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Interlocking Floor Mats

A range of interlocking or connectible anti fatigue anti slip floor tiles for temporary or permanent flooring replacement.

Anti-fatigue and anti slip qualities with oil and grease resistance and drainage ability there are numerous uses for the different products in this section or just simply and quickly change a floors usage.

Suretred Surering Rubber Connectible Floor Tile

Heavy duty Surering connectible Rubber floor tile are available in 16mm, 20mm or 25mm thicknesses

Flexible Rubber floor tile product Ideal for ground stabilization.

Sure ring has large and small holes to combine to allow soil debris and moisture to fall through with connectors and coloured insert brushes to create signs or to increase the cleaning action.

With specifically designed rubber connectors, large floor areas indoors or outdoors can be laid easily and quickly without special skills. The unique designs of large and small holes combine to give excellent anti fatigue and anti-slip properties.

This is a truly multi purpose Rubber flooring tile product and can be used for roof access areas or construction sites, ski centres, garden centres, greenhouses, recreation areas or anywhere to combat heavy foot borne soilage, moisture or snow.

Sure ring Rubber tiles are also used for ground stabilisation allowing grass to grow through the floor tile and solidifying muddy areas.

Suretred Ring Rubber Interlocking Floor Tile

High quality interlocking Rubber drainage tiles at 13mm thick, available with anti-trip bevelled edges.

Soft and comfortable under foot giving good slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties.

These floor tiles are ideal where a requirement for excellent drainage properties is saught.

Perfect for kitchen and bar areas in grease and oil resistant red, or for outside walkways in general purpose black.

Suretred Cushion Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles

Suretred Stud interlocking Rubber floor tiles are ideal in Gym or exercise areas where a good non slip surface is required.

With interlocking edges so that areas can be separated for specific activities without causing trip hazards.

These Rubber tiles have a unique hollow and stud underside which gives the product excellent sound absorption and impact resistance as well as maintaining very good anti-fatigue properties.

Suretred Stud Rubber Interlocking Floor Tile

General purpose SBR synthetic/Natural rubber matting tiles.

Economical yet superior quality stud design surface offering anti-slip characteristics from any direction of approach.

Stud Rubber puzzle tiles require no adhesive and can be laid directly over existing hard flooring in most cases and is also ideally suited for loose lay applications for walkways, treadmats, runners and general purpose industrial and commercial areas.

An excellent choice for Gym exercise and weights areas.

Suretred Deck PVC Interlocking Floor Tile

A high quality flexible PVC interlocking anti slip floor tile, incorporating a unique multi-directional pattern

The anti slip floor tile multi-directional pattern allows for exceptional drainage.

A cost effective solution where flowing water or liquids makes for unsafe passage.

Resistance to kitchen oils and grease

Available in 30cm X 30cm X14mm thickness in various colours

Suretred Bark PVC Interlocking Floor Tile

Bark pattern anti-slip interlocking floor tiles

These Bark pattern floor tiles are manufactured from high quality soft feel PVC.

The popular bark pattern of the anti slip interlocking floor tile is ideal for multi-directional traffic. High impact resistance and hard wearing.

With a strong "t" bar connection detail the tiles are easy to fit but stay connected without the use of adhesive.

Available in 50cm X 50cm @7mm thickness

Availalable in numerous colour ways.

Suretred Circle PVC Interlocking Floor Tile

The popular circle stud pattern anti slip tile being ideal for traffic from any direction.

Manufactured from a high quality soft feel PVC.

The tight fitting ‘T’ bar edge pattern limits any movement when connected so eliminating the need for adhesion.

Very good cold to floor insulation hard wearing and durable. Easy cleaning and aesthetically pleasing appearence.

Excellent for covering a worn floor area, quick and easy fit requiring no special skills, tools or adhesives.

Available in 500cm X 500cm X 5mm in a full range of colours