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Mat & Matting Products

Browse Our Diverse Inventory of Mats and Matting Products to Find Solutions for All Your Flooring Application Needs

At MatsDirect, we pride ourselves on not only providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction but also on offering the most comprehensive inventory of mats and matting specially curated to meet all your flooring application needs.

Clicking on each of the sections below will provide you with the opportunity to explore our diverse catalogue of floor mats and matting, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Entrance Door Matting Systems
  • Personalised Logo Mats
  • Rubber Matting
  • PVC Interlocking Tiles
  • Floor Mats
  • Electrical Switchboard Matting
  • Anti-Static Mats
  • Anti-Fatigue Matting
  • Gymnastics Matting
  • Crash Mats

Floor Mats

Designed for use inside or out, floor mats visually enhance corporate and commercial spaces while preserving delicate floorings beneath them such as carpeting and hardwood. Our extensive MatsDirect collection of floor mats provides the ideal solutions for all your commercial floor matting needs. 

Available in every size, shape, and colour, we offer floor mats designed with safety and durability in mind. Our complete inventory of extended carpet runner floor mats is fit for any hotel reception, event presentation, or VIP red carpet gala.

Entrance Matting Systems

Entrances to any building are easily made safer and more inviting when good footing is provided by an entrance matting system. To complement any retail shop or store, commercial structure, shopping centre, or airport entrance, MatsDirect offers complete ranges of Aluminium grid and fall through matting as well as modular Rubber entrance matting systems.

Personalised Company and Corporate Logo Floor Mats

Welcome clients into your establishment with a personalised corporate logo floor mat.

Personalised custom floor mats are the perfect way to promote your company's brand and are designed for both surface applications and mat well installation. Our fully customisable corporate logo floor mats are fabricated for long-lasting durability using only the highest quality Coir natural fibres and Coirsyn synthetic fibres – both of which are inlaid by hand.

Printed on commercial-grade materials and using modern manufacturing technology, our complete line of corporate logo floor mats is printed in stunning colour and vivid detail. Every custom floor mat is rubber backed to ensure it remains safely in place whether applied in mat wells or to surfaces such as linoleum tile or hard wood floors. 

Available in an assortment of additional materials, sizes and applications, corporate logo floor mats make ideal counter mats and serve as the perfect accentuating feature for product launches and sponsored events.

Rubber Matting

Offered in sheet format, by the roll, or interlocking and connectible tiles for simple installation, our rubber matting incorporates both anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties to provide the safest and most comfortable footing in the industry.

Perfect for use in kitchens and other areas known to be slippery when wet, our full line of PVC matting is chemical, grease, and oil resistant, providing the best anti-slip solutions for your high traffic and high-risk areas.

MatsDirect’s broad selection of rubber matting includes multiple finish and texture options to complement any motif or décor. Optional finishes and textures include (but are not limited to):

  • Fluted
  • Broad Rib
  • Castellated
  • Coin
  • Rope
  • Lattice
  • Orange Peel

Electrical Switchboard Mats / Non-Conductive Mats / Insulated Safety Matting

Often referred to as switchboard matting, our non-conductive mats protect workers from the deadly shocks generated by high voltage tools and equipment found in the oil, gas, and marine industries.

Our insulated safety matting is rigorously tested, ensuring a high dielectric strength and is stamped tested and certified to all IEC61111, BS EN and ASTM D178 modern standards.

Switchboard mats are designed to save lives and MatsDirect places great emphasis on providing only the highest quality insulated safety matting for any application where live electricity is actively worked with.

ESD Anti-Static Bench / Anti-Static Floor Matting

MatsDirect proudly offers anti-static ESD work benches and anti-static floor mats which serve to protect sensitive equipment by safely dissipating static electricity. Included with our complete line of anti-static matting products are free studs, interlocking tiles, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Workspaces such as those in various computing, electronics, and technology fields require a static-free environment to preserve the integrity of sensitive components during assembly and use.

Our anti-static floor mats safely and efficiently transfer static build-up from workers to the floor, thereby adding another protective measure to ensure worker safety while maintaining the integrity of highly sensitive electronic and technological equipment and components.

Gymnastics Mats / Sports Mats / MMA Matting

MatsDirect offers a diverse collection of mats and matting for your gymnastics, exercise, rehabilitation, and training needs. Our expansive inventory of sports mats are available in stacking, rolling, or folding formats and includes gym mats, track and field crash mats for personal protection, and mixed martial arts (MMA) Tatami puzzle matting tiles.

Please feel free to contact us should you be unable to find the mat or matting products you require, as we may have a suitable product available but not yet listed on our website.

Entrance Door Matting Systems

Essential for high traffic entryways where durable floor protection is vital. Our complete line of high-performance entrance mat solutions helps to protect your home or establishment's interior from dirt, debris, and moisture while providing a safe and aesthetically appealing flooring element.

Available in the following formats: Heavy-duty rubber modular tile systems, Aluminium grid and panel application, Coir, and PVC coil.

Welcome Door Mats, Printed Carpet & Advertising Floor Mat

Custom-made and personalised with your corporate logo, these matting solutions are designed for both surface and mat well application. 

Fabricated by combining the most durable Coir and Coirsyn fibre and modern printing technology available, these rubber-backed mats are perfect for use in advertising, product launches, and corporate sponsored or VIP red carpet events.

Rubber Mat & Kitchen Mats, Tiles & Plastic Flooring.

Designed for durability and use in any kitchen or industry where sure footing is essential, MatsDirect offers the most comprehensive collection of Rubber and PVC Plastic anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip matting, mat rolls, patterned sheeting and interlocking floor tiles available. 

Electrical Switchboard Matting & ESD Anti-Static Mat

Our entire inventory of electrical switchboard safety matting is tested to BS921/1976, ASTM D178, IEC6111 & VDE0303, fully certified, stamped and tested to 11Kv, 15kv, 20Kv, 30Kv, 40kv, 50Kv. 

ESD Anti-static bench and floor matting rolls include studs free of charge as well as interlocking tiles and PPE equipment.

Reception Floor Mat. Carpet Runners, Chair Mat & Barrier Matting

We offer a diverse catalogue of rubber-backed carpet runners, loose lay floor mats, office barrier, and dust control matting to complement the style of any home, office, or establishment. Each matting product is heavy duty, fully washable, colourfast, and DDA compliant. 

Sports Mats, MMA Interlocking tiles, Exercise Matting, Crash Mats, Gym Flooring

MatsDirect is a subject matter expert in a wide range of sports, gymnastics and exercise matting, personal protective crash matting, and MMA Tatami puzzle tiles. Also within our area of expertise are heavy duty rubber floor mats for gym areas hosting free weights and large, bulky exercise equipment, as these spaces require maximum flooring protection.