Industrial Matting

Industrial matting is a key component of an effective and productive work environment for several industries. Anti-slip and drainage matting, for example, is essential in industries where there is a high risk of slip hazards. Such industries include oil and gas, as well as the shipping industry among others.

There is a wide range of industrial matting available, each designed to help resolve big issues which can prove costly if not correctly solved or prevented. Whether you need electrical rubber safety matting to protect your workers from electric shocks or need an oil and chemical resistant solution to slippery surfaces, industrial matting could work for you.

Explore this page and learn the many kinds of industrial rubber matting that exists, their uses and how they could help you.

Industrial Electrical Safety Matting

Electrical safety mats are one of the most common forms of industrial matting. Electrical safety mats are, as the name suggests, a form of industrial rubber matting designed to prevent electric shocks. They are used when working on a switchboard apparatus and are essential to workers’ safety. Switchboards safety matting comes in a few varieties, but they all have the same essential job – keeping you safe.

Rubber electric safety matting is used across many industries such as oil and gas, and shipping. All industries are subject to rigorous health and safety standards to protect its workers, and neither the oil and gas industry nor the shipping industry is an exception. Operating switchboards requires the very best equipment and safety measures, and this includes industrial electric safety matting. Tested to a range of voltages, our extensive range of industrial rubber matting offers the perfect switchboard safety solution.

Industrial Anti-Static Matting

Almost all industries have employees that routinely work around electronic materials and components. These employees are at risk of suffering minor shocks from static build up which makes anti-static matting an essential element of commercial health and safety. Often also offering anti-fatigue properties industrial anti-static mats are crucial to protecting the wellness of employees and in turn increasing productivity.

Anti-static matting also provides wider safety benefits such as reducing the risk of sparks occurring which could become large fires. A large fire is, of course, highly detrimental to a business and a huge safety risk which is why every measure should be taken to prevent them. Installing industrial anti-static matting solutions is one such measure.

Industrial Anti-Slip Matting

Another important type of industrial matting is anti-slip matting. The name is self-explanatory, anti-slip matting is matting created to reduce slipping. Anti-slip rubber matting is essential in many industrial work environments such as those which use materials such as oil, which can cause slips. Here at Matsdirect, we offer a wide selection of anti-slip matting options including multi-directional grip solutions which will make working without incident far easier.

As previously mentioned, anti-slip matting can commonly be found within the oil and gas industry. As an industry where health and safety measures are fundamental to protecting workers and making sure work is completed effectively and without accident, reducing slipping is essential. An oily and wet environment is prone to slip hazards if an effective solution is not put in place – anti-slip matting (combined with a few other options such as drainage matting discussed below) is that solution.

Anti-slip matting is not exclusive to the oil and gas industry - many industries use it. The shipping industry, for instance, makes great use of anti-slip solutions. The decks of boats become very slippery, which is why installing anti-slip industrial matting is essential to the safety and productivity of those working in the shipping industry.

Industrial Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Perfect as either a permanent or temporary flooring option, interlocking tiles are a fantastic anti-slip flooring option. The safety of employees is the top priority of every workplace. With slipping being a top contributor to workplace accidents more and more employers are turning to anti-slip tiles. The oil, chemical and grease resistant properties of anti-slip tile flooring make them a popular choice across many industries. To learn more about creating a safer working environment check out our selection of anti-slip interlocking tiles.

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue matting is fundamental to good workplace health and safety. Hard flooring can be tiresome on people’s legs leading to aches and pains. Anti-fatigue flooring alleviates these issues by encouraging smaller movements. Resulting in fewer aches and pains among your workforce, installing industrial anti-fatigue rubber matting offers a range of benefits. The improved health and safety of employees has many consequent benefits. A happier, healthier work force is more productive and use fewer sick days – a staple challenge for employers across all industries.

The benefits of industrial anti-fatigue flooring can be experienced across a variety of industries. Commonly found in everything from commercial kitchens to packing facilities, anti-fatigue helps see that your food is served, and packages fulfilled whilst protecting employees.

At Matsdirect we offer a selection of anti-fatigue matting solutions enabling you to improve employee health and productivity through an effective easy-to-maintain flooring solution available in PVC or rubber.

Industrial Drainage Tiles and Matting

Combatting slip hazards is a necessary part of making your workplace safe to operate. Thankfully, whilst an essential task, it is not an impossible one. Industrial rubber or PVC drainage tiles offer an excellent solution for creating a safer environment for your workers. There are various designs and materials used within the wide variety of drainage options.

The oil and gas industry have a huge demand for drainage rubber tiles as they frequently deal with spilt oil and other liquids which could present a slipping hazard. Industrial drainage matting contains options for all environments. For example, drainage tiles include oil-resistant options, which are essential when working within the oil and gas sector.

Shipping companies also see much use from drainage matting. The shipping industry, as one might expect, is prone to potential slip hazards and wet conditions. These conditions can make for a difficult work environment and cause slip hazards if not correctly dealt with. Drainage matting allows for a work environment with fewer slip hazards, reducing worker accidents and injuries.

Industrial Oil Resistant Matting

Industrial oil-resistant matting is a huge part of creating a safe environment in industries such as oil and gas. Oil is a slip hazard which can make working unsafe. It is crucial that companies take effective measures to reduce the risk of their employees slipping through, for example, oil-resistant rubber matting.

Oil resistant matting is a specially created type of matting designed to provide a drainage and anti-slip solution for industries where oil and grease spills occur. Oil and grease present a unique problem which requires a unique solution. If you are looking for drainage matting or anti-slip matting and work within the gas and oil sector or operate engineering or industrial workstations where oil spills occur, you will require oil-resistant matting.

Understandably the oil and gas industry present a risk of oil spills, which is why companies within this industry use industrial oil-resistant matting. Like all workplaces, companies within oil and gas work to combat slip hazards, however, unlike all workplaces they require a special solution. Regular anti-fatigue matting, whilst amazing, is not suitable for the task when grease and oil spills are involved. Workplaces such as these require specific drainage matting (with anti-slip properties, of course) which is oil and chemical resistant.

Matting is essential for several industries, for creating a safe work environment. From protecting against electric shocks to managing otherwise slippery work environments industrial rubber matting could be exactly what you need to improve your work environment, reduce accidents and increase productivity. If you would like to learn more about industrial matting and how you could make use of it get in touch with us by calling 0161 797 6785 or send us a message through our contact form here.