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At Matsdirect, we pride ourselves on not only providing the highest levels of customer service, satisfaction and technical know how but by also offering a comprehensive range of quality mats, roll matting and interlocking tiles specially manufactured to meet your flooring requirements wherever in the world they may be?.

Clicking on each of the links below will provide you with the opportunity to explore our catalogue of solutions, which includes (but is not limited to):

Floor Mats

Designed for use inside or outside, floor mats visually enhance corporate and commercial spaces while preserving delicate floorings beneath them such as carpeting, tiles or hardwood. Our extensive collection of floor mats provides the ideal solutions for all your industrial and commercial floor matting needs. 

We offer a diverse catalogue of SBR Rubber and Nitrile rubber backed long carpet runners, loose lay indoor and outdoor large floor mats, office dust control matting in standard or bespoke sizes to complement the colour or style of any  office, or establishment. Each matting product is high quality, heavy duty, fully washable, colourfast, and DDA compliant.

Available in standard sizes our industrial anti fatigue and anti slip floor mats are designed with health, safety and durability in mind.

Entrance Matting Systems

Entrances to any building are easily made safer and more inviting when safe footing is provided by an entrance matting system. To complement any retail shop or store, commercial structure, shopping centre, or airport entrance.

Matsdirect offers a comprehensive range of high performance entrance mat solutions which helps to protect your establishment's interior from dirt, debris, and moisture whilst providing a safe DDA compliant and aesthetically appealing flooring element for use in both matwells and surface laid applications.

Available in the following formats:

Heavy duty rubber modular tile systems with carpet and Rubber ribs for both interior and exterior use.

Aluminium fall through grid and closed panel application with many carpet, rubber, brush and PVC inserts for differing applications.

Natural Coir  in 17mm DDA compliant custom cut rolls and Coirsyn DDA 10mm thick custom cut mats

Personalised Door Mats & Red VIP Carpets

Welcome clients into your establishment with a personalised corporate logo floor mat.

Personalised custom made in both standard and bespoke sizes they are the perfect way to promote your company's brand and are designed for both surface applications and matwell installations.

Printed with dyes creating stunning colour and photo like vivid detail on commercial-grade materials and using the most modern manufacturing technology, our mats are rubber backed to ensure they remain safely in place whether applied in mat wells or to surfaces such as carpet, linoleum, tile or hard wood floors.

Fabricated by hand Coir and Coirsyn fibre welcome door mats are available in a limited variety of colours however the designs can be quite complex due to the skill of our craftsmen. Coir and coirsyn mats are designed for matwell applications and are DDA compliant in 17mm and 10 mm respectively.

Available in an assortment of additional materials, sizes and applications, corporate logo brand mats make ideal counter mats and serve as the perfect accentuating feature for product launches and sponsored events.

To offer hospitality to any VIP visitor a red carpet is a must. Any corporate event, hotel reception area product launch party, film premier or wedding the expectation is to be welcomed by walking on the red carpet to enter the building and at Matsdirect we have various qualities, red shades, widths and lengths to suit that special occasion. Make those special guests feel pampered by laying out your red carpet to show your hospitality.

Rubber Matting Rolls & Sheets

Offered in sheet format, by the roll, or interlocking and connectible tiles for simple installation, our rubber matting incorporates both anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties to provide the safest and most comfortable footing in the industry.

Whether Nitrile or grease and oil resistant blended Rubber closed or open grid mats can be used in kitchen or bar areas or anywhere water or liquids are a problem all in common standard sizes with built in or connectible edges for safety.

Matsdirect’s broad selection of rubber matting is available in full rolls and custom cut sizes, patterns, fine flute, broad rib, round stud ect and colours depending on product choice and in varying cut lengths from 10Mtr, widths of 1Mtr to 1.2Mtrs and thicknesses from 2mm to 4mm, 6mm, 10mm,and thicker dependant on product choice.

Anti-fatigue mats

Anti fatigue mats are put on top of any flooring for the relief of pain caused by long standing jobs when operators remain in 1 place for long periods of time. This can be at receptions or on packing lines, product preparation and many other areas. The anti fatigue matting products can be made from Blown PVC to solid soft feel PVC, Nitrile or SBR Rubber all with varying patterns and finishes. Matsdirect has a comprehensive range to offer solutions in either rolls or individual mats in both standard and custom cut mat configurations.

