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Is there a more well-used area in your business than your reception? Entrance areas are typically busy and experience high numbers of people coming in and out. This presents a challenge for many of our customers as they need a hard wearing entrance floor mat solution that both looks great and that still holds up under the pressure of all that traffic.

But we also know that sometimes a full primary entrance matting system can’t be justified. There may be area restrictions, or cost constraints to consider which would make this solution unviable.

In these situations, our high-quality barrier matting entrance carpet is the perfect solution for many of our customers. Available in off the roll cut lengths in various colours, it offers a real value for money alternative to a full entrance door mats solution.

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An effective first line of defence

When used in an entrance area, these floor mat mat products are an effective barrier to any debris, dirt and moisture that people may be carrying either foot bourne or via wheels. With the benefits of anti-slip and anti-trip qualities our floor mats will always remain the safest option.

Our rubber backed floor mats can be laid directly on your existing flooring and many of our customers use them as carpet runners for corridors and lobbies with high footfall. Rubber matting is a great way to protect the floor from premature wear while keeping the floor area safe. Our loose lay entrance door mats can also sit within a matwell to act as barrier matting against dirt and moisture.

Our most effective floor mats can remove up to 6.5kg per M2 of dirt and contaminants. We also provide heavy duty floor mat products made from moisture absorbing materials that can hold up to 3 litres of water per square metre.

High quality materials and bespoke entrance floor mat solutions

As with all of our products, our focus is always on using the highest quality materials to ensure they offer great service and excellent value for money for years. Our hardwearing entrance floor mats come in single solid colours to complement your decor in lower traffic areas. We also offer floor mats in mixed colours, which many clients find are an effective way to hide any dirt until cleaning can be done in high traffic areas.

All our nitrile rubber backed mats are fully washable at 40 degrees and fully colour fast. We also guarantee our rubber mats for 5 years.

We have a full range of standard sizes in stock, but we also supply bespoke custom made-to-measure door mats too. Our expert team will work with you to create a made-to-measure floor mat solution that meets your particular size and shape requirements.

Keeping your people safe

In such high traffic areas, it’s crucial that any entrance door mats are also completely safe. To prevent floor mats from slipping, our high quality nitrile rubber backed loose lay mats have both smooth, universal or gripper back finishes to suit your existing floor surface. We also offer a great value PVC backing option.

Our loose lay mats have safety edges that help prevent rucking and trips and are ideal for use both inside and outside and we’re also able to provide a scraper function built into the mat if you require.

Whether you are an industrial, commercial or retail business, we know every location and client challenge is different. We always spend time listening to your needs to establish the best matting solution for you. Call us today on +44 (0)161 797 6785 or email with your specific requirements.

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Surelay Iron Duo Floor Mats

Surelay Iron Duo Floor Mats (MD4000)

Iron duo floor mats are heavy-duty commercial office floor mats and are the best-selling reception mats for every kind of entrance. These barrier dust control mats are available in 10 standard sizes and made to measure customer bespoke sizes.

These hard-wearing nylon and nitrile rubber backed reception floor mats are loose-lay, meaning they can be moved to where you need them. They are fully washable, colourfast and have a rubber safety edge to all four sides. They come equipped with a smooth or gripper back to help the mat stay in place when laid on either a hard floor or carpet surface.

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Suredrain Pastaloop Coil Matting

Suredrain Pastaloop Coil Matting (MD2000)

Pastaloop coil matting can be used as an indoor or outdoor entrance matting system. These coil matting rolls are an ideal scraper entrance floor mat with a fall-through effect for matwell applications or backed for loose laid applications.

The Pastaloop backed version is ideal for surface mounted applications as it traps the debris and moisture so that it does not transfer to the floor area underneath. In this situation, the spaghetti coil mats need to be lifted and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness, perfect for use in public entrances, changing rooms, wet areas etc.

Surelay Mono Floor Mat

Surelay Mono Floor Mat (MD4001)

Mono floor matting is a barrier/dust control, single colour office floor mat with luxurious single colour nylon and nitrile rubber backing. Their hard-wearing mats are ideal as a permanent or temporary solution to light, medium or heavy traffic areas acting as office or reception mats of any buildings.

