Gym Crash Mats & Gym Wall Padding

Gym Crash Mats

Here at Matsdirect, we like to cover all bases for flooring needs and this includes various sport and fitness mats such as Gym crash mats. Suresport gym mats covers a whole range of matting solutions that come in a range of sizes, colours, thickness and foam densities. Gym crash mats are a perfect solution for various sports that may include some contact with the floor. Whether that is a sport like gymnastics and tumbling, contact sports such as jiu-jitsu or restraint training in terms of self-defence classes. They promote a safe flooring solution to reduce the risk of injury and promote safer training.

Matsdirect also supply a full range of gym wall padding to accommodate most requirements of safety requests and can offer a complete bespoke wall padding and flooring service if required for your gymnasium, sport or even restrictive safety areas.

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Suresport Gymnasium Crash Mats (MD6001)

Gymnasium Crash Mats

Suresport gym crash mats are heavy-duty floor mats for use in tough environments. There are many types of crash mats with all kinds of colours and thicknesses according to the activity.

These mats have a flame retardant, heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced PVC zip cover with an anti-slip bottom to prevent movement when in use. They have re-enforced corners and connecting elements to create a bigger area are also available.

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 4001: & 9001: 2015.

Breather holes, carrying handles and velcro fastening are all possible - just ask for your personalisation.

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Suresport Fitness Mats (MD6002)

Fitness Mats

All of our Suresport fitness matting range is manufactured to the highest quality, using the best materials. This lightweight, thin and easy to carry mats are perfect for younger children.

All of this range of mats are covered in a strong easy clean PVC, and are ideal for home use. Available in a range colours and sizes at very affordable prices, even with our bespoke service.

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Suresport Wall Padding Mats (MD6003)

Wall Padding Mats

Wall padding is used in DOJO's, schools, leisure centres, prisons and hospital facilities. Our standard wall mats are available in a number of options including thickness, colours and the fixing methods. Most applications can be satisfied with these options, however, there are always special circumstances and when these occasions occur our bespoke manufacturing capability really comes into its own.

We offer site visits to determine your requirements, these will include measurements, run lengths, materials, colours and even branding - we will cater to all your needs.

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Suresport Foldable Re-Hab Mats (MD6004)

Foldable Re-Hab Mats

Suresport foldable re-hab mats are foldable and easily storable general-purpose re-hab exercise floor mats. These mats are soft-touch PVC covered giving a supportive feel. Being foldable, these mats can be stored in a small space easily and are reasonably light.

They are generally gentle exercise or protection gym crash mats that are easily transportable with carrying handles. They provide a relatively large safe area to work on for re-habilitation and can be supplied with connectors to increase the areas if required.

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Roll Out Mats (MD6005)

Roll Out Mats

Perfect for use in multi-purpose facilities. Large areas can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes. The product is lightweight and easy to transport. Manufactured using a high-density cross-link foam. Comes with a heavy-duty PVC covering.

Available in blue or black.

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Suresport Dancing / Firemans Pole Mat (MD6006)

Dancing / Firemans Pole Mat

We have an excellent range of pole mats for home, studio or fire station using the highest quality materials. All of our pole mats come in a range of sizes and colours.

Offering pole dancing crash mats for novices to practice their routines and techniques safely at home before moving up to the professional quality. So whether you are looking for a new mat for your studio or home use we can offer you the perfect mat in standard or bespoke manufacture.

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Suresport Cushion Tile (MD608)

Cushion Tile

Ideal in gym areas where a good non-slip surface is required, with interlocking edges so that large areas can be quickly laid without causing a trip hazard. These rubber mats have a unique hollow and stud underside which gives the product excellent sound absorption and impact resistance as well as having very good anti-fatigue properties.

Cushion tile diminishing edges are available to finish off an area allowing a smooth transition from one area to another.

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Useful Product Information

Can I have my tumbling mats in blue colour?

Blue is actually the most popular colour for most kinds of gymnastics mats however we also offer red and black in most cases.