouraging healthy behavior outside of the workplace. From pinning flyers to local active events on your office notice board to offering free gym memberships as part of your bonus package, you can actively encourage healthier living outside the office in a variety of ways.

Mental Wellness

Whilst physical wellness is very important the mental health of your workforce is also vital. As an employer, there are many ways to foster good mental health among employees. Offering free mediation app subscriptions, for example, is one way to help support opportunities to develop mental wellness although the most effective method may be to create a discussion around the topic. Having people within your organization employees can talk to and making them known throughout the company can do a lot to support employee’s mental health. This person doesn’t need to be a mental health expert, just someone that cares and can direct employees to the relevant support such as counseling and therapy where needed.

The health and wellness of employees is one of the biggest priorities in every organization. Despite this, not all companies are taking full advantage of the opportunities to promote better physical and mental health among their staff. With this guide, we have offered a selection of great health solutions which can aid your employee’s wellbeing, take advantage of them and watch the transformation across your organization.

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