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Coirsyn Heavy Duty Barrier Matting Carpet

Coirsyn Heavy Duty Barrier Matting Carpet (MD8100)

Surewalk Coirsyn heavy duty barrier matting is manufactured on a roll at 2Mtrs wide and 10mm thick. It is ideal for placing into a matwell as an entrance matting product. It can be cut to size off the roll and can be made into individually stand alone door mats in bespoke sizes which can then be supplied with a diminishing safety ramp edging to minimise any trip hazards.

Fully conforms to current DDA regulations

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Sureimage Coirsyn Logo Matting

Sureimage Coirsyn Logo Matting (MD8300)

Sureimage Coirsyn logo door matting is a synthetic version of the natural coir/coconut product and is fully compliant with current BS8300 DDA regulations. These bespoke custom made floor mats and are suitable for intricate company logo mats and being cut into any shape, the edges require no binder as they will not fray.

Coirsyn is polypropylene fabric bonded to a recycled rubber and latex backing and is a very hard wearing floor mat.

Suitable for surface mounting as it is only 10mm in thickness or for a matwell application it is completely weather, insect & micro organism resistant.

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Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting

Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting (MD8000)

Surewalk Natural Coir (coconut) fibre matting

It can only be used in the 17mm version in public entranceways. This is to conform to current BS8300 DDA regulations (with approval).

Our coir entrance door mats are a hard working 100% natural coir fibre with a PVC backing. Coir floor mats are available in various colours at the 17mm thickness. This type of matting can be used in retail, industrial, commercial or public entrances in matwells. It is an excellent scraper mat due to the hard wearing coconut fibres. It is easy to clean, by simply taking the mats outside and shaking vigorously to release the dirt.

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