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What Is A Coir Mat & Its Commercial Value?

21st December 2022
What Is A Coir Mat & Its Commercial Value?

What exactly is a coir mat? While a coir mat might not be something you’ve heard of, it’s definitely something you’ve seen and used. These natural-fibre mats are used in doorways, entrances, and porches throughout the country, removing mud and dirt from millions of shoes daily – they can even be decorated with company logos. So what’s a logo coir mat, and does it have commercial value? This article will explain everything you need to know about coir mats, their materials, and their pros and cons.

What are coir mats?

Traditional coir mats are well known to everyone and are instantly recognisable by their caramel-brown colour and other colours. Found set into mat wells inside the entrances of office buildings, shops, pubs, hotels, and restaurants, the coarse texture of coir mats means dirt and debris can come away from the soles of all footwear effectively, whether dry and dusty or wet and muddy, all year round. Many coir mats can also come with a semi-flexible solid, waterproof PVC backing.

What’s a logo coir mat?

As you might imagine, a logo coir mat is exactly the same as a standard coir mat, with the same practical functionality and hardwearing style. The only difference is that you can feature your brand name, logo, or any custom design you choose. This is commonly done using a ‘cut and inlay’ method rather than printing, so your logo or design is cut out from different coloured coir fibres before being fixed into your mat.

What are coir mats made of?

Coir mats are usually made from the natural coir fibres of coconut husks. These fibres are collected and soaked in water for a long period of time before being softened, woven, and cut to make 100% natural coir mats. This natural appearance, together with its close-cut fibres, means a coir mat provides a tough and effective scraping surface to remove dirt and muck from shoes in any weather.

Can logo coir mats be used outside?

It’s never a good idea to place coir logo floor mats outside where they’re continuously exposed to wet weather. The PVC backing and bonding will prevent rain and moisture from draining, turning the mat into a soggy mess that will bubble and rot.

What are the benefits of logo coir mats?

As a popular entrance mat, branded logo coir mats have plenty of benefits for your business that make them a worthwhile investment. Beyond trapping dirt and moisture before they get to your clean carpeted, tiled, or wood flooring, there are plenty of other good reasons to install coir mats, including:

• Brand reinforcement

A logo coir mat is an excellent way to create a professional first – and lasting – impression and reinforce your brand throughout your premises. With your company or business logo and name in a highly visible position, customers and visitors will know exactly where they are.

• Hardwearing

Coir mats are hardwearing, giving excellent cleaning across low to medium-traffic entrances. Their semi-flexible solid PVC backing also provides a waterproof barrier when placed in mat wells.

• Versatility

All coir mats can be cut into custom shapes and sizes – even in different colours making them a highly versatile product that can be used in doorways and entrances up to a size of 2m x 5m.

• Cost-effective

With their hardwearing qualities, all-natural coir logo mats can be a cost-effective alternative to your overall entrance matting system as they act as a good barrier against dirt in low or medium-traffic areas.

• Accessibility 

The coir mats we use are 17mm in thickness and are never loose-laid, instead fitting inside dedicated mat wells for an even surface. This mat thickness means our coir mats comply with the BS8300 Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations and don’t pose a trip hazard or provide accessibility issues for wheelchair users, pushchairs, and trolleys.

• Appearance

Even natural coir mats look good in any entranceway, but with different colour options and custom logo coir mats using contrasting brand colours, each coir mat will give an attractive and welcoming appearance.

What are the disadvantages of logo coir mats?

With plenty of benefits and good things for all coir mats, Surely there must be some disadvantages? Well, nothing's perfect, so what is a coir mat not so good at? Here are a few things to watch out for.

• Fire safety

As a natural product, coir mats are more flammable than other mat types. So while safe for many businesses, they might not be the best option if there's a high risk of sparks or fire nearby.

• Cleaning difficulty

While coir mats are hardy and durable, they’re hard to clean effectively. Only smaller mats can be removed and beaten to remove dust and dirt build-up, as larger mats are too big to do this properly. All sizes can be vacuum cleaned, but it’s not effective in the long term. Moisture can also build up inside the mat over time.

• Non-recyclable materials

The main material of coir mats is 100% natural fibres from the husks of coconuts, giving them a classic and traditional look. But the PVC backing used to hold the fibres in place means they're not an eco-friendly option and can’t be recycled.

• Shedding and wearing

The shedding of the logo coir mat fibres can be frustrating. This is natural when new, but it can look untidy and messy over time. Regular vacuuming is also recommended.

• Logo print issues

Printed logo coir mats have limited durability as only the tips of the coir strands are printed on, and these will quickly wear off with use. We recommend the ‘cut and inlay’ method for your branding, with a choice of 11 colours of coir fibre that will last the lifetime of the mat.

• Slip hazards

While having a semi-flexible solid, waterproof PVC backing on our coir mats, this backing can be very slippery on any floor surface and be a real hazard. In commercial premises, coir mats should only be installed into dedicated mat wells and never laid loose.

Natural coir mats from MatsDirect UK

Natural coir mats and coir logo mats can be a practical and unique way to boost your business brand throughout your premises. With their hard-wearing versatility and exceptional cleaning qualities, they can help keep your customer's footwear – and your floors – clean and safe.


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