PVC Floorings & Kitchen Mats

Perfect for use in kitchens, leisure areas, pool sides, changing rooms and other areas known to be slippery when wet. With holes of different sizes to allow for water or other liquids to easily pass under the flooring product our full line of PVC matting rolls are chemical, grease, and oil resistant, providing the best anti-slip solutions for your high traffic and high-risk areas.

PVC interlocking or connectible floor tiles are ideal for replacing worn or tired looking floor areas and are available in different patterns, colours and thicknesses along with diminishing edges to avoid trip hazards.

Electrical Safety Matting

Often referred to as switchboard matting, our non-conductive Electrosafe Rubber custom cut mats and full rolls in standard 91cm, 100cm and 120cm widths and 10Mtr long are being specified around the world to protect workers from the deadly shocks generated by high voltage tools and equipment found in the oil, gas, marine and other industries.

Electrosafe Rubber insulated safety matting is rigorously tested, ensuring a high dielectric strength is achieved to the following certifications where indicated BS921/1976, ASTM D178, IEC6111 & VDE0303, fully certified, stamped and independently tested to 450v, 650v, 1000v, 7.5Kv,17Kv, 26.5kv, 36Kv and 50Kv. All our electrosafe Rubber matting is available with certificates of conformity upon request.

Switchboard carpet mats are designed to save lives and Matsdirect places the greatest emphasis possible on providing only the highest quality Rubber insulated safety matting for any application where live electricity is actively worked with.

Anti-Static ESD Matting

Matsdirect proudly offers Surestat anti-static ESD work benches and anti-static floor mats which serve to protect sensitive equipment by safely dissipating static electricity. Included with our complete line of anti-static products are free studs for the bench mats, interlocking floor tiles, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet health and safety regulations.

Available in layered Rubber rolls or cut length sizes off the roll for the bench and in roll format or custom cut sizes in PVC EOS/ESD foam for long standing anti- fatigue operations and in PVC interlocking tile format for heavy duty applications.

Workspaces such as those in various computing, electronics, and technology fields require a static-free environment to preserve the integrity of sensitive components during assembly and use.

Surestat anti-static floor mats safely and efficiently transfer static build-up from workers to the floor, thereby adding another protective measure to ensure worker safety while maintaining the integrity of highly sensitive electronic and technological equipment and components.

Gymnastics Matting & Crash Mats

Offering a wide range of sports, gym mats, exercise matting, Personal protective crash mats. Also within our area of expertise are heavy duty rubber floor mats, interlocking tiles and Rubber rolls for gym areas hosting free weights and large, bulky exercise equipment, as these spaces require maximum flooring protection.

Our diverse collection of Judo mats and floor and wall matting for dojo, exercise and injury rehabilitation are available in stacking, rolling, or folding formats and includes gym mats, track and field landing mats along with sensory crash mats for personal protection.

Tatami MMA Mats

MMA Mixed martial arts training tiles are available in three formats beginners, intermediate and competition they are manufactured by Trocellen and we are approved suppliers of this range of high quality closed cell monodensity polyethylene interlocking puzzle tiles.

We also have a cost conscious range  manufactured from EVA foam also available where budgets are tight or a mixed martial arts class is being set up.

Printed Carpets & Brand Mats

Printed carpet in a range of range of materials and qualities to suit a myriad of applications including board room fit outs VIP red carpet functions, product advertising in retail outlets for a day a month or even a year

Brand mats being Nitrile Rubber base with guaranteed lay flat properties and only 2mm in thickness with a photo quality smooth flat polyester fabric top can be used to used to advertise product launches be it on a counter top or a floor area. Ideal as replacements for floor graphics as they can be lifted and cleaned easily

Please feel free to contact us today on +44 (0)161 797 6785 should you be unable to find the floor mats or matting products you require, as we may have a suitable product available but not yet listed on our website.

Entrance Door Matting Systems

Essential for high traffic entryways where durable floor protection is vital.

Welcome Door Mats, Printed Carpet & Advertising Floor Mat

Custom cut and standard size these welcome door mats are printed using colour fast dyes

Rubber Mat & Kitchen Mats, Tiles & Plastic Flooring.

A comprehensive collection of Rubber & PVC mat products

Electrical Switchboard Matting & ESD Anti-Static Mat

A portfolio of high quality Electrical insulating safety matting tested & certified

Reception Floor Mat. Carpet Runners, Chair Mat & Barrier Matting

We offer a diverse catalogue of rubber backed reception floor mat & long carpet runners

Sports Mats, MMA Interlocking tiles, Exercise Matting, Crash Mats, Gym Flooring

Experts in a wide range of martial arts, gymnastics mats and crash matting