Entrance Matting Systems & Commercial Door Matting

Entrance Matting Systems

Our range of entrance matting systems is specifically designed for the matwells and floor insets of commercial, retail and industrial businesses. They are ideal for use in all weather conditions and can be used in areas that have light, medium or heavy traffic. If you are in need of a heavy-duty entrance mat, we have aluminium grid options with both closed or open designs and multiple infill options. This includes various colours from rubber ribs to PVC brushes and polypropylene needle punch fabrics to coir and nylon carpet. If wet weather is a real concern of yours, our rubber matting solutions can work for you. Our easy-to-fit, rubber cost effective entrance matting systems don't require costly templates, specialist engineers, tools or adhesives and can be made to suit your needs with either nylon carpet or rubber inserts.

Commercial Door Matting

If you are looking for door matting for a commercial business or retail unit, we have solutions that can suit your company. Our rubber and nylon carpet matting help act as the first barrier for foot-borne contaminants and dirt as they offer an anti-slip benefit that is absorbent of moisture. We also have a new multi-directional matting system that aids businesses with lots of traffic as it ensures a complete cleaning action regardless of traffic direction.

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Surewalk Matrix Rib Entrance Matting System (MD1000)

Rib Entrance Matting System

Corpromat matwell logo mats are printed modular matwell logo floor matting - another innovation in matwell entrance floor matting logo design. The full colour printed company logo mat modules have been specially developed for use within the Diamond, Matrix & Concourse Primary entrance modular matting systems and are therefore fully DDA compliant.

Corpromat gives you the opportunity to have a fully printed colour logo module located anywhere in the matwell. This enforces your company brand without compromising the image as with many metal, plastic or other rib or tile configuration.

Unlike conventional matting systems that use printed strips to create a corporate logos which looks like a zebra design image and is part of the overall matting system. Corpromat has the ability to be easily changed quickly and cost effectively as it is a separate module to the rest of the matting and yet fits in perfectly as it becomes a seamless part of the overall entrance matting system.

Why choose the Matrix Rib Entrance Matting System?

8 important benefits that make the Matrix modules the obvious choice for high to medium traffic areas:-

  • Safety - Its rubber base is a user-friendly material, guaranteed to lie perfectly flat without curling or lifting to ensure no trips or slips.
  • Quiet - It exhibits excellent sound absorption.
  • Smooth - This commercial door matting is smooth, making it perfect for trolleys and wheeled vehicles without compromising its effectiveness.
  • Tough - It is tough on dirt, featuring 100% scrape/wipe surface contact across the whole mat.
  • Simple Installation - It's modular nature makes it easy to handle and install. They are interchangeable without the need for special equipment.
  • Ready to Lay - This matting is ready to go but can be easily trimmed to site requirements without compromising its durability, whether that is curved or angular.
  • Hygienic - Its highly retentive surface is designed to capture and conceal dirt and moisture. It can be dealt with as part of a usual routine clean without the need for lifting the matting.
  • Easy to Maintain - Standard vacuuming on a regular basis and a deep shampoo clean periodically is all that is needed to ensure it continues to look good and work effectively.
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Surewalk Stratos Rib Panel Aluminium Grid Entrance Matting (MD7000)

Rib Panel Aluminium Grid Entrance Matting Rib Panel Aluminium Grid Entrance Matting Colours

Stratos Rib Panel Aluminium Grid Entrance Matting is an aluminium rib and infill closed grid panel product that is available in 400cm lengths for easy installation with fewer joins. They are ideal for high footfall areas, but also have many infill variations for those that endure high to medium traffic.

The Stratos Aluminium Entrance Matting retains more foot borne debris than many other entrance matting systems on the market. With its innovative channel sections, it collects dirt below the infill material which results in less debris on the surface. This, in turn, means that it cannot be tracked into the building. It can also easily deal with windblown grit with its efficient deep channel grid to entrap the debris. Its closed grid construction design avoids the need to be constantly lifted for cleaning, it can simply be vacuumed alongside usual cleaning duties.

This Aluminium scraper system comprises a range of popular inserts including, rubber, coir, nylon, carpet or PVC to cover all aspects of indoor and outdoor matting requirements designs and colour schemes.

5 important benefits that make Stratos Entrance Matting System panels the obvious choice for high footfall areas:-

  • Seamless Appearance - It is manufactured in single width panels of up to 4 metres in length and can be supplied to suit any depth of recess frame.
  • Flexible - It can be manufactured to any template shape.
  • Adaptable - It has more than 8 infill types including dense fibre, rubber, coir (coconut husks) to polypropylene and nylon carpet to suit most environments.
  • Environmentally Friendly - It is made up of more than 80% recycled material in the manufacturing process.
  • Hard-Wearing - It is perfect for heavy-duty environments including wheeled trolleys.
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Surewalk Concourse Heavy Duty All Weather Matting Module (MD5000)

Heavy Duty All Weather Matting Module

Concourse Heavy-duty All-weather Matting Module is an open or outdoor matwell rubber mat module. It is specially developed to be used in outdoor matwells which are open to the elements i.e. outside, fully or partially unprotected from the weather. These modules are totally weather resistant and offer unparalleled grip in wet weather, being manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments.

