Reception Mats & Tacky Mats

Reception Mats

We offer a range of loose lay floor reception mats that are ideal for holding and walkway areas. These hard-wearing entrance floor mats come in single or mixed colours and have a nitrile rubber backing to help keep them in place. By placing these at an entrance area, you can help to restrict the levels of debris, dirt and moisture that people may carry. They can also be used as carpet runners for corridors and lobbies where there may be a lot of customer footfall.

We also stock a range of chair mats that can prevent the damage that reception and office chairs can cause due to the constant movement. By adding an anti-slip element, you not only reduce the damage caused to the surface below but also minimise the possibility of an accident.

Tacky Mats

Tacky mats can be used to protect areas that need to be somewhat controlled. They remove up to 99% of particulate and should be put outside the critically controlled area to prevent particles on the soles of shoes, wheels, or any moving object from being transferred into the area. This is done as the bottom layer sticks to the floor and then the above 30 layers can be peeled off as needed.

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Surelay Iron Duo Floor Mats (MD4000)

Duo Floor Mats

Iron duo floor mats are heavy-duty commercial office floor mats and are the best-selling reception mats for every kind of entrance. They are available in 10 standard sizes and made to measure customer bespoke sizes.

These hard-wearing nylon and nitrile rubber backed reception floor mats are loose-lay, meaning they can be moved to where you need them. They are fully washable, colourfast and have a rubber safety edge to all four sides. They come equipped with a smooth or gripper back to help the mat stay in place when laid on either a hard floor or carpet surface.

These iron floor mats will not curl or have any edges break off as their nitrile rubber backing ensures they are resistant to many oils, chemicals and greases. They are perfect for commercial, office, retail & industrial areas and are available in 10 mixed colour options to suit most environments.

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Surelay Mono Floor Mat (MD4001)

Floor Mat

Mono floor matting is a barrier/dust control, single colour office floor mat with luxurious single colour nylon and nitrile rubber backing. Their hard-wearing mats are ideal as a permanent or temporary solution to light, medium or heavy traffic areas acting as office or reception mats of any buildings.

The Mono Mats are fully washable, colourfast and have a rubber safety edge to all four sides. The rubber backing helps to keep the mats lay flat and have an anti trip edge. Their ability to lay completely flat means they are will not curl or break at the edges as most vinyl back mats tend to do. Mono mats can also solve dirt and moisture ingress problems, particularly where a carpet is present as monomat is a solid colour product this makes the problem easier to solve. This aspect of the mat also is required to help reduce the wear factor to the existing floors in heavy wear areas.

We use solution-dyed single colour nylon yarn with 15 beautiful colour options available, giving the Monomat perfect contrast capabilities as well as the deception of looking luxurious and elegant even when it is hiding dirt and moisture.

Available in standard and custom made bespoke sizes.

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Sureprint Extra VIP Runner Mats (MD8500)

VIP Runner Mats

Extra VIP Runner Mats is a range of carpet VIP runners that are made with various materials including nylon, velour, polypropylene, polymide, SBR rubber, styrol, nitrile rubber etc. There are many uses for these products including VIP red carpet events, products announcements, exhibition flooring and corporate room carpeting, adding a real sense of luxury to any situation.

With the ability to look at durability, usage and longevity, we can tailor-make the product to your requirements. All the products in this range comply with BS8300 DDA regulation.

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Surelay Sopper Floor Mat (MD4002)

Floor Mat

Sopper indoor/outdoor rubber floor mats are a single colour polypropylene carpet fibre rubber backed dust control barrier floor mats. They have a good anti-slip design and incorporate an anti-trip bevelled edge to all 4 sides.

Soppermat is a cost-conscious, all-weather solution for indoor/outdoor entrance areas and is available in 5 standard sizes. They are fully washable and have solution dyed polypropylene fabric woven into a dirt and water retention waffle design.

With 5 dirt hiding colour options, the Soppermat barrier floor mat gives you the opportunity to blend or contrast with any interior/exterior colour design. These mats can be either a permanent or temporary indoor/outdoor matting solution for light, medium or heavy traffic door entrance areas.

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Surelay Guardian Rubber Floor Mat (MD4004)

Rubber Floor Mat

Guardian rubber floor mats are solid, nitrile rubber doormats for both indoor or outdoor use. They are anti-slip, surefooted and safe in all weather conditions and require very little maintenance, a real cost-effective alternative to other barrier mats.

Their high-quality nitrile rubber grip top texture has an easy-to-clean dust and dirt retentive surface along with a slip-resistant rubber backing. The matting has integrally moulded bevelled safety edging as standard to allow excellent non-trip and anti-fatigue properties.

This matting performs exceptionally well in kitchens and industrial machine areas due to its resistance to oils, greases and solvents - an all-round cost-effective matting solution.

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Surelay Rib Poly Vinyl Floor Mat (MD4006)

Rib Poly Vinyl Floor Mat

Rib polyvinyl floor mats are backed with PVC and also have a PVC safety edge on all four sides. They have a rib pattern that helps to conceal the dirt and moisture until good housekeeping can be done and thereby achieves the deception of looking good even when it is hiding dirt and moisture. The mats are fully washable and can be a cost-conscious solution for a permanent or temporary entrance mat in light or medium traffic entrance areas.

Barrier dust control floor mats can be used in commercial, retail, industrial or public entrances.

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Surelay Chairsafe Floor Protector Mats (MD402)

Floor Protector Mats

Chairsafe floor protector mats are ideal to minimise wear to carpets or hardwood floors. The constant rolling of chair wheels can cause serious damage to all types of flooring including hardwood, vinyl or soft floors like carpet or carpet tiles. However, by using chairsafe floor mat protectors, they can allow for the safe movement of office chairs without the chance of rucking the carpet or tiles and thereby saving a potential accident.

With these office and reception mats, you can avoid premature wear and protect your wooden floor whether it is made from planks or laminate strips by putting down a loose lay chairsafe floor saver mat.

Available in hard wearing PVC and polycarbonate and with different sizes and shapes including oblong or square for carpet areas or hardwood floors.

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Sureclean Tacky Mat Packs (MD212)

Tacky Mat Packs

These packs of Tacky Mats are multi-layered, clean, film full adhesive layers that effectively capture dirt and dust from foot traffic and wheels before entering a dust controlled environment. Each numbered layer peels off to reveal a new clean surface. Full adhesive backing, prevents microbial growth and contamination.

Tacky mats remove 99% of particulate and should be situated outside the critically controlled area to prevent particles on the soles of shoes, wheels or any moving object from being transferred.

The bottom layer sticks to the floor, 30 layers are peeled off as required.

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Useful Product Information

What is the difference between flat, smooth, gripper, pimple or universal backing?

Flat or smooth backings are terms used for mats that are to be placed on hard floors for example stone, tiles, vinyl, marble etc.

Gripper or pimple backing are terms used for mats that are to be placed on soft floors for example long or short pile carpets.

Universal backing is generally designed with a smooth area around the outer area of the backing and the central area has the gripper design this is so the carpet can be used on hard or soft floors but it is a compromise and will not be as effective as a dedicated backing.

What type of mat can be used for anti fatigue purposes?

There are all kinds of mats for anti fatigue use but it usually has a sponge type feel whether its rubber, PVC, carpet, micorcell but there is always a solution in terms of a mat to be able to relieve the stresses of fatigue whilst carrying out work duties either in wet or dry environments.