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6 Ways Versatile Rubber Matting Improves Our Everyday Lives

31st August 2023
6 Ways Versatile Rubber Matting Improves Our Everyday Lives

Around the world, in almost every sector, the versatility of rubber matting has revolutionised how we experience and interact with our surroundings. From industrial and commercial environments to leisure and safety, understanding the diverse applications and benefits of rubber matting in our everyday lives is essential. But what is rubber matting used for?

In this article, we look at seven ways the durable material of these seemingly unassuming mats plays in different areas. Made from natural or synthetic rubber compounds or even recycled rubber, they provide a blend of function and innovation that underpins their importance and adaptability offering us comfort, security, and efficiency.

Safety and comfort in gyms, pools, and fitness centres

Rubber mats are the silent guardians of gyms, pools, and leisure centres, ensuring the safety and comfort of anyone pursuing their fitness goals. Engineered with precision, the anti-slip surface of pool mats effectively prevents poolside slipping incidents.

In contrast, gym mats for public or home gyms can prevent slips caused by sweat, moisture, or water spillages during workouts. Their textured surfaces offer superior grip, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries.

Beyond slip resistance, gym mats act as a cushioning layer, absorbing the impact of heavy weights and high-energy, high-impact activities. This rubber matting protects gym flooring while reducing joint strain, enhancing the overall workout experience. 

Additionally, the noise-dampening properties of rubber matting create a more conducive environment in commercial gyms, allowing those working out to focus without disruption, making them indispensable in promoting a secure and enjoyable fitness workout.

Rubber flooring for industrial and commercial sectors

Rubber matting is a dedicated and dependable constant for industrial and commercial flooring demands, particularly in areas with rigorous conditions. In spaces with heavy foot traffic, rubber mats create a resilient barrier against wear and tear, prolonging the floor's life while offering traction for workers. 

For industrial areas housing heavy machinery, rubber factory matting or rubber tiles also provide a robust barrier, allowing them to absorb impact and vibrations, reduce noise, and limit the potential damage caused by equipment movement. 

And in environments susceptible to static electricity or electrical shocks, the insulating properties of electrical safety matting provide an added layer of protection, safeguarding both workers and equipment. Prioritising high-impact areas like production lines or loading docks, where trips or falls can be common, rubber matting dampens the force of impact, potentially avoiding injuries and creating a secure work atmosphere.

Anti-fatigue matting for workstations

In workspaces that demand extended periods of standing, the advantages of rubber matting mean it comes out as a champion of ergonomic comfort. Specialist anti-fatigue matting is carefully designed to alleviate physical stress on employees, providing a cushioned surface that can provide relief and reduce strain on the lower back, legs, and feet. 

By encouraging better posture and promoting healthy blood circulation, anti-fatigue matting contributes to the overall well-being of teams, enhancing productivity and focus. The shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue properties of rubber play a pivotal role in diminishing the impact of each step, allowing employees to perform tasks with reduced discomfort, making anti-fatigue rubber matting a vital investment in nurturing the health and efficiency of your workforce.

Horse stable flooring and livestock applications

Rubber floor matting and stable mats can be indispensable in livestock settings, keeping animals safe and comfortable, revolutionising how we provide secure and nurturing spaces, while safeguarding barn infrastructure.

In horse stables, the good grip of these mats is a primary defence against slippages, offering excellent traction that prevents accidents and reduces anxiety for horses. Beyond traction, rubber stable flooring significantly minimises the strain on horse joints during periods of rest or movement, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

The insulating properties of rubber mats can also shield horses and livestock from cold and damp conditions, offering a more hospitable environment. The durability and anti-slip capabilities of rubber flooring also extend to protecting barn floors from the rigours of daily use, including heavy hooves and machinery. 

Outdoor pathways and playground safety

Rubber matting products are crucial in enhancing outdoor safety, particularly pathways and children’s school playgrounds prone to wet conditions and accidents. Because of their slip-resistant nature, these mats offer reliable and secure walkways even during rainy or damp weather. The textured surface of rubber matting provides excellent grip, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls and ensuring pedestrians can walk with confidence.

In school playgrounds, rubber matting goes beyond being just slip resistant – it’s a vital protective cushion that softens the impact of any falls. With their shock-absorbing properties, these mats create a safer play environment, minimising the risk of injuries. From minor tumbles to heavy landings, the rubber matting or rubber flooring beneath play equipment or apparatus offers parents reassurance, allowing children to explore, learn, and have fun while staying safe.

Protection for workshops and garage floors

A rubber floor may not be the first thing you associate with a commercial garage or workshop. But rubber matting is a hardwearing material offering excellent qualities for high-traffic areas like workshops and garage floors, where its durability, shock absorption, and anti-slip qualities are essential. 

In particular, high-quality, soft-feel PVC interlocking tiles offer remarkable resistance to oils, chemicals, and fluids, safeguarding the underlying floor surface from potential damage. In busy work environments, where spills are common, these tiles provide a crucial barrier that prevents the absorption of harmful substances, ensuring easier clean-up and maintenance.

Beyond floor protection, rubber matting contributes to a quieter and more comfortable workspace as a workbench liner. The noise-dampening properties of rubber help reduce the clatter of tools and equipment, keep sensitive components and fixings from slipping or rolling away, and protect the work surface.

Choose rubber matting that’s right for your business with MatsDirect UK

So while you might have asked, ‘What is rubber matting used for?’ it’s clear that a rubber mat has uses in plenty of places. Rubber matting's versatility shines through from enhancing safety in gyms to providing comfort at workstations, protecting livestock, and increasing safety in playgrounds. 

At MatsDirect UK, we understand that finding the right rubber matting solution tailored to your commercial or industrial business needs is crucial. Our diverse range of high-quality rubber mats offers various industries slip resistance, protection, and comfort where it matters most. For more information or advice on our rubber matting services, contact MatsDirect UK today by calling us on 0161 797 6785, emailing us at, or sending us a message.



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