Coir Matting and Logo Mats for Entrance Door Matwells

Personalised coir company logo door mats are designed to be placed within matwells or laid onto existing floor surfaces, be it carpet or hard floor areas, as a corporate image product, whilst also acting as a barrier against the ingress of moisture, dirt and grit.

Sureimage Coir Fibre Logo Matting (MD8001)

Coir Fibre Logo Matting

Coir logo mats sometimes referred to as coconut logo mats use a method of hand crafted inlay to create custom-made logos, however the complexity of the logos is exceptional.

These entrance door mats have a natural product appearance and are visually pleasing.

Coir entrance door logo mat products have been servicing doors and entranceways for many years and are DDA compliant only in the 17mm thickness.

Coir matting is available in eleven standard pre-dyed colours and these colours, which are used for the background and the logo inlays, cannot be changed.

Designed to fit into matwells, coir logo mats can be produced from electronic images, drawn images, business cards or letter heads.

Coir entrance mats can be used in retail, commercial, industrial or public entrance areas.

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Sureimage Coirsyn Logo Matting (MD8300)

Coirsyn Logo Matting

Coirsyn logo matting is a synthetic version of the natural coir / coconut product and is fully compliant with current BS8300 DDA regulations.

Suitable for intricate logo mats and being cut into any shape, the edges require no binder as they will not fray.

Coirsyn is polypropylene fabric bonded to a re-cycled rubber and latex backing.

Suitable for surface mounting as it is only 10mm in thickness or for a matwell application it is completely weather, insect & micro organism resistant.

Water retention is a superb 7 litres per m2.

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Sureprint Corpromat Matwell Logo Mat (MD9600)

Matwell Logo Mat

Corpromat matwell logo mats are printed modular matwell logo floor matting - another innovation in matwell entrance floor matting logo design.

The full colour printed logo door mat modules have been specially developed for use within the Diamond, Matrix & Concourse Primary entrance modular matting systems and are therefore fully DDA compliant.

Corpromat gives you the opportunity to have a fully printed colour logo module located anywhere in the matwell to enforce your company brand without compromising the image as with many metal, plastic or other rib or tile configuration.

Unlike conventional matting systems that use printed strips to create a corporate logo which looks like a zebra design image and is part of the overall matting system. Corpromat has the ability to be easily changed quickly and cost effectively as it is a separate module to the rest of the matting and yet fits in perfectly as it becomes a seamless part of the overall entrance matting system.

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Sureprint Prime Logo Floor Mats (MD9000)

Logo Floor Mats

Sureprint prime logo floor mats are the finest quality printed personalised rubber backed logo door mats.

They are custom made with standard sizes in widths of up to 2m and lengths of up to 6m in 1 piece, including semi and circular shapes - and are available in a colour palette of 33 colours with a pantone colour match service option available.

Sureprint logo door mats are ideal for all traffic areas in entrances or reception areas where visual impact and maximum floor protection is demanded. Manufactured from nitrile rubber backing for lay flat properties and 6.6 nylon fabric carpet for durability, the most hard wearing non-trip combination.

Sureprint prime logo mats have either a smooth backing for hard floor areas or a gripper backing where carpet is present to minimise movement.

Welcome logo door mats act as a barrier against the ingress of moisture, dirt, grit and contaminants. Due to their incorporated safety edge and minimal thickness they are fully DDA compliant. We guarantee these mats to be colour fast and fully launderable for a period of 2 years from supply.

A fast track service is available on MD9000 Sureprint Prime Logo Mats.

Sureprint Meadow Outdoor Entrance Matting (MD9300)

Outdoor Entrance Matting

Meadow outdoor entrance matting is 100% PA and is designed for both plain and printed logo use.

Meadow can be supplied in roll format with a Styrol Latex backing for matwell or loose surface laid, with punched holes in the back to allow water to pass through the matting.

Alternatively Meadow mats can be rubber backed and used as a direct replacement for logo coir mats as it is fully weather resistant and will not harbour bacteria and is fully colour fast.

Complies with BS8300 DDA regulation.

Meadow scraper mats can be used in commercial, retail, industrial or public entrances and doorways in both matwells and loose laid applications.

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