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Mat & Matting Products From Matsdirect UK Limited

Find Numerous Solutions To Satisfy A Myriad Of Mat Matting & Flooring Applications

The sections below will allow you to go straight to the area of product you may be looking for so that you can then filter to find the exact mat and matting product you require.

Door Mats

For use inside and outside on hard floors or carpet areas for both protection and safety as well as durability. Long carpet runners including VIP red carpets for events, hotel reception, or event presentations.

Entrance Matting Systems

In retail shops and stores, commercial buildings, shopping centres, airport entrances. All entrances to buildings require some form of entrance matting system especially if it has heavy usage and Matsdirect offer a complete range of Aluminium grid and fall through matting, and Rubber module entrance matting systems.

Personalised Company Corporate Logo Floor Mats

To be laid in matwells in Coir and coirsyn materials which are hand inlaid. Printed Rubber backed logo mats for use both in matwells and surface laid on hard floors and carpet areas with stunning logo graphics. Brand and product launch POS, POP, counter mats in various materials, sizes and applications.

Rubber Matting

in rolls and sheet format for both anti slip and anti fatigue properties with numerous finishes including fluted, broad rib, castellated, coin, rope, lattice, and even orange peel. PVC matting rolls with chemical, grease and oil resistance and anti slip properties are ideal in kitchen and wet areas to avoid slips. Interlocking and connectible tile formats for simple installations and flooring replacement.

Electrical Switchboard Insulating Safety Matting Carpet

For use on all switchboard applications in the oil, gas and marine environments. Any application where live electricity is being worked on requires electrical safety Rubber matting. All Matsdirect Electrical Rubber safety matting is stamped tested and certified to all IEC61111, BS EN and ASTM D178 standards.

ESD Anti Static Bench & Floor Mats.

Available with free studs on the bench mats and PPE equipment for personnel working in static sensitive environments.

Gymnastics Sports Mats & Matting

Including MMA tatami puzzle mat tiles, exercise and rehabilitation matting in both lightweight and foldable mat formats. Rollable gym mats for various sports activities. Track & field mats and crash mats for personal protection.

Please contact us should you be unable to find the product you require as we may have a suitable product not yet on our web site.

Entrance Door Matting Systems

Heavy duty Rubber modular tile systems, Aluminium grid & panel products. Coir & PVC coil mats where maximum heavy duty floor protection is vital.

Welcome Door Mats, Printed Carpet & Advertising Floor Mat

Custom made personalised corporate logo floor mats, printed exhibition and event VIP red carpets. Advertising product brand mats. Coir matting for commercial and retail matwell entrances.

Rubber Mat & Kitchen Mats, Tiles & Plastic Flooring.

Rubber & PVC Plastic anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip matting, rolls, interlocking floor tiles & patterned sheeting.

Electrical Switchboard Matting & ESD Anti-Static Mat

Electrical Switchboard Safety Matting. Tested to BS921/1976, ASTM D178, IEC6111 & VDE0303, fully certified, stamped and tested to 11Kv, 15kv, 20Kv, 30Kv, 40kv, 50Kv. ESD Anti-static bench & floor matting rolls including FREE studs as well as interlocking tiles and PPE equipment

Reception Floor Mat. Carpet Runners, Chair Mat & Barrier Matting

Rubber backed carpet runners, loose lay floor mats. Office barrier dust control matting. Bespoke custom made DDA compliant door mats. Fully washable heavy duty, colourfast. & hard wearing.

Sports Mats, MMA Interlocking tiles, Exercise Matting, Crash Mats, Gym Flooring

Matsdirect specialise in a wide range of sports, gymnastics & exercise matting, personal protective crash matting, martial arts tatami puzzle tiles. Gym weights area Rubber floor mat.