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Entrance Matting Systems

We offer a complete range of Rubber, PVC, Aluminium & Coir Matwell Entrance Matting Systems. Bespoke custom made door mats to your specifications.

Matwell & Surface Laid Entrance Door Matting Systems.

The Matsdirect Unique range of rib, multi-directional & heavy duty all weather Rubber modules are ideal for matwell applications.

The perfect entrance matting product replacement. Easy to fit needing no special tools or skills and offered ex-stock.

Aluminium panel entrance door matting systems with many infil types to suit most applications where an Aluminium profile is preferred either closed or open profiles are available.

PVC coil pasta loop barrier matting is available in 9 attractive colours in rolls or cut to your dimensions for fitting in matwells unbacked or surface laid with a backing.

Natural Coir (Coconut) fibre custom cut mats or full rolls are supplied in various colours for matwells or surface laid applications.

All our matwell entrance matting systems are manufactured to current DDA regulations have been specifically designed and compiled for use in all weather conditions and for areas of light, medium or heavy traffic, where maximum floor protection is demanded, value for money is expected and longevity is guaranteed.

Matrix Rubber Rib Pattern Modular Door Mat System

Matrix modular Rubber entrance floor matting is a proven innovative next generation of Rubber stud & Carpet rib pattern primary entrance Matwell and surface mounted door mat system.

Datasheets Available datasheets for this product:

MD1000 Matrix Colours
MD1000 Matrix Installation Info
MD1000 Matrix NBS Clause
MD1000 Matrix Rib Entrance Matting System
MD1000 Matrix Satra TM144 Slip Assessment

Stratos Aluminium Grid Panel Matwell Entrance Matting System

STRATOS is an Aluminium grid panel entrance matting system. Its clean lines and elegant appearance make it an easy choice for any heavy duty external or internal commercial entrance matting installation.

Datasheets Available datasheets for this product:

MD7000 Stratos Product Information Sheet
MD7000 Stratos NBS Clause Sheet

Diamond Rubber Multi-Directional Modular Door Mat System

A new approach for multi-directional entranceways. Diamond Rubber entrance mat systems overcome the problems of multi-directional traffic patterns with its unique design of carpet pads and rubber diamonds.

Datasheets Available datasheets for this product:

MD3000 Diamond Multi-Directional Modular Entrance Matting System
MD3000 Diamond Colour Options
MD3000 Diamond NBS Clause Specification
MD3000 Diamond SATRA Slip Test Certification

Concourse Heavy Duty Rubber Modular Matwell Door Mat System

Concourse Heavy Duty primary matwell entrance door matting system is designed for All Weather interior/exterior use where conventional mat systems would not be effective. SATRA tested for slip resistance.

Datasheets available for MD5000 Concourse HD entrance matting modules:

MD5000 Concourse Rubber HD Entrance Matting System Information
MD5000 Concourse Rubber HD Entrance Matting System NBS Clause
MD5000 Concourse Satra TM144 Slip Assessment

Thruguard Heavy Duty Open Aluminium Grid Matting

Thruguard aluminium open grid entrance matting systems are ideal as a rugged performing heavy duty product for long term durabilty. Thruguard brings a new vitality to a design concept that has led the entrance matting market for over half a century.

Datasheets Available datasheets for this product:

MD7800 ThruGuard Heavy Duty Aluminium Entrance Matting System Information
MD7800 ThruGuard Heavy Duty Aluminium Entrance Matting System NBS Clause

Natural Coir Coconut Custom Cut Mats

Coir sometimes referred to as coconut fibre matting. Available in natural colour and various other colours. Thickness of 17mm is the only one acceptable to conform with the current DDA regulations for use in public areas.

Datasheets Available datasheets for this product:

MD8000 Coir / Coconut Fibre Matwell Entrance Matting Mats
MD8000 Coir / Coconut Matwell Entrance Door Matting Colours

Pastaloop PVC coil entrance matting rolls & mats

Pastaloop heavy-duty resilient PVC loops in a backed version or un-backed for a fall through system for Matwells and an backed version for surface mounted applications.

Datasheets Available datasheets for this product:

MD2000 Pastaloop PVC Loop Entrance Matting
MD2000 Pastaloop PVC Loop Entrance Matting Colours