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Matsdirect UK Limited Customer Vault Mat & Matting Resource Area

Free information resource area that will benefit users mats, matting and associated products.

Information will be added when we feel it will be of help to our customers and as we input further content we hope you will ask questions on our form if there is something we have not covered.

Entrance Matting

  • How large should my entrance matting system be?

According to tests carried out the ideal length should be 6M however this is not practical in normal commercial buildings so the answer is simply as long as you can make it.

The width just needs to cover the area where traffic will flow from the door entrance.

  • How do I measure a matwell?

A simple answer is to take measurements of the matwell across the corners from front to back at each side and across left to right again at the top and bottom if in doubt please contact us.

Once a matting system is cut to shape it is expensive to change so as the old saying goes Measure Twice Cut Once

Electrical Safety Matting

  • What is the difference between working, tested and dielectric voltage?

Working voltage is the maximum that your switchboard is working to, whereas the tested voltage is what the matting will accept before failing and the dielectric voltage is what the matting has been tested to find its leakage parameters.

  • When does and electrical safety mat need to be replaced?

Generally when there is visual wear to the flutes on the matting or when the matting has been in use for a period of 5 years

Floor Mats

  • What is the difference between flat, smooth, gripper, pimple or universal backing?

Flat or smooth backings are terms used for mats that are to be placed on hard floors for example stone, tiles, vinyl, marble etc.

Gripper or pimple backing are terms used for mats that are to be placed on soft floors for example long or short pile carpets.

Universal backing is generally designed with a smooth area around the outer area of the backing and the central area has the gripper design this is so the carpet can be used on hard or soft floors but it is a compromise and will not be as effective as a dedicated backing.

  • What type of mat can be used for anti fatigue purposes?

There are all kinds of mats for anti fatigue use but it usually has a sponge type feel whether its Rubber, PVC, carpet, micorcell but there is always a solution in terms of a mat to be able to relieve the stresses of fatigue whilst carrying out work duties either in wet or dry environments.

Rubber Rolls & PVC matting

  • Is Rubber matting suitable for a garage floor?

Unless it is a special type of Rubber i.e. Nitrile which will be in a roll or tile format then normal SBR or NBR is not resistant to grease and oil that is why PVC tiles are usually used as they are resistant and can be interlocked.

  • How can I weld Rubber like PVC?

It is not possible to weld Rubber flooring if you want to make your rubber flooring impervious it needs to be bonded with a resin adhesive and make sure there is no gaps or joins that have not been glued together. PVC uses a hot melt PVC filler rod which fuses the the edges of the PVC matting and therefore it is permanently sealed.

Personalised Logo Corporate Matting

  • Can I have a printed Coir or Coirsyn Mat?

Printing on Coir or Coirsyn is possible however due to its lack of durability it is not recommended. It is much better to have a hand inlaid mat, as the inlays will last for the life of the mat and will not wear off.

  • How many colours can I have on a printed corporate logo floor mat?

Matsdirect offer a Prime printed Logo mat solution made of 6.0 Nylon carpet and Nitrile Rubber backing and you can have up to 64 standard colours and is fully colour fast.

Gymnastics Crash Mats & MMA Floor Tiles

  • What is the difference between tatami MMA mats and Non Tatami?

Tatami is the style of finish on the tile it provide excellent grip for the feet in the practice of all MMA sports.

  • Can I have my tumbling mats in Blue colour?

Blue is actually the most popular colour for most kinds of gymnastics mats however we also offer Red and Black in most cases.