They are SATRA tested to TM144 for slip resistance and the Concourse mats have achieved a HIGH resistance to slip in both wet & dry conditions. The mats work in perfect harmony with our Matrix MD1000 system to create a zone 1 & 2 entrance matting system area. They are manufactured to ISO9002 and conforming to current BS8300 DDA regulations.

Most entrance matting systems incorporate a type of carpet or fibre product within the design to absorb moisture and so protect the floor area. When these carpets or fibres get soaked with water, snow, etc. they become ineffective. Concourse door matting has no carpet or fibres so maintaining its full effectiveness in adverse weather conditions. These modules are highly resistant to chewing gum, having no fibre for the gum to stick to, so this unsightly appearance is virtually eliminated.

Concourse is a complete rubber mat system and is, therefore, one of the safest matwell entrance matting systems available. Incorporating two types of rubber profiles, one being flexible, the other being stable allows for the removal of dirt and grit and a certain amount of moisture allowing these contaminants to remain in the base of the module to be removed later during the cleaning regime.

8 important benefits that make Concourse entrance door matting modules the obvious choice for exterior matwells with high to medium traffic:-

  • User-Friendly - It's rubber base makes it comfortable for users.
  • Safety - This matting is guaranteed to lie perfectly flat on the floor to ensure a safe trip and slip-free entrance area. Its studded and pyramid surface is also helpful to the visually impaired at doorways.
  • Tough - It features 100% scrape/wipe surface contact across the whole mat.
  • Protection - It is an ideal choice for outdoor matwells where you need to protect the flooring.
  • Easy to Install - The installation is simple and easy with no templates required, with every module being interchangeable without the need for special tools, equipment or skills.
  • Easily Adjusted - It can be easily trimmed to site requirements without compromising its durability and strength, whether that is curved or angular.
  • Easy to Maintain - It is very easy to keep clean and maintain for guaranteed effectiveness.
  • Quiet - Concourse entrance matting system is exceptionally quiet.
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Surewalk Thruguard Heavy Duty Open Panel Aluminium Matting (MD7800)

Heavy Duty Open Panel Aluminium Matting Heavy Duty Open Panel Aluminium Matting Infills

Thruguard Heavy-duty Open Panel Aluminium Matting is designed with an aluminium metal scraper rib open construction. Designed for high to medium traffic areas, it is the perfect choice as a rugged, heavy-duty recessed door mat product for when it comes to long term durability.

Thruguard Open Panel Matting bring new vitality to a design concept that has been leading the entrance matting systems market for over 50 years. Thruguard entrance matting is available with many infill choices to complement the metal scraper bars - these include nylon carpet, PVC brushes, polypropylene rib carpet and even solid rib rubber.

The indoor or outdoor use for the various infills is almost infinite and proves ideal to deal with windblown and foot borne moisture. It does this by incorporating an efficient channel grid to trap dirt and debris from where it can be simply lifted out to allow for a vacuum cleaner.

5 important benefits that make Thruguard entrance door matting the obvious choice for high footfall areas:-

  • Made to Fit - We can create bespoke sizes that are manufactured to fit any shape of matwell including revolving doors, half-moons etc.
  • Durability - It is ideal as a rugged performing product for long-term durability.
  • Environmentally Friendly - The product is manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium.
  • Varied - Available in 12mm, 18mm and 22mm versions to suit all variations of matwells.
  • Adaptable - With a variety of infills can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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Surewalk Diamond Multi-Directional Mat Module (MD3000)

Multi-Directional Mat Module

The Diamond Multi-directional Matting Module is a high absorbency smooth transition entrance matting system - a new approach to multi-directional entranceway protection. SATRA tested to TM144 for slip resistance, this matting achieved a HIGH resistance to slip in both wet & dry conditions.

This commercial door matting has been designed for non-conforming door entrances where traffic does not always flow in a straight line. Due to this unique design, whichever way the traffic flows through the doorway entrance, they will always achieve 100% contact with the carpet fibres. This makes Diamond floor matting the only true multi-directional mat system. Interchangeable modules maximize its wear and are easily replaceable at minimal cost, extending the life cycle of the door mat.

Because there are no ribs in the design, wheels simply glide over the mat in any direction eliminating the judder of traditional ribbed mats. This is particularly important when transporting anything delicate over the entrance area.

