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How To Keep Your Rubber-Backed Mats Clean

20th January 2023
How To Keep Your Rubber-Backed Mats Clean

If you're wondering whether you can wash rubber-backed door mats in your office, shop, or commercial premises, the answer is yes! Keeping your mats clean and free from dirt and bacteria is essential for a healthy environment. This article will give you comprehensive advice on how to wash your rubber-backed door mats effectively and when you should do it. With the right approach and a few simple tips, you can ensure your rubber-backed mats stay clean, fresh and hygienic.

What are rubber-backed door mats?

Rubber-backed door mats are a type of floor mat designed to be positioned at the entrance of any office or commercial building. These Barrier floor and entrance mats are made of high-quality natural rubber compounds, blended with added mixtures, and have a non-slip backing. The rubber backing helps keep the mat in place, giving excellent grip and preventing it from slipping or sliding on any floor surfaces when used.

Alongside its excellent grip and non-slip qualities, the mat is also designed to trap dirt, mud, moisture, and other debris, helping to keep floors clean and free of dirt, mess, and slip hazards. Rubber-backed door mats are an excellent choice in high-traffic areas, such as retail aisles or entranceways, as they can withstand heavy use and remain effective at trapping dirt and moisture. They’re also easy to clean, making them a practical and convenient choice for any business.

The benefits of washing rubber-backed door mats

Rubber-backed mats are a clear choice for any high-traffic entranceway or commercial area. As such, they’ll get a lot of use, meaning plenty of grime, dirt, and moisture will become trapped in the nylon or polyester fabric. But besides keeping any high-traffic areas and entrances in your business clean and welcoming, washing them has several other benefits:

Improved appearance

Regular washing will remove the build-up of dirt, debris, and stains giving your mats an improved appearance while keeping any colours looking crisp and sharp.

Longer life-span

Regularly washing your rubber-backed mats can help to extend their lifespan, as it removes dirt and grime that can build up over time, eroding the mat and its effectiveness.

Better performance

A regularly washed mat will be more effective at absorbing moisture and trapping dirt and debris coming in, as it will be free from dirt that could affect its performance.

Increased safety

Rubber-backed mats are general purpose and used on various floors as loose lay mats, so a clean one will protect your floor and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Tips for washing rubber-backed door mats

With effective entrance matting absorbing moisture and retaining outside dirt, regular washing is essential to keep them looking their best. Here are a few tips on periodically washing your rubber-backed door mats to keep them looking clean, tidy, and effective in the long term.

Regular vacuuming

Depending on the size of your rubber-backed door mats, take them up and shake or beat them to remove any loose dirt or debris before vacuuming.

Sponge and spot clean

With warm soapy water, you can sponge your door mat to clean out the ground in mud and dirt. Make sure you use a non-aggressive cleaning detergent.

Wet vacuum clean

If you have a vacuum carpet cleaner (like a Vax or similar), its power can remove any surface and hidden dirt to give your doormat a thorough, deep clean.

Hose clean

Another effective way to clean your doormat is to use a regular hose to blast off the dirt and brush it out. You should adjust the pressure depending on your mat, or it may cause damage.

Washing machine

The most effective way to wash your rubber-backed door mats is in an industrial washing machine with a non-aggressive detergent up to 50ºC.

How to dry rubber-backed door mats properly

After cleaning your doormats, they must be fully dry before relaying them to avoid mould or mildew. If you've washed them in a washing machine, any excess water should already have been dealt with. If you’ve washed your mat by any other method, ensure excess water can be removed by laying your mat on a drying rack to drain properly. Once excess water disappears, allow time for your mat to air dry properly before using or storing it. Alternatively, some mats, such as our Sureprint Prime logo floor mats, can be tumble-dried on a cool setting (no warmer than 40ºC) for speed.

FAQs about washing rubber-backed door mats

Rubber-backed door mats are a great way to keep dirt and debris from being tracked into your office, shop, or showroom. While they’re durable, easy to clean, and essential grip for people entering your premises, these mats need proper care and maintenance to keep them in good condition and effective for as long as possible. Here, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about washing rubber-backed door mats, giving you all the information you need to keep your every door or entrance mat in first-class condition.

Can I put rubber-backed door mats in the washing machine?

Yes. Floor mats with synthetic fibre and rubber backing can be machine washed at no higher than 50ºC, depending on the mat's size and material. Using commercial washing machines is recommended for larger mats. Coir mats, even with rubber backing, are unsuitable for machine washing.

What should I use to clean rubber-backed door mats?

Whether you’re washing your rubber-backed mat by hand, with a carpet-cleaning vacuum, or in a machine, only use non-aggressive detergents or recommended carpet-cleaning fluids for the best results.

How often should I clean rubber-backed door mats?

You should regularly shake all door mats to remove loose dirt and debris. Weekly vacuuming is recommended to remove any deeper dirt, while periodic washing of your mat should be monthly, but this will depend on the level of traffic it receives and how dirty it gets.

Rubber-backed door mats from MatsDirect UK

Keeping your rubber-backed mats clean is essential to maintaining a welcoming and professional appearance and is easier than you think. Following the steps outlined above, you’ll keep your mats looking as good as new for years to come.

Bear in mind we offer commercial rubber matting - if you need rubber matting for your business premises we can help.

For more information on rubber-backed floor mats, contact MatsDirect UK today by sending us a message, calling the team on 0161 797 6785, or emailing us at We’ll give you any additional washing information you need, but we can also help you find suitable rubber-backed door mats for your premises and give you a quote for any standard and bespoke sizes.



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