Rubber Drainage Tiles & PVC Drainage Mats

Rubber Drainage Tiles

Rubber drainage tiles and PVC drainage mats work in both commercial and industrial premises and provide a safe environment for your staff to work in wet areas or where liquids would create a slippery surface. There are various designs and materials used with this particular kind of drainage mats, so we will happily work with you to ensure that the right one is used for your area. We make ourselves aware of the problems you face, including the notion that steel-capped boots that are worn in chemical plants need a high degree of a slip-resistant surface to maintain a safe environment. Whatever your situation is, we have a range of rubber drainage tiles and PVC drainage mats to solve your issue.

To allow for a free flow of liquids, our mats and tiles work in different ways depending on the amount of liquid needing to be dispersed. From single small tiles to larger interlocking mats, our experts can advise you on the best solution for your premises.

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Suredrain Pastaloop Coil Matting (MD2000)

Coil Matting

Pastaloop coil matting can be used as an indoor or outdoor entrance matting system. These coil matting rolls are an ideal scraper entrance floor mat with a fall-through effect for matwell applications or backed for loose laid applications.

The Pastaloop backed version is ideal for surface mounted applications as it traps the debris and moisture so that it does not transfer to the floor area underneath. In this situation, the spaghetti coil mats need to be lifted and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness, perfect for use in public entrances, changing rooms, wet areas etc. The Pastaloop unbacked version is used in matwells where the dirt and debris is trapped in the base of the matwell and requires just lifting up to be able to vacuum the debris and dirt from the matwell base.

The open construction of the matting with its spaghetti coils of PVC holds a high volume of grit and moisture. This allows for a clean surface to remain and thereby minimises re-tracking. This door matting works especially well in entrance areas where sand is prevalent or fine dust as this falls into the coils and cannot naturally escape.

Available in 7 striking colours in both backed and unbacked versions.

Manufactured to ISO9002, Pastaloop is very cost effective when used as primary barrier matting. It is completely weather and rot proof for both interior or exterior use.

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Suredrain Wave Pattern PVC Matting (MD533)

Wave Pattern PVC Matting

Wave pattern PVC matting are dual wave-patterned soft PVC drainage mats. They are 9.5mm thick highly flexible interlocking floor tiles with alternate 90-degree angle strips to achieve a hard wearing, anti-slip soft feel and aesthetically pleasing look mat - and is available in a variety of colours.

These decorative flooring products are anti-slip tiles, making it suitable for all wet or hygienic areas, as it will not harbour bacteria or mould growth. Wave is a soft barefoot comfortable matting making it perfect for both inside or outside use. It is ideally used around swimming pools, school facilities, play areas, kitchens, garages and workshop floors - in fact anywhere where water can gather.

The unique design of Wave allows for complete drainage and thereby maintains a dry walking/standing area.

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Suredrain Flex PVC Strip Matting (MD532)

PVC Strip Matting

Flex PVC strip matting is a dual strip patterned open grid floor matting for areas subject to liquids. It is a 12mm thick flexible floor mat with 90-degree angle strips to achieve a hard wearing, aesthetically pleasing look - and is great as a walkway mat. These anti-slip tiles are suitable for all wet or hygienic areas, as it will not harbour bacterial growth.

Suredrain can be loose laid onto a suitable floor or bench surface.

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Suredrain Guardian Flowthru Drainage Mats (MD408)

Rubber Drainage Mats

Guardian Flowthru rubber drainage mats are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, where drainage is required along with excellent anti-fatigue properties. A durable and washable rubber drainage tiles with anti-fatigue and anti-microbial properties. The inorganic antimicrobial characteristics are built-in to inhibit the growth of bacteria, such as E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.

Guardian Flowthru mats feature a resilient nitrile rubber construction that eases the fatigue of long-standing jobs in the kitchen or a bar environment also helping to prevent impact breakage. A textured surface offers surefootedness and the throughflow holes contribute to drainage and cleanliness. Oil and grease resistant.

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Suredrain Worksafe Mats (MD635)

Worksafe Mats

Worksafe mats are the popular rubber drainage free-standing anti-fatigue work station kitchen mat. These anti-slip tiles have a multi-directional surface in a solid rubber pattern, making them ideal for traffic from any direction in confined areas.

With holes for drainage and a bevelled edge to all 4 sides, they combine the properties of both anti-fatigue and anti-slip in 1 mat. So 2 mats for the price of 1. These tiles are perfect for places where constant water or any liquid is present as it easily flows under the mat to maintain a safe working environment.

Available in 2 standard sizes in general-purpose black rubber and kitchen oil & grease resistant red rubber.

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Suredrain Deck PVC Connectible Tiles (MD535)

PVC Connectible Tiles

Deck PVC interlocking floor tiles are high-quality flexible tiles that incorporate a unique multi-directional pattern. These anti-slip tiles have this multi-directional pattern as it allows for exceptional drainage. The PVC drainage mats are a cost-effective solution in kitchens where flowing water or liquids makes for unsafe passage - and they are resistant to kitchen oils and grease.

Suredrain is available in 30cm x 30cm x 14mm thick and in various colours.

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Suredrain Octo Interlocking Rubber Tiles (MD630)

Interlocking Rubber Tiles

Octo interlocking rubber tiles are high-quality interlocking floor tiles at 13mm thick and is available with anti-trip bevelled edges. They are soft and comfortable underfoot giving good slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties.

These floor tiles are ideal where a requirement for excellent drainage is sought for safe standing or working. They are perfect for kitchen and bar areas in grease and oil resistant red, or for outside walkways in general-purpose black.

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Suredrain Ring Connectible Rubber Mats (MD900)

Connectible Rubber Mats

Ring connectable rubber mats are hard wearing flexible mats with both large and small holes. These interlocking rubber drainage tiles combine to allow soil, debris and moisture to fall through as well as offering excellent anti-fatigue properties.

Coloured insert brushes are available to create signs or to increase the cleaning action. These specifically designed rubber connectors, large floor areas can be laid easily and quickly without special skills.

This is a truly multi-purpose rubber flooring tile product and can be used for roof access areas or in kitchens, on construction sites, ski centres, garden centres, greenhouses, recreation areas or anywhere to combat heavy foot borne spoilage, moisture or snow.

Suredrain ring rubber tiles are also used for ground stabilisation allowing grass to grow and solidifying muddy areas.

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