The unique characteristic of the Diamond Entrance Matting System is in the deployment of a matrix of diamond studs, carpet pads and round rubber studs. This is as opposed to the alternating ribs found in most commercial door matting. It ensures the removal of moisture and grit through its unique interactive cleaning action by incorporating over 256 diamond studs and 3500 round studs in every square metre, creating Active Pile Technology APT® with the nylon fibres.

The integration of our MD9600 Corpromat full colour printed logo floor mat system gives the option to place your logo anywhere within the matwell.

9 important benefits that make Diamond entrance door matting modules a great choice for multi-directional high to medium traffic areas:-

  • Safe - This entrance matting system has a user-friendly rubber base. It is guaranteed to lie perfectly flat, ensuring a safe trip & slip-free entrance area. It's studded surface is a blessing for the visually impaired.
  • Quiet - It exhibits excellent sound absorption.
  • Tough - This commercial door matting is tough on dirt. It features a 100% scrape/wipe surface, making contact across the whole mat no matter the direction.
  • Easily Interchangeable - With it's simple installation, each module is completely interchangeable without the need for adhesives, special tools, equipment or skills.
  • Hard-Wearing - It gives a smooth ride, making it perfect for trolleys and wheeled vehicles without damaging its effectiveness.
  • Ready To Lay - The product is ready to lay and can be trimmed on site to your preferred requirements. This includes curved and angular and doesn't affect its strength and durability.
  • Hygienic - This matting has a highly retentive contact surface that captures and conceals dirt and debris so that it can be dealt with as part of the routine cleaning programme.
  • Easy To Maintain - It only requires standard vacuuming on a daily basis and a deep shampoo periodically.
  • Meets Regulations - The matting modules are a triumph in computer generated, state of the art design and flexibility. Manufactured to ISO9002 and conforming to current BS8300 DDA regulations.
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Surewalk Pastaloop Coil Matting (MD2000)

Coil Matting

Pastaloop coil matting can be used as an indoor or outdoor entrance matting system. These coil matting rolls are an ideal scraper entrance floor mat with a fall-through effect for matwell applications or backed for loose laid applications.

The Pastaloop backed version is ideal for surface mounted applications as it traps the debris and moisture so that it does not transfer to the floor area underneath. In this situation, the spaghetti coil mats need to be lifted and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness, perfect for use in public entrances, changing rooms, wet areas etc. The Pastaloop unbacked version is used in matwells where the dirt and debris is trapped in the base of the matwell and requires just lifting up to be able to vacuum the debris and dirt from the matwell base.

The open construction of the matting with its spaghetti coils of PVC holds a high volume of grit and moisture. This allows for a clean surface to remain and thereby minimises re-tracking. This door matting works especially well in entrance areas where sand is prevalent or fine dust as this falls into the coils and cannot naturally escape.

Available in 7 striking colours in both backed and unbacked versions.

Manufactured to ISO9002, Pastaloop is very cost effective when used as primary barrier matting. It is completely weather and rot proof for both interior or exterior use.

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Surewalk Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting (MD8000)

Natural Coir (Coconut) Fibre Matting

The Natural coir (coconut) fibre matting entrance door matting system can only be used in the 17mm version in public entranceways. This is to conform to current BS8300 DDA regulations (with approval).

Our coir entrance door mats are a hard working 100% natural coir fibre with a PVC backing. Coir Matting is available in various colours at the 17mm thickness. This type of matting can be used in retail, industrial, commercial or public entrances in matwells. It is an excellent scraper mat due to the hard wearing coconut fibres. It is easy to clean, by simply taking the mats outside and shaking vigorously to release the dirt.

Sometimes referred to as coconut matting, this product has been servicing doors and entrance ways for many years and is hard wearing. It offers an economical alternative to a full entrance matting system, as coir (coconut) mats are a cost effective alternative in low to medium traffic areas as a barrier against dirt.

Sureprint Meadow Outdoor Entrance Matting (MD9300)

Outdoor Entrance Matting

Meadow outdoor entrance matting is 100% PA and is designed for both plain and printed logo use. Meadow can be supplied in roll format with a Styrol Latex backing for matwell or loose surface laid, with punched holes in the back to allow water to pass through the matting. Alternatively, Meadow company logo mats can be rubber backed and used as a direct replacement for logo coir mats as it is fully weather-resistant and will not harbour bacteria and is fully colourfast.

Complies with BS8300 DDA regulation.

Meadow scraper mats can be used in commercial, retail, industrial or public entrances and doorways in both matwells and loose laid applications.

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Useful Product Information

How large should my entrance matting system be?

According to tests carried out the ideal length should be 6m, however this is not practical in normal commercial buildings so the answer is simply as long as you can make it.

The width just needs to cover the area where traffic will flow from the door entrance.

How do I measure a matwell?

A simple answer is to take measurements of the matwell across the corners from front to back at each side and across left to right again at the top and bottom if in doubt please contact us.

Once a matting system is cut to shape it is expensive to change, so as the old saying goes Measure Twice Cut Once