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Office Reception Floor Mats

Loose lay floor mats for offices receptions and walkway areas.

Entrance Door Mats

Hard wearing floor mats in single or mixed colours with Nitrile rubber backing

Barrier matting

Helping to restrict the ingress of debris and moisture on into the main building floor areas these floor mats are generally laid after a primary entrance mat system to capture any remaining contaminants

Carpet Runners

When specified correctly these long runners are very effective and do enhance and protect floor areas in entranceway's, lobbies & corridor walkways

Chair mats

reception or office chairs can seriously damage carpet or floor areas with the constant moving of the small wheels. By using Polycarbonate or PVC chair mats the damage can be minimised and with the added safety of not moving on the floor surface eliminating accidents.

Heavy duty Iron and Sopper door mat and luxurious Monomat floor mat products have a Nitrile Rubber backing, are fully Rubber edged for safety and ensure lay flat properties.

Washable, highly absorbent and colour-fast, using many solid and mixed colour options.

Suresafe Office Chair Mat Protectors

Chair safe floor protection mats are ideal to minimise wear to carpets or hard floors.

The constant rolling of the chair wheels can cause serious damage to all types of floors including hard wooden vinyl or soft floors like carpet or carpet tiles but by using chair safe floor mat protectors they allow for safe movement without the chance of rucking and thereby saving a potential accident.

Available in hard wearing PVC and Polycarbonate with different sizes and shapes and finishes for carpet areas or hard floors these chair mats will create a safe hard wearing solution to damaged floors and prevent major further damage to the existing floor area.

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Suretred All Rubber Finger Tip Door Mats

High quality natural Rubber floor mat with thousands of tough, flexible Rubber fingers

To brush clean feet and collect dust, debris and moisture and trap it in the base of the door mat. Perfect for outside cabins on building sites or entry to any building from an outside area.

Integrally moulded bevelled safety edging as standard allowing excellent non-trip properties.

Ideal for an outside door mat as it is completely weather proof.

Finger tip Rubber mats can also be used as an anti-fatigue stand-alone mat.

Guardian All Nitrile Rubber anti-slip barrier door mats

Guardian Solid Nitrile Rubber barrier door mats for indoor or outdoor use

Anti-slip surefooted and safe in all weather conditions and requiring little maintenance a real cost effective alternative to other barrier mats. Fully oil resistant.

High quality Griptop Rubber texture with an easy to clean dust and dirt retentive surface and slip resistant rubber backing. Integrally moulded bevelled safety edging as standard allowing excellent non-trip and anti-fatigue properties.

Performs exceptionally well in wet areas, kitchens, industrial machine areas due to its resistance to oils greases and solvents an all round cost effective matting solution.

Soppermat Indoor Outdoor Rubber floor mats

Single colour Polypropylene carpet fibre Rubber backed dust control barrier floor mats

Having a good anti-slip design and incorporate an anti-trip bevelled edge to all 4 sides.

Soppermat is a cost conscious all weather solution for indoor/outdoor entrance areas. Available in 5 standard sizes.

Soppermats are fully washable and have solution dyed Polypropylene fabric woven into a dirt and water retention waffle design.

With 5 dirt hiding colour options giving the Soppermat barrier floor mat product the opportunity to blend or contrast with any interior/exterior colour design.

A cost conscious solution for a permanent or temporary indoor/outdoor mat in light, medium or heavy traffic door entrance areas.

Monomat Single Colour Rubber Door Mats

Luxurious single colour nylon and nitrile rubber backed barrier door mats

Fully washable, colour fast and have a Rubber safety edge to all four sides. The Rubber backing helps to keep the mats lay flat and have an anti trip edge.

Ideal where a single colour is floor mat is required to reduce the wear factor to the existing floors in heavy wear areas.

Gauranteed to lay flat on carpets or hard floors monomat will not curl or break edges.

Solving dirt and moisture ingress problems particularly where a carpet is present can become a headache however because Monomat is a solid colour product this makes the problem easier to solve.

Solution dyed single colour Nylon yarn with 15 beautiful colour options giving the Monomat dust control barrier floor mat perfect contrast capabilities as well as the deception of looking luxurious and elegant even when it is hiding dirt and moisture.

Perfect for a permanent or temporary solution to light, medium or heavy traffic areas.

Available in standard and custom made bespoke sizes

Iron Mat Rubber Backed Floor Mats

The best selling reception floor mat for every entrance.

Available in standard and made to measure custom made bespoke sizes.

These Heavy duty hard wearing Nylon and Nitrile Rubber backed loose lay reception floor mats are fully washable, colour fast and have a Rubber safety edge to all four sides.

Smooth or gripper back for hard floors or carpet surfaces.

These Iron floor mats will not curl or break off edges as they are Nitrile Rubber backed and as such are resistant to many oils chemicals and greases. They are perfect for commercial, office, retail and industrial areas.

Available in 10 mixed colour options to suit most environments.

PVC Pastaloop Coil Entrance Matting

Heavy-duty PVC vinyl coil pastaloop cut mats or rolls provide an ideal scraper entrance floor mat

With a fall-through effect for matwell applications or backed for loose laid applications.

The open construction of the matting with coils of PVC holds a high volume of grit and moisture enabling a clean surface to remain thereby minimise re-tracking.

Available in 7 striking colours in both backed and unbacked versions.

Especially good in entrance areas where sand is prevalent or fine dust as this falls into the coils and cannot naturally escape.

Manufactured to ISO9002, Pastaloop is very cost effective when used as a primary barrier door mat, completely weather and rot proof for interior or exterior use.

Pastaloop backed version is ideal in surface mounted applications as it traps the debris and moisture so that it does not transfer to the floor area underneath. In this situation the coil mats need to be lifted and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness, perfect for use in public entrances, changing rooms, wet areas ect.

Pastaloop door matting unbacked version is used in matwells where the dirt and debris is trapped in the base of the matwell and requires just lifting up to be able to vacuum the debris and dirt from the matwell base.

Coir (Coconut) Bespoke Cut Entrance Door Mats

Coir entrance matting can only be used in the 17mm version in public entranceways

This is to conform to current BS8300 DDA regulations.

Coir entrance door mats are a hard working 100% natural Coir fibre with a PVC backing. Coir Matting is available in various colours at the 17mm thickness.

Coir floor mats can be used in retail, industrial, commercial, or public entrances in matwells as well as surface mounted where it needs to have ramped edges to allow for a smooth transition from one level to the Coir mat.

Coir is sometimes referred to as coconut matting. The coir fibre entrance door mat product has been servicing doors and entranceways for many years and is hard wearing.

To clean the matting just take the matting out and shake to release the dirt.

Offering an economical alternative to a full entrance matting system Coir (Coconut) mats are ideal in low to medium traffic areas.