Commercial Matting

Looking for an innovative way to promote your company, product or event? Here at Matsdirect, we have a selection of interesting solutions from commercial logo matting to printed carpets. When attending events, launching a product, or simply rejuvenating a store we are always seeking fascinating branding and advertising opportunities which will help us stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, as you will learn from this page, there are a plethora of advertising flooring options available to you. On this page, we will explain the many types of commercial matting your company could be using, their benefits and much more. Read through the various commercial matting options below for an overview and if anything piques your interest you can explore the rest of our website for more details or get in touch with us by calling 0161 797 6785.

Commercial Loose Lay Matting

If you are looking for an easy to "install" commercial matting option, loose lay matting could be ideal for you. Loose lay matting (otherwise known as throw down matting) does not need to be adhered to the floor or installed in a matwell making it a convenient option for many spaces. Easily replaced and moved, these mats do not require a long installation or removal process. Keep dirt and moisture out, protecting your floor surfaces, whilst retaining the ability to easily move the matting by exploring our selection of commercial loose lay matting.

Commercial Logo Matting

Popular among advertising and PR companies looking for interesting ways to promote products and brands, our logo mats are perfect for entrance matwells. Whilst our mats are amazing as a barrier against dirt and moisture being traipsed into a store, they also function as incredible branding when you incorporate a logo into them. Matsdirect's logo mats are made with inlaid coir and coirsyn for a fantastic quality image that will last. Without sacrificing quality or effectiveness you can transform your dirt-catching, moisture-wicking mats into a welcoming commercial branding opportunity.

Commercial entrance matting is an essential part of any store, but we believe that there are even more benefits to be reaped from them than those most commonly focussed on. Of course, we want to reduce slip hazards and keep our stores free of dirt which is brought in on the soles of customers' shoes, but why stop there? With commercial logo matting, you are able to take advantage of prime real estate – the entrance to your store – and use it for a branding opportunity. You don't have to limit logo matting strictly to your logo we can incorporate a range of designs. Do you have a product to promote? Do you stock a brand you want to tell your customers about? Our logo mats can work for you for both of these and much more.

Commercial Printed Carpet

If there's a situation where removable branded flooring is required, we have what you are looking for. Hosting an exhibition? Celebrating the launch of a product? Want to reinforce the branding of your company or its products? Our commercial printed carpet can help your brand and promote anything. Commercial facility management love this creative branding solution and so do PR and advertising companies. Anyone in charge of branding and advertising something seems to love this creative branding device. Our printed carpets are made from nylon, polyester, rubber and velour so you can trust they are of the highest quality, the quality of these printed carpets means they are long-lasting and can handle large footfall making them equally perfect for one-off red carpet events and longer-term promotions and branding campaigns.

Promotional Matting

Customers love a great promotion but first, you need to make sure they know about it. Convey exactly what you need to with our promotional commercial matting. Perfectly suited for everywhere from shopping aisles to the point of sale, media advertising mats are an ideal alternative to floor graphics. What could encourage your customers to make a purchase more than a clear graphic on premium quality materials? Explore the various types of printed carpets and VIP runners which you could use in your next promo and get in touch with us on 0161 797 6785 to speak with an expert that can talk through your options and help decide on the perfect commercial matting option for you. Join countless PR and Advertising companies who love commercial matting for their promotions and see the benefits for yourself with Matsdirect.

There are many ways to enhance your branding efforts and show your customers fantastic promotions, but only commercial matting does it whilst cleaning shoes and keeping your store clean. No matter the venue, be it a store or an exhibition, or what you are promoting, commercial matting offers something for everyone. If you would like to get in touch with Matsdirect and speak to a commercial matting expert about how you could use matting to bolster your branding efforts or market your next promotion contact us via our contact form or call 0161 797 6785.