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Diamond Multi-Directional Entrance Matting System

Surewalk Diamond Rubber Modular Entrance Matting System

High Absorbency Smooth Transition entrance matting

A new approach to multi-directional entranceway protection.

SATRA tested to TM144 for slip resistance. Diamond entrance matting achieved a HIGH resistance to slip in both Wet & Dry conditions.

Diamond entrance floor matting has been specially designed for non-conforming door entrances where traffic does not always flow in a straight line. Due to this unique design where ever the traffic flows be it left, right or at any angles to the doorway entrance they will always achieve 100% contact with the carpet fibres of the mat making Diamond floor matting the only true multi directional mat system. Interchangeable modules to maximize wear and easily replaceable at minimal cost thus extending the life cycle of the door mat.

Because there is no ribs in the design, wheels simply glide over the mat in any direction eliminating the judder of traditional ribbed mats this is particularly important when transporting anything delicate over the entrance area.

The unique characteristic of the Diamond entrance matting system is in the deployment of a matrix of diamond studs, carpet pads and round Rubber studs as opposed to alternating ribs found in most commercial entrance door mat systems. Ensuring the removal of moisture and grit through its unique interactive cleaning action, incorporating over 256 diamond studs and 3500 round studs in every square metre, creating Active Pile Technology ® with the Nylon fibres.

The integration of our MD9600 Corpromat full colour printed logo floor mat system giving the option to place the logo anywhere within the Matwell takes Diamond Matwell mat to a new dimension.

Appreciated by purchasers, designers, specifiers and installers of entrance door matting systems that have matwells for its simplicity, effectiveness and yet offering value for money the Rubber Diamond multi-directional entrance door matting system is a real winner all round.

Eight important benefits that make DIAMOND entrance door matting modules the obvious choice for multidirectional high to medium traffic areas.

Diamond entrance floor mat is safe:

  • Its rubber base is a user friendly material, guaranteed to lie perfectly flat to the floor ensuring a safe, trip and slip-free entrance area and its studded surface is a boon to the visually impaired at doorways.

Diamond entrance floor mat is quiet:

  • Exhibits excellent sound absorption.

Diamond entrance door mat is tough on dirt:

  • Featuring 100% scrape / wipe surface contact across the whole mat in any direction.

Diamond entrance door mat is modular:

  • Installation is simplicity itself as each module is easy to handle and completely interchangeable without the need for adhesives special tools, equipment or skills.

Diamond entrance floor mat gives a smooth ride:

  • Perfect for trolleys and wheeled vehicles without compromising its effectiveness.

Diamond entrance floor mat is ready to lay:

  • It can be trimmed on and to site requirements, curved or angular with no compromise to its exceptional strength and durability.

Diamond entrance door mat is hygienic:

  • Its highly retentive contact surface is specially designed to capture and conceal soil age where it can be dealt with as part of the routine cleaning programme eliminating the costly and disruptive need to lift out the matting for periodic cleaning.

Diamond entrance floor mat is easy to maintain:

  • Standard vacuuming on a daily basis and a deep shampoo clean periodically will ensure its effectiveness and good looks.

Diamond entrance matting modules are a:

  • Triumph in computer generated, state of the art design and flexibility. Manufactured to ISO9002 and conforming to current BS8300 DDA regulations.

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MD3000 Diamond entrance matting system specification MD3000 Diamond entrance matting system information MD3000 Diamond entrance matting system slip resistance MD3000 Diamond entrance matting system fitting instructions MD3000 Diamond entrance matting system nbs clause

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