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Coir Matting & Logo Matwell Mats

Personalised coir company logo door mats are designed to be placed within matwells or laid onto existing floor surfaces be it carpet or hard floor areas as a corporate image product whilst also acting as a barrier against the ingress of moisture, dirt and grit.

Sureprint Meadow Mat Indoor Outdoor Logo Door Mat

Sureprint Meadow Grass Printed Indoor Outdoor Floor Logo Matting

Artificial grass matting is 100% Polypropylene and is designed to look and feel like grass but with the advantage of offering a infinate array of colour options.

Sureprint Meadow carpet mats have a high visual graphic impact and can be used in matwells both indoor and outdoor covered or partly covered entrances due to their resistance to weathering.

Meadow mats are Rubber backed and are perfect as a replacement for Coir logo mats as they are both weather and bacteria resistant and also Comply with the BS8300 DDA regulation.

Sureprint Corpromat Modular Matwell Logo Floor Mat

Sureprint Corpromat another innovation in matwell entrance floor matting logo design.

The full colour printed logo door mat modules have been specially developed for use within the Diamond, Matrix & Concourse Primary entrance modular matting systems and are therefore fully DDA compliant.

Corpromat gives you the opportunity to have a fully printed colour logo module located anywhere in the matwell to enforce your company brand without compromising the image as with many metal, plasic or other rib or tile configuration.

Unlike conventional matting systems that use printed strips to create a logo which looks like a zebra design image and is part of the overall matting system. Sureprint Corpromat has the ability to be easily changed quickly and cost effectively as it is a separate module to the rest of the matting and yet fits in perfectly as it becomes a semless part of the overall entrance matting system

Surelay Coirsyn Synthetic Fibre Logo Door Mats

Surelay Coirsyn is a synthetic version of the natural Coir/Coconut logo door mat product

Used for either floor logo mats or plain door entrance matting Surelay Coirsyn is fully compliant with current BS8300 DDA regulations. Available in a range of standard dyed colours and in a maximum of 2Mtr widths X 12Mtr lengths X 10mm thick.

Custom made hand inlaid logo mats to specific dimensions and shapes are all available. The complexity of the logos can be quite intricate and remain very hard wearing throught the lifetime of the mat and thereby offering a great alternative to the more traditional Coir logo door mats

Surelay Coir Fibre Custom Logo Floor Mats

Surelay Coir sometimes referred to as Coconut fibre logo floor mats use a method of hand crafted inlay

Being hand inlaid and not printed the complexity of these logos by our craftmen is still exceptional.

Surelay Coir mats have been servicing doorways for over 50 years and offer a very traditional floor mat of very good durable quality

Hard wearing and conforming to DDA regulations in certain circumstances they can be removed and shaken to be cleaned or vacuumed insitu.

Available in a maximum width of 2M and a length of 15Mtrs these logo mats are all custom made to measure in every concievable shape and in a range of 8 standard dyed colours.

Surelay Coir (coconut) fibre Custom Cut Entrance Mats & Rolls

Surelay Coir matting can only be used in the 17mm version in public entranceways to conform to current DDA regulations.

Surelay Coir entrance door mats are a hard working natural coconut fibre with a strong PVC backing keeping the fibre upright to maintain the scraping effect for the lifetime of the mat.

Can be used in retail, industrial, commercial, or public entrances in matwells as well as surface mounted where it needs to have ramped edges to allow for a smooth transition.

Sometimes referred to as coconut matting; coir matting products have been servicing doors and entranceways for many years and is allowable in public areas in certain circumstances under the BS8300 DDA regulations.

Available in Natural & 8 other pre-dyed colours.