The Mono Mats are fully washable, colourfast and have a rubber safety edge to all four sides. The rubber backing helps to keep the mats lay flat and have an anti trip edge. Their ability to lay completely flat means they are will not curl or break at the edges as most vinyl back mats tend to do. Mono mats can also solve dirt and moisture ingress problems, particularly where a carpet is present as monomat is a solid colour product this makes the problem easier to solve. This aspect of the mat also is required to help reduce the wear factor to the existing floors in heavy wear areas.

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Suremat Extra Long Runner Mats

Suremat Extra Long Runner Mats (MD8500A)

Extra Long Runner Mats is a range of carpet runners that are made with mixed or plain coloured nylon high absorbency fabric and a Nitrile Rubber gripper or flat backing to help prevent movement oa carpet or hard floor surface. These floor mats are perfect for corridors and walkways as they are available in up to 6.5Mtrs long in 1 continual mat.

All the carpet matting products in this range comply with BS8300 DDA regulation.

Surelay Sopper Floor Mat

Surelay Sopper Floor Mat (MD4002)

Sopper indoor/outdoor rubber floor mats are a single colour polypropylene carpet fibre rubber backed dust control barrier floor mats. They have a good anti-slip design and incorporate an anti-trip bevelled edge to all 4 sides.

Soppermat is a cost-conscious, all-weather solution for indoor/outdoor entrance areas and is available in 5 standard sizes. They are fully washable and have solution dyed polypropylene fabric woven into a dirt and water retention waffle design.

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Surelay Guardian Rubber Floor Mat

Surelay Guardian Rubber Floor Mat (MD4004)

Guardian rubber floor mats are solid, nitrile rubber doormats for both indoor or outdoor use. They are anti-slip, surefooted and safe in all weather conditions and require very little maintenance, a real cost-effective alternative to other barrier mats.

Their high-quality nitrile rubber grip top texture has an easy-to-clean dust and dirt retentive surface along with a slip-resistant rubber backing. The matting has integrally moulded bevelled safety edging as standard to allow excellent non-trip and anti-fatigue properties.

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Surelay Rib Poly Vinyl Floor Mat

Surelay Rib Poly Vinyl Floor Mat (MD4006)

Rib polyvinyl floor mats are backed with PVC and also have a PVC safety edge on all four sides. They have a rib pattern that helps to conceal the dirt and moisture until good housekeeping can be done and thereby achieves the deception of looking good even when it is hiding dirt and moisture. The mats are fully washable and can be a cost-conscious solution for a permanent or temporary entrance mat in light or medium traffic entrance areas.

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Sureprint Meadow Outdoor Entrance Matting

Sureprint Meadow Outdoor Entrance Matting (MD9300)

Meadow outdoor entrance matting is 100% PA and is designed for both plain and printed logo use. Meadow can be supplied in roll format with a Styrol Latex backing for matwell or loose surface laid, with punched holes in the back to allow water to pass through the matting. Alternatively, Meadow company logo mats can be rubber backed and used as a direct replacement for logo coir mats as it is fully weather-resistant and will not harbour bacteria and is fully colourfast.

Complies with BS8300 DDA regulations.

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Coirsyn Heavy Duty Barrier Matting Carpet

Coirsyn Heavy Duty Barrier Matting Carpet (MD8100)

Coirsyn heavy duty barrier matting is manufactured on a roll at 2Mtrs wide and 10mm thick. It is ideal for placing into a matwell as an entrance matting product. It can be cut to size off the roll and can be made into individually stand alone door mats in bespoke sizes which can then be supplied with a diminishing safety ramp edging to minimise any trip hazards.

Fully conforms to current DDA regulations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut my barrier mat to a shape?

Yes you can cut our barrier matting without loosing any integrity of the mat.

The reason for this is that the fabric is moulded into the Rubber backing during manufacturing process and therefore will not fray when cut.

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